Energy Activator - The next generation of energy project management systems

Energy Activator is a dynamic, user-friendly, web-based energy project management and reporting software tool.

Energy Activator - The next generation of energy project management systems

Energy Activator® is a dynamic, user-friendly, web-based project management and reporting tool that enables the capture of energy reduction ideas and facilitates the effective management of a portfolio of energy reduction projects that will significantly improve the cost, environmental and operational performance of industrial businesses.
How does it work?
Improvement ideas and opportunities are uploaded to a web based database where they are stored and evaluated in terms of their cost, energy and environmental impact and then prioritised accordingly.
Selected improvement opportunities are subjected to a rigorous gated process requiring stakeholder sign-off at each stage before it can then pass through to the next stage of assessment and approval.
Individual improvement opportunities may be grouped together to form unique projects with all associated documents, images and schematics being stored on the same database providing easy access to all relevant information.
Energy Activator® may be accessed from anywhere in the world and the visibility of the stored information may be restricted, if required, in accordance with the structure and specific needs of the business.
The management reports generated by Energy Activator® provide valuable operational, commercial and environmental information that help to inform capital planning, budget forecasting and environmental reporting.
The benefits:
Saves time, money and resourcesProvides a constantly 'live' listing of project statusEnsures consistency of process and reportingGives global access and transparency of dataSupports strategic and tactical decision-makingProvides inspiration for new energy ideasCaptures all energy ideas, opportunities and projectsAids prioritisation and selection of investment projectsGated project governance process ensures stakeholder buy-inCaptures all data, images and documentsGenerates automated and bespoke reportsSupports the requirements of ISO 50001 accreditationEnergy Activator® offers considerable benefits over existing products and methodologies and can be licensed from JRP who will provide appropriate training and support.
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