Eh? Aren't commuter trains supposed to be like cattle trucks?

Taking the train to the Bella Centre this morning in filthy weather rammed into close proximity with fellow travellers on an over-full train was a novel experience. For the Danes that is, not for me so much - I work in London.

Seems that the Copenhagen crowd are used to a functional public transport system and they were all rather embarrassed, apologetic and chatty about the fact there was no room to swing a cat.
I read a reports of research recently that said that London commuters act like animals and adopt a survial of the fittest approach to getting to work - shoving your way through those human obstacles is just a necessary evil.
Well, first hand experience suggests the Danish have yet to be dehumanised on thier way to work and even go so far as to look one another in the eye each time a foot is trodden on, a bag bashes or an elbow is inappropriately placed, and they say sorry.
The cause of this unusal situation surprised me however - the travel network was feeling the strain snowed.
Now, coming from the UK, I'm familiar with our tabloid press having a field day every time it snows about how badly prepared Britain is for bad weather.
We're berated for our lack of forward planning, and the Scandinavians are often held up as having much better systems in place to avoid chaos.
I'm guessing this is tabloid guesswork however (it snows more up there, so they must have it sorted, right?), as opposed to well-researched journalism.
Take it from me, coping with snow is not something Copenhagen seems to do particularly well.
A fellow traveller told me it's first day blues - it's been mild for a while and even though everyone knows snow's coming, they're not prepared for it when it arrives.
Give them a day or two, he said, and the 'winter tyres' will be out and the trains running like clockwork.

Sam Bond

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