As we visit businesses, Eco-Economix are asked many questions about energy savings and renewable energy. How can we know what the financial benefits of energy saving measures will be, before we invest? How can we trust advice from contractors who make profits installing the equipment? Is it worth installing solar in 2016 after the feed in tariffs come down?

Eco-Economix was set up, not as a contractor making profits from equipment, but as an independent, impartial consultancy that businesses could use for common sense advice they could trust. 87% of our work is for SMEs.

Eco-Economix are accredited Commercial Energy Assessors and Carbon Auditors. In plain English, this means we are licensed to carry out accurate assessments of your business: where energy is used - and wasted. We advise from an accredited and regularly audited platform. This means we are externally accountable for information we gather, including heating, cooling, lighting, your processes, energy storage, incoming voltages – everything.

For only a small monthly retainer, paid only as long as you feel you are getting value from it, you get advice in plain English. Businesses report that our fees are between a fifth and a tenth of their savings. ( See reports on our website ).

So, what do you get with Eco-Economix? Impartial answers with accurate, easy to understand information. Answers to questions like: What are the cheapest investments that give the biggest reduction to our energy bills? How do these investments compare in terms of fastest paybacks? Is renewable energy like solar electricity everything it's cracked up to be, especially in the new year of 2016?

Eco-Economix will ask you some questions first. The energy industry is full of people having a narrow agenda/range, who prescribe a certain solution without investigating properly. What would you think of your doctor if he or she did this?

We will do our full diagnostics process. In this way, you will know what is the best, easiest solution that will relieve the most pain, fastest. You will have the options presented to you in order of fastest payback first, slowest paybacks lower down. Our procurement process of buying in bulk enables us to purchase energy saving equipment much more economically than you could on your own. And, you will feel no pressure at all from us to start taking the medicine at all; this is entirely up to you.

Many installations can be subsidised / financed or even installed FOC. In the new year of 2016, after the feed in tariff cuts, we can arrange installations of solar electricity ( FOC ) that enable you to purchase electricity for around 5-6p per unit – or pay for the installation for a return of 12-14%%, rising year on year. In most situations we enable you to buy equipment so you are cash-flow positive from day one. We have testimonials from businesses who came to us at the last minute, took our advice and saved £10,000 immediately. We also have testimonials from FDs who later admitted they ignored our advice - and wasted £25,000!

You may be feeling the pressure from green supply chain 'experts' employed by the major distributors etc. Eco-economix has Environmental Scientists, Commercial Energy Assessors and Carbon Auditors in our team. We can audit your carbon footprint ( CO2 emissions ) for you and itemise the changes you can make. Eco-economix can literally sit with you when the supply chain people ask you the awkward questions. Engaging us will demonstrate that you are doing all you can to conform to demands of the greener supply chains.

Optionally, when you have saved as much energy as you can cost-effectively, you may wish to declare your business 'Carbon Neutral.' This means you offset your carbon footprint ( we do this calculation for you ), by purchasing carbon credits. This is much cheaper than you think. These carbon credit funds are then used elsewhere to help purchase energy savings equipment to reduce real carbon emissions by the amount of your carbon footprint. This negates all of your own carbon emissions, so you are then verifyably carbon neutral ( we do this for you as well ).

In this way you and Eco-Economix are partners right through from reducing your energy bills in the most economic way, to preparing your business for the inevitable scrutiny it will suffer from green supply chain pressures. We are there for you as you get on and run the rest of your business.

If you would like impartial, independent, friendly advice in plain English, contact us through our website and experience service as it used to be.

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