One year on from Gulf of Mexico Disaster

Tomorrow marks a year since the Gulf of Mexico disaster and almost a week since protests at BP's AGM.

In 12 months the oil giant has transformed itself from being held in the mild contempt expected of any large corporation dealing in fossil fuels - to one of the most hated business brands in the world.

It's not surprising when you hear the stories of people like Bryon Encalade and Tracy Kuhns.

Both fishermen and both from families who have spent generations living off the produce of the Gulf of Mexico - now both have nothing expect debts and health problems.

And, whether or not you agree with her unconventional protest style Diane Wilson showcased BP's apparent disregard for people who have a legitimate right to attend its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Mrs Wilson, also a fisherman, has lost everything in the oil spill and while we can clean up the environmental tragedy of the oil spill the human tragedy will continue for many more years.

You can watch or read about all the things that went on at BP's AGM here but if you get through more than 30 seconds chaiman's Carl Henric Svanberg speech you deserve a medal.

I'm not sure how Svanberg managed to emerge so oil free from the drama but his monotone delivery on a speech claiming everything was alright now must drive Tony Haywood mad.

Realistically, BP will never be able to rebuild its public image because it committed its eco-crime in the most powerful country in the world.

While other oil giants are happy to ruin third world countries, it will be very interesting to see where BP is another 12 months.


Luke Walsh

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