WPL Grease Guzzler Bio-friendly, stress-free grease management system

The WPL Grease Guzzler is an innovative, self-contained grease management system designed for commercial catering facilities serving hot food and producing waste fats, oils and grease (FOG). The system utilises patented bio-technology, ensuring efficient and effective drain cleansing with minimal impact on the environment.

WPL Grease Guzzler  Bio-friendly, stress-free grease management system

WPL Grease Guzzler®

- Helps prevent drain blockage and pump station failure caused by the build-up of FOG deposits

- Eliminates foul drain odours caused by rancid grease and improves hygiene, helping prevent rodent and insect infestation 

- Reduces grease trap maintenance 

- Can completely replace the common grease trap

- Requires no space-consuming drums of bio-chemicals, unlike some alternative products

- Designed on the principle of 'fit and forget', it is completely automated and self-contained, requiring no daily maintenance

- Utilises a patented bacteria pre-activation incubation technology to ensure maximum drain cleansing

- Digests FOG using naturally occurring micro-organisms

- Meets Building Regulations 2002 (Part H) specifications on managing waste FOG from commercial kitchens serving hot food

- Aesthetically designed to be space saving and complement commercial kitchen design

- Variable dosing time and frequency to suit

- Approved and marked by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)

How the WPL Grease Guzzler® works
The WPLGrease Guzzler® releases S65, a bio-fluid concentrate, into an incubation tank filled with cold water. The tank is gently heated for five hours, to stimulate the micro-organisms to multiply, resulting in a rich soup of pre-activated, grease-hungry bacteria.

At a pre-programmed time, the WPL Grease Guzzler® releases the incubated solution into the drain line. Once the system has dosed, the pipe work will be coated with a layer of enzymes. This continues to actively prevent the build-up of any grease that finds its way into the drainage system.

Typical applications:
- Fast food restaurants
- Pubs
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Leisure and health centres
- Cafes
- Food processing plants
- In-house catering facilities
- Schools, colleges and universities

Installation and technical specifications
The WPL Grease Guzzler® is designed for simple mounting onto an internal wall, normally in the kitchen, close to the waste water drain. Set-up requirement is simple - cold water and electricity in: drain access out. 
Dosing should occur close enough to the first sink or drainage discharge point so that grease cannot solidify in pipe work upstream.

Visit WPL's website to download and read content such features and benefits, brochures, manuals, case studies and technical drawings:    WPL Grease Guzzler®

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