Converted my shower - now I'm a convert

As an environmental journalist, the occasional eco-freebie winds its way to my desk.

A case in point - last week I ended up with a little widget from E.on that reduces the flow of my shower without, well, any noticeable flow reduction.
The (excessive) packaging told me it could save me up to £40 a year from my utility bills. Now, I don't know about that as I'm not on a water meter and I still had to have the hot tapped whacked up to full, but if it saves water, I'm not too bothered about the cash.
Fitting it took literally two mins, including cutting the thing out of the packaging (did I mention there was a lot of that?).
Just had to unscrew the shower head, screw this thing onto it, then screw the hose back into place. Simple.
Darn sight easier than my last eco-project of re-insulating my loft.
Warm moral glow for minimal effort, bargain.
I'd thoroughly endorse this product to anyone who asked. Except for the packaging, natch.

Sam Bond

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Tags: packaging | water
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