Plans to charge for digging up the road show confusion at heart of government

 How can the government claim it wants to bring down energy prices when it is consulting on plans to hit firms with huge charges for doing a crucial part of their job?

Energy minister Chris Huhne has hit out at every energy price increase as it is announced.

He says he is committed to keeping costs down for the consumer but while hes, rather ineffectively, saying that another department announce plans that can only push up costs.

Charging energy companies, and others, up to £2,500 a day to dig up roads will obviously be a charge that will find it way back to our bills.

While costs for the consumer of energy are rocketing, it can't be forgotten that the ‘Big Six' aren't all making bumper profits.

In fact German based energy giant E.ON said earlier this month it is planning on shedding up to 11,000 jobs after a poor six months of trading.

So what do we want from government?

I'd suggest that if this scheme comes in the funding should be only used to improve capacity and reduce the costs of public transport and further promoting cycling, which is now worth almost £3bn to the UK economy.

But this is the problem of the scheme – we have to look at everything in a joined up way and government doesn't work like that.

You have departments and varying levels of high to low ranking ministers all fighting for their own section and at the moment at least in the current financial climate – it's the treasury that appears to ultimately call the shots.  

For me personally roads in London, where I live, are horrific so I've taken to riding a moped and push bike – problem solved.

It's very satisfying to whizz up the side of a long long line of queuing traffic and get to work before everyone else, despite setting off after them.

So install renewables on your home to reduce your reliance on energy suppliers and get on your bike to beat traffic queues – job done.

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Luke Walsh

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