Website, Marketing & Bureau Services

UB Services. Putting the Client First.Energy and Utility invoices have dramatically increased in complexity, often containing multiple charges, adjustments and levies. In addition to this, suppliers often face difficulties in delivering bills correctly and on time which can result in significant administrative burden.


UB Services can help in minimising this burden by offering a number of services, a selection of which are listed below.

  • Data capture/management
  • Invoice Authorisation
  • Invoice Validation
  • Invoice Payment
  • Supplier Liaison
  • Bill Processing
  • Budget Analysis/Forecasting
  • Bespoke Reporting (Site reports, savings, etc)
  • Website Design & Advertising

Why choose UB Services?

UB Services employ a selection of individuals that bring specific expertise to our business that will provide an amicable solution faster and cheaper than any other Utility management company or broker. We know we can extend the life of your tenants and relieve pressure on your Business relationship managers and operational support, while reducing your costs significantly.

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