Spiral Aerator

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Spiral Aerator

Spiral Aerators can be installed rapidly and painlessly in almost any wastewater treatment system. They are exceptionally reliable and provide efficient aeration with strong directional mixing. These features make them particularly useful in emergency situations where other aeration plant has broken down or needs supplementing, and where horizontal flow is required such as in oxidation ditches and aerated lagoons.

Sterling reliability

Originally designed for farmers, the Spiral Aerator was created for mixing slurry and sludge, with the emphasis placed on extremely low maintenance and an efficient, anti-rag design. Although very few are now used for this purpose, their reliability and low-maintenance design makes them the aerator of choice for remote and unmanned sites.

No routine maintenance

Spiral Aerators have no submerged bearings or couplings, which are the traditional source of maintenance problems. Only stainless steel and GRP components are used below water level.

Choice of mountings

Thanks to the iconic forest green GRP floats, these versatile aerators are perfectly suited for lagoons and tanks with fluctuating water levels. A bracket-mounted option is also available for mounting to bridge structures or tank walls where the water level is constant.


Spiral Aerators have been used in an incredibly wide range of applications, from polluted surface water lagoons at several major UK airports to large oil refineries, from sewage works to landfill leachate lagoons.

These unique and versatile aerators remain a very popular choice worldwide.

* Typical example. May depend on equipment availability, and site conditions such as availability of power supply, suitable structure for mooring aerators and other factors.

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