Sludge and Scum Treatment Equipment

Hydro International offers industry leading performance in sludge treatment and scum control applications for wastewater treatment works. Odour issues resulting from sludge often present an enormous problem for treatment plants, particularly in areas with close commercial and residential neighbors. Effective scum and sludge treatment will help to minimize this nuisance while increasing overall plant performance.

Sludge and Scum Treatment Equipment

Sludge Screening

SludgeScreen™ - Sludge Screening System

The SludgeScreen™ is an in-line pressurised device that screens sludge and dewaters the screenings in one operation. The enclosed system eliminates odour problems. No washwater is required for separation. There are two units available; the SludgeScreen™ and the SludgeScreen™ Compact. Whilst both models can be used on wastewater treatment plants, the SludgeScreen™ Compact is suited to very confined spaces. For more information…



          Enclosed system, reduces odour problems

          Screening, dewatering, and coarse material discharged in one operation

          No washwater requirement

          Fully automatic for either continuous or intermittent screening for sludges with varying dry solids content

          Continuous coarse material separation under pressure with loss of pressure dependent only on sludge thickness

          Reverse function in manual mode to allow retention cone to be backed off without disconnecting the air supply

          Manufactured from impact resistant SG Iron to BS 2789 Grade 420/12

          Screening section screw manufactured from low carbon steel with stellite tipped flights

          Combined testing of control panel and machine before delivery

          Machine and control panel connected and fitted to platform prior to dispatch to minimize installation time


Sludge Scrapers

Zickert Reciprocating Rake - Z2000 Range of Bottom Scrapers

The Zickert Z2000 is a bottom scraper specially designed for continuous transportation of sludge. Z2000s are low profile, enabling sedimentation tanks to be covered for odour control. The design of the Z2000 is straightforward, allowing it to be easily installed into various types of sedimentation systems. Maintenance is minimal as the few moving parts and small forces involved mean that the strains to which the scraper is subjected are also small. For more information…


Scum Treatment

Zickert Reciprocating Rake - Z3900 Surface Scum Skimmer

The Zickert Z3900 scum skimmer is designed for efficient removal of surface scum with a minimum of transportation water. It is suitable for use in most applications in which surface scum occurs, including both local authority wastewater treatment installations and industrial process wastewater treatment systems. The Zickert Z3900 is easy to adapt for use in flotation tanks or where Lamella systems are in use. A scum pipe is an additional option enabling maximum dry solids content. For more information…


Zickert Z3900 – Surface Scum Scraper

The Z3900 is characterized by its step by step movement. The drive bar moves forward and returns. The blade is fastened to a slide bar that is moved forward stage by stage by the drive bar. A system of levers on the slide changes its direction of movement when it reaches its end position. This means that it is possible to install several blades in series in one tank, the scum being passed from one blade to the next on its way to the scum pipe. Each blade is angled upwards 90o during its return. For more information…



          Independent operation from Z2000 bottom sludge scraper

          Continuous or intermittent scum transportation to suit process

          Adaptable to most tanks

          Simple to install

          High operational reliability

          Adjustable scraper speeds

          Scum mechanism is constructed of 100% stainless steel

          Can be used in conjunction with the Z2000 bottom sludge scraper


Zickert Z6300 – Rotating scum pipe

The Z3900 scum pipe is automatically angled or rotated to the extent required to receive the scum decanted by the surface scraper. Its movement can be controlled by a water level gauge in the tank itself. The Z6300 is best suited for use with scum with low total solids content. With stable water levels it is possible to minimize the amount of water removed with the scum. The scum pipe can be powered electrically, hydraulically, or operated with a manual lever. Installation is straightforward, and special embedment fittings are available to secure it to the wall of the tank.


Zickert Z6500 – Fixed Scum Pipe

The Z6500 is a fixed scum pipe with an adjustable forward edge or ‘tip’. When the tip is folded down inside the pipe, scum passes into the pipe over the lip. The angled bottom of the Z6500 results in a high capacity, and is particularly suitable for applications where scum has higher total solids content. The Z6500 can be powered electrically, hydraulically, or may be operated by a manual lever. It can be fitted close in to the end of the tank. Installation is straightforward, a single working day is normally sufficient.

Zickert Z6900 – Scum Beach

The Z6900 scum beach can be fitted in either a concrete or a sheet steel scum pipe on a permanent basis. It is best suited for use with sludge with high total solids content. It is usually used in flotation applications.


Spare Parts and Services

We can provide you with the very best care for your Hydro products. From our comprehensive stock of OEM spares, our skilled engineers are available to undertake the installation of the parts together with any necessary re-setting of the product’s operating parameters, to ensure ongoing optimum performance. Hydro also offers a preventative maintenance option through the provision of Service Agreements. Again, our skilled engineers will carry out an agreed number of routine visits to check the operation, carry out any appropriate adjustment and provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of your plant. Our engineers are pleased to provide your Operating and Maintenance staff with advice on how best to take care of your plant on a day-to-day basis during their routine visits. Having supplied you with a valuable asset, Hydro are on hand to ensure that you receive the best possible performance from our products throughout their whole operating life. For more information…

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