The death of the CD

As an avid record collector, I clearly remember the day when "so called" industry experts proclaimed the death of vinyl, and hailed the arrival of the compact disc "on the scene".

Well that didn't quite happen but the point was clearly made. Let's just dispose of the old music format and replace it with the latest technological breakthrough.

Now it looks like the eject button has been pressed on the CD. In this age of high speed internet and fast data download, the i-Pod generation, mp3 players and cheap solid state memory, the future of the CD has been put in doubt, with sales plummeting and CD stores closing.

Recently, I was contacted by the World Wildlife Fund on this very subject. They are concerned that with the "imminent death" of this format, billions of CDs will be heading to landfill in the near future unless there is a rapid push to set up a recycling stream.

The WWF currently runs a small-scale CD collection scheme with one of its printers but is unaware of any other recycling initiatives.

Determined to find out more, edieWaste and LAWR did a bit of digging around and discovered that Viridor has set up purpose-designed bins for CDs at a number of the household recycling centres that it manages for local authorities. The company can also dispose of CDs, which are sent to its depot in East London.

Rummaging around a bit more, we also stumbled across the Recycling People, a Herefordshire-based company that recycles CDs, DVDs, audio and VHS tapes.

Clearly, the final track is playing out on the old CD. When "music lovers" finally decide to dispose of their collections, there will need to be enough recycling schemes in place to cater for the piles of discarded CDs that stack up.

As always, I'd love to hear your views on this issue!

Nick Warburton

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