Bolivia's odd COP15 analysis

I'm not really sure what the official delegation from Bolivia were up to when they hit on the idea of comparing the COP15 climate talks to hit 90s virtual reality blockbuster The Matrix.

According to the country's ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, the official negotiators are living in a fantasy world while the true deals are being thrashed out in the 'real world' of 'small stealth dinners with selected guests'.
He went as far as to say that those who had taken to the streets in protest at the weekend were the only people to have 'taken the red pill' - a reference to a scene in the film where the hero is invited to choose between a pill that will put him back to sleep, blissfully unaware of the true reality around him, or a red pill that will force him to wake up to harsh truth.
While their might be something in his sentiments, the popular culture references were just a bit much for me to take seriously and actually detracted from his (fairly sensible) concernes and core message.
Here's the text of his full statement -
Bolivia compares Copenhagen negotiation process to the Matrix

In response to news that a select group of countries have been dining together to fix a deal for Copenhagen's climate talks, and following the decision of the Presidency to hold informal consultations without any democratic and participative process for deciding representation, Pablo Solon, Bolivian ambassador to UN said the following:

"We are asking for a transparent democratic and inclusive process. It seems negotiators are living in the Matrix, while the real negotiation is taking place in the 'Green room,' in small stealth dinners with selective guests." 

"The presidency of the UNFCCC says that its informal consultations will be based on regional participation, but have not indicated how these will be chosen. They are creating an undemocratic parallel process where they can pick and choose only some countries."

"It seems the only ones who have taken the "red pill" and are aware of the reality are those who marched in the streets on Saturday, who have denounced the rich countries for trying to stitch a deal that will undermine their obligation to tackle this urgent climate crisis."


Sam Bond

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