Ersatec Installed FID Gas Analyser

The ErsaTec SmartFIDs are designed for the accurate, reliable monitoring of hydrocarbon gases such as solvents in a wide variety of applications including occupational safety, process monitoring and emissions monitoring.


The instruments are ideal for use by Part B Processes and Test Houses; offering advanced FID technology at highly competitive prices. The range offers a number of very attractive advantages; for example, the SmartFID instruments have internal dataloggers and are very easy to set up and run with an intuitive touchscreen.

The fixed SmartFID is 19" 4 RU (1RU = 1.75 inches) mounted device for the continuous measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC) gases. With a flame ionisation detector (FID), the instrument converts hydrocarbon concentrations in a gas sample into an electrical signal - ppm or mgC/m3.
The gas sample is drawn by an integrated diaphragm pump which is installed in a heated sensor block and all parts that are in contact with the sample gas are heated to 200°C so that SmartFID can be used in almost every industrial process without condensation.

Key features

large LCD touch-screen for operation and display
configuration flexibility - alarm limits, potential-free alarm contacts, logging interval etc.
19 inch chassis for installation in a stationary measuring system
integrated data logging with export via USB interface
ethernet port
automatic ignition
automatic heat-up
automatic combustion gas switch-off
FID analysers require a fuel source and with dual range capability (low range to 10ppm and high range to 100,000ppm) the ErsaTec FIDs can operate on either hydrogen or a hydrogen/helium mix. However, hydrogen consumption is very low and this is the most economical choice.

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