SPIROWASH - Sewage screening, washing and dewatering

When fine screens are installed in municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants, they generate large volumes of faecal and organic matter from screening activities. Typically, a washer dewaterer washes out the organic material, reduces the volume and weight of the screenings and compacts them.

SPIROWASH  - Sewage screening, washing and dewatering


The SPIROWASH® represents a range of machines available to handle raw screenings flows of up to 8 m³/hr in the standard range. The machine continuously washes out organic material whilst mechanically compacting and dewatering the remaining inorganic portion.

The SPIROWASH® is a robust and simple machine, non-sensitive to varying qualities of screenings and contents of grit.

The SPIROWASH® is designed so that maintenance to all moving parts can be completed from the outside of the machine - no bearings, wheels and lubrication points are inside.

The machine can be located either directly underneath the screen or fed by a conveyor. If a launder feed is necessary a special model is on hand to deal with great volumes of free water.

The SPIROWASH® is ideally suited to applications - also retrofits - where its capacity, robustness, compact size and cleaning/compacting qualities make an obvious step up to meet tomorrow's rigorous requirements.

This is one of the more common and most versatile washing and compaction units, which is best suited for screenings that have been pre-drained from the excess water in launder-sluice applications. Its robust and reliable design allows for minimum maintenance over the life of the machine.


Sharing similar design features and characteristics to the SPIROWASH COMPACT, this unit has an extended drain box in the inlet zone to accommodate screenings received from launder-sluice applications. The extended drain section allows excess free liquid to be efficiently pre-drained prior to the final washing and compaction cycle.

Features and Benefits SPIROWASH® COMPACT/HI FLOW

  • Low power usage
  • Low washwater usage
  • Highly reliable in operation
  • Tolerant to high grit and fat loadings
  • Simple automatic control for great flexibility
  • Degree of wash out is 80-90%
  • Dewatered final product's up to 45% DS


A comprehensive means of achieving very high levels of screenings washing, dewatering and volume reduction.

The SPIROWASH® Hi-Impact system is designed for sites where very high degrees of cleanliness and odour removal are required.

The system utilises a 2 stage washing process and a seperate screw compactor to achieve industry leading quality results

Features and benefits SPIROWASH® HI IMPACT:

  • DS above 60%
  • Organics removal > 95%
  • Tangle free impellor design
  • Range of sizes available

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