WPL Wastewater Treatment Plant Hire

Upgrade your system, cover an emergency, supplement existing plant or use while you refurbish WPL provides a range of transportable treatment plants for either additional biological treatment or temporary use. These are available for short or long-term hire and are regularly supplied to our customers within water utilities, commercial and industrial applications.

WPL Wastewater Treatment Plant Hire

WPL's range of process plants for hire includes:

- WPL Submerged Aerated Filters (Fixed Film SAF)

- WPL Nitrifying-SAF Ammonia Treatment
The SAF units are suitable for permanent or temporary applications, with a number of different hire and purchase options to suit requirements. They can be used either to undertake full biological treatment or to complement existing process units.

- WPL Miranda Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC)
The modular design of the WPL Miranda RBC makes it possible to increase capacity by adding discs or modules. It is also possible to bypass specified modules to reduce capacity and save energy.  The packaged units are easy to transport and install, the modules can operate in series or in parallel.

- WPL Lamella Plate Settlement Tanks
Transportable Lamella Plate settlement tanks are the ideal solution where there is no existing primary or final settlement on site and where space is at a premium.
- WPL Clic-Clo Microscreen tertiary polishing plants
Used on a variety of utility and municipal wastewater treatment plants as either permanent or temporary additions to existing process units,they are ideally configured to be used as retrofit items of kit where the existing works is failing discharge consent conditions. The unit can be skid mounted for portable applications.

- WPL Disk Filter for Tertiary Treatment Filtration

The WPL Disc Filters are designed for filtration of large volumes of wastewater with demands for high quality of cleaned water. Water flows into the influent pipe of the unit, where it then enters individual filter cartridges. Impurities are caught inside the cartridge and clean water flows out.

A range of uses:
- Emergency unit that can quickly be mobilised within your area

- Temporary biological treatment to cover periods of refurbishment of existing plants

- A tertiary plant, where tighter consents have been applied to existing works

- To supplement existing treatment plants, where flows and loads to the plant have increased and the plant is now out of consent or undersized

- Can be used to upgrade or supplement existing wastewater treatment systems or to provide wastewater treatment for a temporary site

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