Stormsaver considers water documentary a washout

The UK's leading supplier and manufacturer of rainwater harvesting systems, has reacted with surprise to a Panorama documentary, broadcast on BBC 1 on September 19, 2011. Our industry expert believes that the documentary did not go far enough to address the real issue of water scarcity and sustainability.

The programme highlighted that with an ever-decreasing natural water supply, the need to preserve and reduce mains consumption is essential and must be prioritised to protect the future of our natural resources.

A family of four also underwent an extensive analysis of their daily water consumption and received a number of comprehensive hints and tips to help reduce their mains usage and minimise utility bills.

 "Where was the mention of methods to substitute water use, as well as minimising usage?" questions Lisa Farnsworth, director of Stormsaver.  "Techniques such as rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling were totally disregarded. Accordingly, the commercial sector was completely overlooked, even though the majority of mains consumption comes from commercial properties, or is used in commercial and industrial processes to provide goods and services to the consumer!"

"I thought that the documentary helped to raise awareness of an issue that has previously been ignored, however it failed to provide the whole picture and educate consumers and business leaders about the many options available to them to help reduce mains water consumption." added Lisa.

The Code for Sustainable Homes states that to achieve level 3 the maximum mains water use per person per day should be 105L, which the family on the programme were using before changing their usage through simple methods. The family were clearly already environmentally conscious and may not have been the best representation of the majority of the families in the UK who may, upon watching the programme expect unrealistic results from adopting simple reduction methods.

"The documentary had the opportunity to  provide more information and guidance for both homeowners and business leaders, to ensure that we can preserve our natural supplies and protect the environment further."

Lisa Farnsworth

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