Gasmet DX4030 Portable FTIR Ambient Gas Analyser

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Gasmet DX4030 Portable FTIR Ambient Gas Analyser

The Gasmet DX4030 is the first truly portable FTIR gas analyzer in the world. The lightweight analyzer module is located in durable Teflon – coated backpack. The Gasmet DX4030 analyzer module houses a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, Rhodium-Gold coated sample cell and signal processing electronics. The sample gas is extracted into the sample cell via a probe with built in a particle filter.

Hence no sample preparation is needed. The DX4030 is battery operated with an operating time of 2.5 hours with one charge.

The Gasmet DX4030 is designed for on-site measurements of different compounds (both organic & inorganic) at low concentrations in ambient air. Typical usage areas include industrial hygiene and emergency response situations. Analysis results of pre-calibrated compounds are displayed on screen of a PDA Personal Digital Assistant. 

The communication between the analyzer module and the PDA is entirely wireless with Bluetooth protocol. In the standard configuration, concentrations of 10 gases of interest and 5 interfering ones can be simultaneously monitored. As an option, ten additional gases can be added to the analysis. Furthermore, with the optional Calcmet Pro – software the analyzer can be connected to a laptop PC for extended analysis capability (e.g. identification of unknown compounds with library spectra).

There are no consumable parts that would need replacing on regular basis. In addition, due to FTIR technology, the calibrations remain very stable. Hence no span calibrations are needed. Also, cross-interferences (i.e. interference from other gases) are automatically compensated in the analysis algorithm during the calculation of the results. To sum up, the Gasmet DX4030 provides a very cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for multicomponent gas analysis in ambient air.

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