EMR biggest thing since privatisation - but didn't anyone notice?

This week energy minister, Chris Huhne, promised to makeover the UK's energy market in the biggest shakeup since privatisation.

 But the minister, who's arguably better known to the wider public for allegedly dodging speeding points, had to delays his speech to the House of Commons yesterday (July 12).

Lengthy parliamentary debates on New International's majority takeover of BskyB, the much publicised phone hacking scandal and an emergency debate on the future of cash strapped Southern Cross care homes.

Firstly, obviously journalists are fascinated with a story that brought down a newspaper (brings jobs security home) and like schools everyone has an interest in care homes as you might end up in one or have relatives in one.

So poor old Mr Huhne finally gets to his feet, as the commons emptied following the ‘more important' debates, to deliver something sounding good in sound bites, but lacking in substance when you get stuck in.

And that was perhaps the real problem as we have a look over his plans for Contract for Difference and transitional methods to improve renewables we should learn more.

But Mr Huhne has gone back to new nuclear a technology he once branded, as a Lib Dem pre coalition, ‘redundant'.

And he appears to put a lot of backing in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – which as opposition MPs pointed out is really unproven.

So it might be the bigges thing to happen to the industry since privatisation, but we'll have to wait and see.


Luke Walsh

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