Cheer up NGOs, you're not missing much!

I see that the NGOs were pretty miffed at being turned away from the Bella Centre where the COP15 climate change talks are taking place.

The UN has, in its wisdom, handed out passes to 45,000 people when the venue has a capacity of 15,000. Looks like more showed up than expected, and NGOs have been deemed bottom of the pecking order.
Turn up for the books, that, the press being seen as preferable to charities et al, but i guess someone's got to tell the world about the momentuous events going on in here.
Except once we got let in to our 'media centre' - it's just a really, really big newsroom - that was about it.
Only a privileged few have beenallowed into the plenery session to see the floorshow - the rest of us have to accept the only way we're going see what the world leaders have to say is by watching the tv screens that are dotted about the place.
There are, of course, myriad press briefings - about on every half hour from the big hitters - but a good half of these have been  cancelled.
So far today, i've turned up to at least four briefings where the star speaker was a no show (yes, i'm talking about you Hugo Chavez and Simon Peres!).
It's frustrating, but i can understand that at the end of the day getting the message out has got to come second to ensuring that there is a message in the first place.

Sam Bond

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