Gasmet DX4000 Portable FTIR Emissions Gas Analyser -MCERTS

A Portable FTIR analyser with heated gas sample cell capable of the simultaneous measurement of up to 50 compounds.

Gasmet DX4000 Portable FTIR Emissions Gas Analyser -MCERTS

With applications in environmental, emissions and process analysis, the DX4000 measures combustion gases, VOCs and GHGs -  all measured at sub-ppm concentrations.
The DX4000 is the only portable FTIR analyser with MCERTS approval. 

The FTIR inside the DX4000 is exactly the same as those inside Gasmet’s fixed continuous analysers, which means that the DX4000 can be used alongside Gasmet Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), to act as back-up and for occasional use to check CEMS’ performance.

Compliance monitoring - The Gasmet DX4000 FTIR analyser is supplied with a heated sample line and can be used for monitoring in hot, wet, aggressive environments. It also benefits from the same certification as the fixed Gasmet CEMS.

Process monitoring – FTIR analysers are ideal for applications in which it is necessary to monitor several compounds simultaneously or where the process operator needs to measure one compound in a complex mixture. For example, the Gasmet DX4000 is commonly employed for the occasional measurement of emissions from Biogas plants, where, in addition to a requirement to measure CO, NOx and Methane, it is also necessary in some countries to monitor other compounds such as formaldehyde.

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