iDrive Thor36 LED driver for constant voltage applications

The Ethernet-based iDrive® Thor36 offers the best solution for driving constant voltage LEDs in an increasingly smart, connected world. Ideal for LED linear strips and LED tape, the Thor 36 is capable of driving up to 36 channels from a single LED driver, up to 300m away.


IST's iDrive® Thor 36 centralised /rack-mounted LED driver offers the innovative approach of driving multiple constant voltage LED channels from a single LED driver, installed in a central point.

Existing control solutions rely on a complex infrastructure in addition to the power system to deliver dimming, motion detection, daylight integration and scheduling. A centralised driver solution allows simple low voltage wiring to the luminaires, with the majority of the control features and
infrastructure at a central point. This vastly simplifies commissioning, design and robustness.

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