NEW WPL HiPAF Eco Midi (60 up to 150 pe)

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant | Economical onsite treatment for small populations | Easy to install which includes urban, remote and rural sites | Custom installations allows 'design-your-own' treatment plant.

NEW WPL HiPAF Eco Midi (60 up to 150 pe)

The WPL HiPAF Eco Midi treatment system can be specified for a diverse range of applications from housing and commercial developments such as campsites, restaurants, hotels, care homes and retirement villages.

Specification options are available to design build your own plant based on preferred maintenance or a demanding, individual site requirement.

The eco models are designed to exceed Royal Commission Standards. Tighter standards can be achieved making the WPL HiPAF the preferred choice for sensitive locations such as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) ensuring Environmental Agency (EA) consent to discharge standards are met.

Key Benefits:

- Small footprint and ease of installation

One of the smallest units on the market. Through extensive research and development WPL use high surface area random plastic media offering optimum improved performance, minimising footprint and power consumption.

The rectangular tank shape utilises the full base area of the treatment zone for aeration arrays ensuring total circulation, without "dead zones,” offering a highly efficient treatment.

Flexible inverts with a depth up to 2m to accommodate deeper drainage which significantly reduces the need for an external pump chamber.

Low dry weight design allows for off-loading with a truck mounted hiab.

Integral lifting eyes for improved on-site handling.

‘Keying-in’ lip to assist anchoring into concrete surround.

High specification weatherproof kiosk made in GRP situated above ground to house the control panel.

- Energy efficient

Eco kiosk with independent blowers as standard to significantly reduce power consumption.

Designed to use minimum possible power requirements in a submerged aerated filter (SAF) unit.

Duty standby blower arrangement is available.

- Low maintenance

No internal mechanical or electrical moving parts, therefore the plant requires minimal annual maintenance.

Low energy compressors, with adjustable timers, ensure minimal running, maintenance and servicing costs.

Simple tankering operation as the primary sludge and sludge generated from final clarification are stored in one place for ease of removal.

- Variable flows and loads

During low flow conditions the level in the primary tank is reduced utilising forward feed air lift pumps. This creates a buffering volume that reduces the impact during high flows.

WPL can design the plant to continue to operate well during seasonal variations reducing total power consumption.

- Robust process

Proven WPL SAF technology is based on 25 years empirical data. The reliability is underpinned by the selection of high quality blowers and pumps.

Internal recirculation leads to increased process performance.

- Minimal visual impact

Below ground installation has minimal environmental impact as it does not impede views.

- Tank 25 years life

GRP is UV stabilised with an external gel coat finish which extends the asset life to 25 years.

WPL HiPAF plants and kiosks are produced in a quality controlled environment at the WPL factory.

- Compliant

The plant is CE marked, designed to BS EN 12255 – 1/15 and is fully compliant with UK Building Regulations. WPL use the British Water Code of Practice Flows and Loads, to ensure plants are correctly sized.

Visit WPL's website to download and read content such features and benefits, brochures, manuals, case studies and technical drawings: WPL HiPAF Eco MIdi

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