Green electricity credentials, Toyota and giving your Christmas presents away

Sometimes ideas for blogs are like the old adage about buses - you can't think of anything for ages than three come along at once.

Point one - today British power firms can start operating under a new logo if they offer 'green' electricity.

This is a good scheme and at edie we gave it a pretty favourable write up in the news.

But, look at the firms already approved - British Gas, E.On, EDF Energy, Good Energy, RWE Npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and Scottish Power.

I'm not going to get into to them one by one but some are surprising - while also noting that some firs like
is not there ... why?

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I can see the big firms can also run a tariff which is green and apply for the logo for it.

While running countless other tariffs which are by no means green at all ... which seems to me to defeat the point of a marker to highlight green cred?

Point two, the Toyota Prius - or however you spell it - what a shame that a slight technical fault - admittedly affecting more than half a million cars worldwide has put the boot into this icon of sustainability.

If I didn't know better I'd suspect a large oil company of sabotage and while it won't be as bad for the company as a Ratner moment as it wasn't self inflicted I'm sure the firm and the line will continue to be a success ... or at least I might be able to pick one up cheaper.

Third and final point I get a lot of Christmas presents that are, to be frank, rubbish.

I give out a lot of them too and today I took two plastic bags full of such gifts to a charity shop and gave away a coffee filter thingy to a work colleague.

This year I'm not going to ask for any presents as I can really do without feeling bad enough to leave them sitting around for two months and then taking them to a charity shop.

Luke Walsh

Luke Walsh

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