Is it time for Chris Huhne to step down?

Energy secretary, Chris Huhne, is great value for money – that can't be argued against, but has he outstayed his welcome at DECC?

While the Liberal Democrats would lose a strong voice in the cabinet – they could gain a rallying point for the disgruntled party faithful who look terrified when mention of the word election comes round.

Mr Huhne, who is a former journalist himself, has always been very pleasant on the few occasions I've met him.

He is also well known amongst national correspondents for his willingness to leak various briefing documents when his Tory colleagues suggest something he's not keen on … allegedly.

But I, personally, would say yes the time has come.

Setting aside what is clearly a fiasco at his department over cuts to FITs levels the circus forming around his personal life is now really boiling over.

Greg Barker, although one with a rather colourful private life too, has done a great job taking the flak for the FITs cuts and fronting up to various events and that what the second ranking minister in a department should do.

I've met him to a a handful of times too and found him to be very knowledgeable on FITs and renewables as are, of course, the people I've met from DECC, as much as they can be to a journalist.

So, with court action looming, both over FITs and Mr Huhne's alleged falsehoods over who was driving his car when he was caught by a speed trap – the next few weeks could prove crucial.

Of course Mr Huhne strenuously denies any wrong doing over the driving and his department has vowed to defend the way it run its FITs consultation, with a cut-off date before the end of its run, all the way.

But should both cases go against Mr Huhne professionally and personally – can he cling on to power – I'd say ‘probably' not.


Luke Walsh

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