Journey of Waste: Introduction to Waste Legislation

Cloud Sustainability's course 'Journey of Waste' examines legal requirements and prominent UK waste management legislation throughout the waste management chain. It aims to help users understand their key legal obligations in relation to waste management and the associated compliance documentation they need to be aware of. It also explores key elements, including Duty of Care, the Waste Hierarchy and End of Waste concepts.

Journey of Waste: Introduction to Waste Legislation

The course focuses on the compliance 'journeys' of four different waste materials that allow users to learn about a range of waste management legislation in practice.  These wastes are packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), hazardous waste and food waste. 

During these journeys users will focus on the roles of the waste producer and waste carrier, examining their legal requirements from the point of production, transfer and the transportation of these wastes to a range of recycling, recovery and disposal outlets.  By taking the waste management journeys from production through to treatment, users will develop a comprehensive understanding of their legal responsibilities in practice.

This course provides a solid introduction to waste management legislation and assumes no previous knowledge or experience. The course looks at responsibilities throughout the waste management chain and therefore it is relevant to anyone who produces, carries or treats waste.

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