WPL Miranda RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor)

The WPL Miranda RBC is a highly efficient wastewater treatment system. The Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) technology provides for an alternative treatment solution where specified. Its unique, extremely flexible modular design ensures that it can be installed in a wide range of site locations and applications, minimising land requirements. It can be configured to serve a variety of population requirements, from 250 upwards, producing a high quality nitrified effluent.

WPL Miranda RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor)

WPL RBC Miranda Application

Biological treatment for small to large wastewater  treatment work sites providing carbonaceous Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) removal and full nitrification can be achieved for a wide PE of 250 upwards.

The WPL Miranda RBC can be used for biological treatment as part of an integrated system; an adaptable wastewater treatment package and in addition to phosphorous and other chemical dosing processes.

The system can be part of a permanent installation or can be hired where temporary treatment is required.

Operational Costs:

The unique WPL Miranda RBC has been designed to minimise operational costs.

Extremely Low Maintenance Costs:

The RBC consists of very robust HDPE discs driven by a small gear box and motor and has a life of 25 years, during this period the only requirement is to lubricate the bearings as specified by WPL.

Consequently maintenance costs are extremely low over the 25 year period. There is no requirement to wash or tighten disc pack bolts and media.

Long Life:

WPL’s RBC has been designed to 25 year life based on FEA design standards, capable of rotating at a speed of 1.0 rpm at a biomass thickness of 3.0 mm.

Capital Costs:

The unique WPL Miranda RBC has been designed to minimise capital costs.

Modular Design:

An important feature of the design is the ability to increase the capacity by simply adding disks or modular compartments.

In turn, the modular design also has the ability to operate at lower capacity, bypassing unused compartments, saving valuable energy in areas where then population can vary, such as holiday locations.

Where the design capacity is unlikely to be achieved, modules may be removed and transferred to other sites where a need is evident. They can also be bolted on where standards are tightened or capacity is inadequate.


Quick & Easy Installation:

The WPL Miranda RBC modules have a unique structural steel frame which allows it to be installed above or below ground.

It reduces transportation difficulties such as where the site access is a long narrow country road and minimises the need for on-site assembly.


Visit WPL's website to download and read content such features and benefits, brochures, manuals, case studies and technical drawings:   WPL Miranda RBC 

NEW  WPL Miranda RBC

• Next RBC generation package treatment technology arrives in the UK 

• Flexible, modular on-site system 

• Lower power consumption 

• Suitable for utilities, commercial premises including hotels, office blocks and industrial developments 

• Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment 

• Unique modular design allows above or below ground installation 

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