Serenity Lighting Quadrum White or RGBW LED Panel

The Serenity Lighting® Quadrum is a backlit LED modular luminaire available as RGBW, white or Dynawhite® biodynamic or colour tuneable white. The Quadrum is ideally suited to offices, corridors, meeting rooms and reception areas.


The QUADRUM range of modular LED ceiling panels provide economical high quality recessed or suspended replacement units for traditional fluorescent lighting systems.  The Quadrum is available in 300x300mm, 600x600mm or 1200x600mm size formats, with the option of DynaWhite biodynamic white technology., RGBW or white. 
Quadrum backlit LED panel
The QUADRUM offers real versatility to suit all your lighting requirements. The precision made, high quality chassis means the QUADRUM can be produced to an IP40 rating for enhanced reliability and resistance. Combining the latest high performance LEDs with nanoDIFF materials, the QUADRUM provides high quality, high lumen output with industry leading homogenous illumination. 

CCT: 4000K
Product Size: 300mmx300mm

Power: 9W

Lumen Output: 865 Lumens

Available in DynaWhite biodynamic/variable white

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