OPEC can provide a variety of spill response equipment for hire or purchase. This inlcudes small and large spill kits to special mobile oil spill response units.


As featured in the above picture this unit can be deployed in emergency situations to recover oil spills in lakes, lagoons, beaches, fields, streams, construction sites and anywhere else oil accumulates. OPEC has units ready for hire.


Oil Pollution Emergency Spill Kits
All spill kits contain RP18 sorbent material. Spill kits are bespoke to individual needs. Designed to cope with spills from 30-20000 litre on a single use. Most of the contents are reusable and can be used to adsorb any oils and floating chemicals.

Product Range

Cab Kits - These spill kits are designed to fit into a small bespoke ‘Dicky Bag’ for ease of storage and handling. Contents vary from 30-100-litre single use spill clean up capabilities. For general use around workshops, and for drivers of vans, trucks and HGV’s.

120/240/360 Spill Kits - These emergency spill kits, are designed to fit in wheeled containers. The wheeled containers act as a container for recovered materials as well as to store the contents before use. Contents vary from 120-360 litre single use spill clean up capabilities. For use in warehouses, engineering works, inland waterways etc.

Typical contents for a 240L spill kit:
2 rolls RP18 adsorbent 1 roll HW33 Hand Wipe 2 disposable chemical protection suits 2 pairs of safety goggles 2 pairs of disposable gloves 2 pairs of chemical resistant gloves 1 large boom 1 mini boom 10 refuse sacks 1 brightly coloured container

As well as the sorbent materials provided in these kits, cleaning agents are available for a super clean finish.  Oil Pollution Bio Treatment is another option. See web site for more details.

Tanker Spill Kits - These are specially designed spill kits for ocean going vessels, for recovery of up to 20000 litres of oil or floating chemicals on a single use. See Tanker Spill Kits on our web site for more details.



Designed to deal with 20 tonne oil spill with rapid local response, for a four man team. The trailer unit is sited in a secure area, ready for deployment and can be quickly coupled to a 4X4 to be towed to the spill location. From past experience, all items in the trailer are deemed to be needed for dealing with oil spills, either inland or dockside.


Robust 4-wheeled 8’ long x 6’ 6” high box trailer with roller shutter doors at the back, with racking and shelving as required, containing the following equipment:

Oil Skimmers, pumps, generator, emergency lighting, PPE, miscellaneous items, sorbents, biological treatments, oil drums and so on. 

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