Mountains of crusts

Here's a question for readers - is there somebody in your household that always eats the crusts on a loaf of sliced bread? By that I mean the first and the last slice on the loaf? I am sure the majority would respond with a resounding YES!!!!!!

Now, here's another question to mull over - how many of you have seen a supermarket or sandwich store that supplies sandwiches with the crusts? The answer is most likely none because according to food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart they don't exist.

Stuart, who is an award winning environmental author, drew attention to this contentious issue during his presentation at the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group meeting in London this week.

In a statement of the blindingly obvious, he said that there was a mismatch between consumer demand and supply. Consumers were clearly happy to eat crusts so why weren't they being used for sandwiches?

Moving on, a rather pertinent question to ask is - if they don't use the crusts for sandwiches where do they end up? In a large skip outside a sandwich factory somewhere in the UK is the answer. From there, it's a good bet that mountains of crusts pile up in landfill when they could be used for the AD industry, for example.

According to Stuart, wealthy countries produce far more food than they actually need to feed the population. In the United States for instance, there is twice as much food in the shops and restaurants than its population requires for consumption. Inevitably a lot of the food goes to waste.

Nick Warburton

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