WPL HiPAF Modular packaged sewage treatment plant

The WPL HiPAF range offers bespoke SAF (submerged aerated filter) sewage treatment plant solutions specifically designed to meet demanding, individual site requirements where mains drainage is not possible.

WPL HiPAF Modular packaged sewage treatment plant

WPL HiPAF Modula
Packaged sewage and wastewater treatment solution up to 2000 population
HiPAF combines versatility, efficient processing, reliability and robust design, meeting all Environment Agency standards while minimising visual impact on the landscape.

Contains primary settlement, biological treatment and final settlement modules in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and can be installed above or below ground

The HiPAF package includes:
- Complete in-house design and specification service
- Turnkey service via our preferred contractor network, which includes initial site survey

WPL HiPAF is the ideal sewage treatment solution such as:
- Camping and caravan sites
- Smaller hotels
- Restaurants and public houses
- Farms
- Garden centres
- Stables/kennels
- Stately homes and large country estates
- Nursing homes
- Abattoirs
- Rural industrial buildings and offices
- Golf courses
- International projects

Visit WPL's website to download and read content such features and benefits, brochures, manuals, case studies and technical drawings:   WPL HiPAF Modular

WPL HiPAF Treatment Process

Primary Settlement

Primary settlement is in accordance with BS6297, giving the required hydraulic retention time and ensuring that 30% of the BOD will settle out in the primary tank. The HiPAF Compact plant has sludge storage integral to the primary tank.

The primary settlement tank is equipped with baffles to prevent floating scum entering the biological phase of the treatment process. It also incorporates WPL's unique forward feed system which lowers the level in the tank, during periods of low flow, to provide a buffering capacity for possible surges in the influent. The forward feed also mitigates process risks associated with variable loads.

Biological Treatment

After primary settlement, the settled liquor flows to the biological treatment unit by displacement and via the air lift forward feed. The biozone is fully segmented internally to eliminate the risk of process short cuts and to provide an efficient nitrifying environment. Each biozone segment is filled with high voidage plastic filter media, where both carbonaceous and nitrifying processes take place. Air to oxygenate the influent and to scour excess biomass from the filter media is introduced continuously below each chamber by a series of diffusers.

Final Settlement

Following biological treatment the effluent flows into the final (humus) settlement tank where the excess biomass settles out. The humus tank is equipped with air lifts which are arranged to automatically transfer settled humus sludge to the primary tank for co-settlement. The treated effluent flows under gravity to the works outfall.

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