WPL Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

A DAF system can help achieve compliance for sewer discharge and reduce costs associated with trade effluent charges.

WPL Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Why choose WPL DAF
- Main structural components are manufactured in 304 stainless steel for added corrosion resistance
- Higher specification can be supplied if required
- Reinforced plastic components reduce wear and corrosion, reducing maintenance time and cost
- White water system utilises a pressure vessel to negate the need for diffusers within the flotation tank, reducing maintenance requirements
- PVC coil pipe flocculator eliminates corrosion and comes with numerous sampling and injection points to improve efficiency
- System comes complete with safety guards, grids, ladders and handrails to provide safe working access

Dissolved Air Floation 
DAF is a physical separation process used for removing contaminates from water.  The process saturates effluent with air under pressure. On release into the atmosphere, micro-bubbles are formed, attaching to the contaminant as they rise to the surface.
The primary objective of a DAF system is to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) loading by the removal of high COD contaminants including fats, oils and greases, colour, organic matter and colloidal material. 
A reduction of up to 90% of COD and suspended solids can be achieved. The system can be used with or without the addition of chemicals; depending on the waste type, chemicals can further enhance performance.

WPL DAF plants are small, compact and robust systems. Highly efficient, they can cope with variations in influent wastewater quality and flow. 
Balancing tanks can be used to even out very large variations.

Typical applications:
The WPL DAF system is used in many industrial applications, including:
- Abattoirs, meat and poultry- Brewery, winery and soft drink manufacture- Baking and confectionery, ready meals and vegetable production and packaging manufactures- Commercial Laundry- Cosmetics manufactures production and packaging- Dairy inc milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese processing and packaging- Fish processing- Paper mills- Petrochemical- Pharmaceutical

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