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can someone please explain WHY its so difficult (and extortionate) to get power onto my land?

we have 33KV overhead on poles (three 11KV lines) with a breaker bar...YEDL anecdotely said abot 6-8K, so we asked for a real quote, then say we need new poles (3) a huge transformer and 5 months to do the work (plus £16K), NEDL say we need one new pole where the transformer needs to go, but NOT the one with the breaker (£11K)...they are both the same company (EON)...we got in touch with the LLoyds listed contractors for HV more quotes and found out that most of the subbies' are all 'connected' with EON, but each time we had to resubmit the papers and rather expecsive OS maps to YEDL for their permission to procede, then we would get the quotes back...
then we were put into the situation where the quotes were between the 9-16K qutotes had massively divergent recommendations which were not reflected in the pricing (mostly we were getting more for the heaper quotes)
So, we opted to resubmit with new contractors from outside the areas covered by NEDL/YEDL/EON...they would quote but would also have to resubmit the info already held by, you guessed it, anyway the long and short of it was thatthere was t possibility that YEDL/NEDL/EON would not 'sign off' the installation if not by them and their subbies  SO MUCH for creating a competeive market!!!!
So, in that case we'll go 'off grid', spoke to some very nice people...we can have a fully intergrated system of generator, solar and wind (enough for the barn and five leisure boats) then the rub, planning permission, selling leccy back to the grid, becoming a 'prime generator' and one other stumbling block...'do you know how much KVA you tell me, youre the now have quotes with no firm generator specs from between 20KVA and 125KVA, solar panel pecs which would reclad the barn in its entirety, and a turbine from an offshore drilling rig...not to mention having to build another barn to house the battery banks!!!
I'll tell you what...I'll do it myself!!!!

Phil Baptiste

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