No-one said being green was easy...

But I don't think anyone made it clear just how hard it can be sometimes.

It's not that I don't want to be green and ethical - I really do.

It's just that I also want to live in the city, fly to Malta for my summer holiday, get my hair highlighted, tuck into a big fat burger every now and again, turn the central heating up when it's cold, and buy cheap clothes from - gasp - Primark.

You're never going to find me running a smallholding, growing my own fruit and veg and mucking out pig pens. I don't care how easy Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says it is.

I'm less of an eco-warrior, and more part of the eco catering corps.

I'm there, behind the scenes, doing my bit in the War on Climate Change, but I'm certainly not on the front line dressed in hemp combat gear taking on the world's major polluters.

A quick sweep of other people's eco-blogs leaves me feeling even more inadequate, as they document their struggles with this year's potato crop, calculate the energy savings from their rooftop solar panels, and wax lyrical about the joys of cycling to work in a Fairtrade, organic cotton jumpsuit.

Let's face it - we can't all live on rural smallholdings tending our chickens and patting ourselves on the back for having such a tiny carbon footprint.

So can the rest of us be truly green and make a real difference? Well, I'm trying...Kate Martin

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