Case Study: Oil Recovery in Confined Spaces. Problem: Car importer experiencing oil contamination of drains from the wash down area where the paraffin based protective coating has been washed off the vehicles.



The standard type of drain cover was removed for access and an OPEC HV mop skimmer system which was designed for this and other applications in confined spaces was deployed from a stand.

The HV unit was designed specifically for this type of problem and it has adjustable outrigger arms which allows the vertical fall of 4" special CMF mop to be deployed in a continuous loop down the drain on to the oil water surface.

The mop has characteristics which allow it to float at the interface of oil and water and so adsorb the oil and as it passes between the drive rollers the oil is squeezed of and dropped into a sump from where it is pumped away to an oil storage tank.

The system was finally set up as a permanent installation to ensure that the drains were kept free of oil/paraffin contamination.

The HV unit is simple and quick to operate. Setting up time can be done within 10 minutes of arrival on site and can be fitted with air, hydraulic or electric motors - 110v, 240v etc. If necessary it can be carried in small 7-cwt. van and can be provided with a demountable deployment frame.
It has been used successfully on many emergency spill response operations on small streams, canals, etc., and on applications to remove oil contamination from garage interceptors and factory drains.

Two recent enquiries have also resulted in the permanent installation of HV units into drains where vegetable oils are collecting in food preparation factories.


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