ROVAPO Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Total Effluent Recycling/Reuse

ROVAPO® is Symbiona's family of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems, enabling full water reuse from a wide range of industrial effluents and landfill leachate. Suitable for effluents rich in salt, heavy metals and grit, ROVAPO® reuses every litre of wastewater by up to 20 times to deliver significant savings in operating costs and potable water consumption.


The project-specific design of every ROVAPO® installation by Symbiona's process experts - along with fully automated control utilising Symbiona's proprietary software - ensures stable operation regardless of variations in influent quantity and composition. The only waste stream from the ROVAPO® process is sludge from the chemical pre-treatment stage as well as salt concentrate from the evaporation stage with approximately 50% dry solids content.


Depending on the particular application, ROVAPO® systems may be used for the production of highly purified water with conductivity <10 ms (demineralised water), pharmaceutical grade water (<1 ms), partially desalinated water for reuse in multiple production processes or for boiler make-up, and water for reuse in biogas plants (closed loop).


ROVAPO® technology comprises chemical pre-treatment, membrane filtration and evaporation. Suitable selection of waste streams upstream of the effluent treatment plant enables optimisation of the pre-treatment stage, following which the effluent passes through the desalination stage via RO or NF membrane filtration. Retentate from this stage is pumped to a low-temperature vacuum evaporator (and, depending on the application, crystallizer) with energy recovery, where it is concentrated into salt. Post-desalination, the liquid stream may, if so required, be additionally deionised to yield water with a conductivity of below 1 mS.


Finally, the above scheme can be enhanced with other components after primary treatment, such as a biological activated sludge stage utilising UF membranes (Symbiona AeroMem® MBR). In this way, the ROVAPO® process can also enable water recovery from sewage which is amenable to biological treatment.


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