iDrive White Knight 36 Constant Current LED Driver

The iDrive® White Knight 36 is a centralised, rack-mounted constant current LED driver, ideal for white and RGB/W lighting installations in the increasingly smart, networked world. The White Knight 36 is an exciting option for projects where luminaires in the ceiling could be powered from a ground floor location, such as for atriums, stairwells, factories, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, amongst others.


The powerful 1000W iDrive White Knight 36 is capable of powering up to 36 luminaires from a centralised location, up to 300m away from the luminaires. 

Installing the White Knight 36 in a ground floor location significantly reduces installation and commissioning time and costs and allows easy access for maintenance.  

iDrive White Knight 36 Centralised Constant Current LED driverIf LED drivers are installed in the ceiling, accessing them for maintenance may require specialist equipment or skilled personnel and might result in significant downtime. Installing the LED drivers in easy-to-access, ground floor locations, however, means that repairs and upgrades no longer have to be a costly maintenance headache.

The White Knight 36 has been designed to deliver the healthiest possible lighting solution; the flicker-free dimming significantly mitigates the risks of headaches, migraines and general malaise, which can be caused by long term exposure to flicker.

iDrive White Knight 36 Product Summary:

  • 19” 1U rack-mounted constant current LED driver
  • Drives up to 36 luminaires from a single driver
  • High power (1000W)
  • Supports multiple dimming protocols, including DALI, DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, KiNET & DSI
  • Integrated lighting control system; no need for costly external contriol
  • Able to monitor occupancy
  • Exceptionally smooth and accurate dimming (16 bit)
  • Totally flicker-free illumination

For more technical information about the White Knight 36, please click here.

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