Wrong kind of climate ambassador?

Post-punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood made an appearance on Jonathon Ross' chat show at the weekend, where she used the majority of her ten minutes on the couch to highlight the urgent need to address climate change.

Apparently she begged to be allowed on the show with the sole purpose of using her celebrity to get out the message that we need to cut carbon emissions - she even went as far as to say we shouldn't buy so many of her clothes because fashion is wasteful.
She was pretty eloquent and well informed, it wasn't your standard celeb 'trees are nice, we should love the planet' spiel. She knew her stuff and had the stats to back it up.
Problem was, here was an ageing woman with Sex Pistol orange hair wrapped in an eight metre bolt of satin secured in place by a belt. In short, no matter how much sense she was speaking, she looked nuts.
I'm all for eccentricity, really I am. I'm up for anything that questions the status quo and prods the establishment into inching forwards on the path towards progress.
But the main obstacle facing the green movement these days is the question of credibility. It's easy to dismiss an argument you don't like if you can claim the messenger must be talking nonsense because they're a beardy in a rainbow jumper and sandals.
Fact of the matter is, Vivienne for all her sincerity made climate change look fringe.
I'm sorry to say that the more anonymous suits promoting the environmental agenda the better.

Sam Bond

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