eSight Energy Consultancy

eSight Energy is able to meet your complete energy management needs, from initial Energy Surveys & Audits, to Metering Surveys, Consultancy and Training. With our vast experience and industry expertise, our team will identify opportunities to increase efficiency and importantly, make savings.

eSight Energy Consultancy

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    Energy Surveys   At the beginning of any energy management initiative it is important to determine the current position. Once this has been established it is then possible to set goals and highlight potential energy savings opportunities. Our Energy Surveys highlight potential energy savings opportunities at your site - our team will:  
  • Initially gather energy data relating to utilities, either via eSight software or data logging
  • Survey the facilities and investigate the main areas of energy use at site level
  • Analyse data, highlighting base load profiles and benchmarking if applicable
  • Report findings, including assessment of available opportunities (focus on no or low cost options) and their potential savings
  Energy Audits   Our audits are more comprehensive than the energy survey as they map actual energy consumers within the processes or buildings. As part of an Energy Audit, our team will deliver the following:  
  • Gather all available energy data relating to utilities, either via eSight software or data logging (long term monitoring)
  • Systematic survey of the facilities including investigation of the main areas of energy use at site level
  • Identify specific energy consumers (chiller, boiler, HVAC etc) with sufficient consumption to offer significant savings
  • Analyse data highlighting base load profiles and benchmarking if applicable
  • Analyse process variable or degree day interaction depending on requirements
  • Report detailed findings;
  • Assessment of all available energy saving opportunities and their savings, including technical projects
  • Highlight process optimisation and load profiles as applicable
  • Estimated project capital costs and payback periods
  • Consider other energy strategies for reducing emissions
  Metering Surveys   Energy data is critical to the success of an energy management program, incorrect metering can affect production efficiencies within your processes. For these reasons, we would always recommend that you investigate your metering and sub-metering infrastructure. Sub metering allows you to meter specific areas of a site so that you can better understand energy profiles across your business.   Overall meter surveys can help you:  
  • Target major energy users and look at energy reduction opportunities around these areas 
  • Identify where additional metering or sub metering is required 
  • Highlight incorrect measurements and how to rectify these
  • Identify calibration and maintenance requirements
  • Check sub-tenants bills are correct
  • Project and Energy Manager Support â€â€œ our consultants can work in partnership with you to deliver energy reduction projects
  • Logging â€â€œ we'll provide expertise in all aspects of energy data logging
  • Monitoring and Maintenance â€â€œ we'll ensure your processes are optimised by ongoing monitoring of energy data via the eSight platform.
  • Project Feasibility Studies â€â€œ  our team will investigate whether proposed projects will be feasible from a savings, cost, technical and design perspective.
  • Verification â€â€œ can include confirming energy reduction savings or verifying meter readings are accurate
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys â€â€œ identify heat losses quickly and efficiently with our thermal imaging surveys. Steps can then be taken to minimise losses from your processes or buildings
  • ISO 50001 & ESOS â€â€œ we can offer guidance on how to develop your energy policy and implement the procedures required to meet the ISO 50001 international standard. In the UK, we can also offer support with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)
  Training   eSightConsult can offer bespoke energy management training to your business. The training can be offered in various formats:  
  • Workshops - interactive events designed to engage people in the activities of energy efficiency
  • Presentations - formal presentations generally to management teams (energy managers, finance, quality etc) to filter efficiency message down to their teams
  • Talks - less formal with focus on general workforce, employees and operators. Involve them in the process and help them understand what we are trying to achieve.
  • Good Housekeeping Practises
  • Energy Awareness Campaigns
  We can focus on specific departments depending on your requirements.

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