Electric cars are clearly the future

Another sad thing happened to me recently with the death of my loyal car Mike the Micra.

Mike (1997 to 2010) was a loyal car who never gave me a problem in the ten or so years we spent together.

Until obviously he got stuck in first gear and become totally unrepairable and had to go to the big scrap yard in the sky ... or more accurately Basildon.

Now, as I'm quite environmental no longer having a car has meant I've slashed my carbon footprint by quite a large amount.

I'm probably one of the few people who will actually be accurately able to show how my 10:10 commitment has actually been achieved!

But, I do need to get to work and around London, where I live, and because or office is in the middle of nowhere with no effective train station nearby the only realistic option is a new vehicle.

So I want to get something environmental and the best options looks to be electric scooters.

The equivalent of a 50cc scooter runs off a 60volt battery (but it limited to more like 40volts) with around a motor of 2000 watts.

I can drive this as I passed my car test before 2001 without having to do Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Cost for these scooters range from £1,000 to £4,000 and require a charge for my commute would be around 8p a day road tax is free, but obviously it depends where your power is sourced from.

Once I convinced my fiancé of the wonders of a scooter I'll be letting you know how it's going.  

It's still quite tough to find a decent looking electric scooter shop in London but these sites are the best looking of the, many, many, sites I've trawled through.




If you've got any other suggestions do let me know please, Luke.


Luke Walsh

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