OPEC supplies two types of oil booms. Permanent buoyancy (solid) and inflatable buoyancy booms. OPEC also supplies special design such as 'rising/sinking' booms and 'beach seal' (waste ballast) booms.


Solid Permanent buoyancy

Solid buoyancy booms are associated with permanent installations that can be used for a multitude of uses. Using GRP polyethylene filled floats this range of booms can be used as a debris screen on rivers, canals or reservoirs in conjunction with the ’trash trap’ these booms greatly assist in the prevention of costly maintenance and additional pollution problems associated with floating debris.

Solid buoyancy booms can be an incorporate part of a contingency plan fixed to the outlet of drains along side ponds and lagoons in general industry for the prevention of oil/chemical spills to our inland waterways or coastal regions. To complete such a contingency the use of the ’E’ Series Mop Skimmer system enables a spill not only to be contained but also recovered safely and efficiently before any damage could occur.

Fence Booms

Fence type permanent buoyancy booms are manufactured as a continuous flat strip about 4 cms in thickness and varying heights and lengths. These booms are ideal for semi-permanent deployment because buoyancy is provided by foam blocks rather than an air chamber. Thus they are less prone to deflation and vandalism than air inflated booms.

The booms are produced in PVC which is hardwearing and resistant to the everyday wear and tear likely to be encountered in the field. The booms are fitted with couplings to enable one length to be joined to another.

In the longitudinal direction the fabric is welded vertically to form individual pockets into which there is inserted a synthetic foam block for buoyancy. Mild steel ballast is fitted at the manufacturing stage in individually sealed pockets in the lower part of the boom


Inflatable Booms – Emergency Spill Response

  • Inflatable booms can be used for offshore and inshore use.
  • They are typically emergency booms for rapid deployment. The booms incorporate a number of advanced design features.
  • Fitted with either tension wires or a ballast chain and quick release couplings.


The smaller booms can be supplied in packs complete with carrying valise and a foot operated inflation pump. The larger booms can be contained on a reel for storage, deployment and boom retrieval. For the larger booms we recommend the use of a petrol powered blower.

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