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New Plastics Economy: Businesses support action plan to recycle 70% of global plastic packaging

When it is claimed that - "be more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050"- is that by numbers or volume or weight?

Britain's largest grid-scale battery 'could transform the energy grid'

This is a start but it is only a larger version of the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit that sits behind the computer in my office. 6000 homes for 1.5hrs is only really a short term store for network blackouts. Units like this in every town in Britain would be a great start to balancing out the fluctuation inherent in wind and solar but we do need to start seriously thinking about energy storage systems that will provide days or even weeks of storage capacity.

On Wings of Waste: Plane fuelled by plastic waste completes trailblazing flight

Very interesting and the oceans most definitely need something to be done about the trash. Although, this new technology may be great for saving the planet, I doubt it will result in an any cost savings to the airlines. Knowing something about chemical engineering the process required to do this on a scale required that would meet the needs of the airline industry alone would be a substantial investment to the tune of several hundred million pounds per plant. The waste collection program necessary to feed this beast would be a behemoth in itself. So....... although I commend Plastic Energy in the development of a system to recycle ocean plastic waste I really wish them the best in making it cost effective for use on the world market. Otherwise it''s all just academic.

Swansea Bay: ?1.3bn tidal lagoon project earns much-needed backing from Hendry Review

When will we move away from the LCF and get renewables and energy efficiency to be paid out of general taxation? In parallel there is also an opportunity to involve the local and national population through ownership and management. Just look at the wider community energy sector successes that create buy in, awareness and value creation for local communities.

Starbucks follows Costa with in-store coffee cup recycling bins

It''s great that Starbuck has recyclable cups now, what about the lids?

Nick Hurd: Brexit offers the flexibility to strengthen Britain's decarbonisation commitments

Fine words - fine words indeed [but] we have been trying to enter into a dialogue with Westminster on decarbonisation for three years in how 20% - 35% reductions in energy consumption can be achieved in heating which accounts for almost half of all UK energy consumption - the silence has been deafening................

Nick Hurd: Brexit offers the flexibility to strengthen Britain's decarbonisation commitments

Fine words - fine words indeed [but] we have been trying to enter into a dialogue with Westminster on decarbonisation for three years in how 20% - 35% reductions in energy consumption can be achieved in heating which accounts for almost half of all UK energy consumption - the silence has been deafening................

UK wind energy surpasses coal generation for first time

Electricity from renewables will continue to fall in price as more renewables and energy storage are introduced, whilst the cost of nuclear fission electricity will rise, rendering these stations obsolete now let alone in 10-15 years when (if) the Hinkley white elephant produces its first Watt. The other cost that renewables will drive down is the environmental one as we move away from obsolescent fossil and fission fuels, making our planet greener and cleaner for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

London councils commence innovative solar battery project and LED retrofit

Is it me or are those solar panels in the front right hand corner in shade? Defeats the objective of providing power as a shaded solar panel produces no power. Could be the ridges of the houses are East / West facing in which case they''ll balance out during the day. Just points out the need to properly investigate and plan installation of solar panels to avoid shading wherever possible. Or, as one developer has ended up doing near my parents, put solar panels on a north facing roof!! However, this is a good idea by the local council. Not only should it help reduce fuel poverty but it will also give a large scale database on actual solar generation in a real world scenario for domestic purposes and it will also test short term domestic storage technologies under real world conditions. Await the results with interest

UK wind energy surpasses coal generation for first time

This is all well and good but if the prices don''t see quite a large reduction it is not going to be appealing to the majority market. I understand it can be quite pricey and many utilities are still in the wholesale business quite largely, but there needs to be something changed. For those interested ->

Less than a third of $175bn natural catastrophe losses covered by insurance

Investments in technology companies, can help to mitigate climate change damages by supporting the stock market in share holder gains. Some of these profits can be used to mitigate losses in the bond divestitures. Black Rock shares, Apple, and Microsoft are examples of good yielding investments.

Small businesses key to UK low-carbon transition, report claims

Even larger condominium projects can produce greater benefits for share holders, or tenants whereby the board adopts new technology, such as the installation of lithium power retainers in each unit, to share the energy produced by solar tiles that are heated in winter to prevent snow accumulation. Government data bases can hold the key to supply and accessibility, especially when web pages do not expire due to broken links in the network, which, incidentally has been a problem when negotiating web sites, perhaps in an effort to preserve employment and thwart real time on line access for citizens. I have had this experience when applying for the Canada Pension Plan and the link to the opting out application form for the years spent at home for young children to avoid miscalculations for this period was broken. In addition governmental costs for employees who submit Birth Registrations for example for a prescribed fee could be eliminated with on line access for citizens who could just include the data with any income tax submissions, or program parameters, using secure on line key sign in partners like financial institutions. How can we save money on useless human resource assets whereby governmental programmers who maintain web sites do not attend to the quality of the service. I would suggest that going forward we make all of the information necessary to promote carbon reduction methodologies on line with competent support from IT networks. Micro grid networks can become the new reality but not without the proper backup and support.

AECOM sustainability chief awarded MBE

Very good News for a much under valued Industry

Can Scotland continue its climate lead in 2017?

Can Scotland continue its climate lead in 2017?

Again the Scottish media keen to wave the wooden spoon award around as they are eager to puff up nationalist sentiment as they boast Scotland is "better than the UK" in something - as if performing better than that failing dung-heap of a kingdom was anything to boast about. Why not measure Scotland''s power less favourably to Norway''s and Iceland''s, whose electricity is nearly all derived from renewable resources? Why not explain how far we have to go, to drive us onward? Why pat ourselves on the back when there is so much further to go? I don''t know about anyone else, but this Scot is not happy unless and until we are leading the world in renewable energy. Simply leading the UK is not worth mentioning, in my book. * Off-Shore Electricity from Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Power * World''s biggest-ever pumped-storage hydro-scheme, for Scotland? * Modelling of wind and pumped-storage power * Scotland Electricity Generation my plan for 2020 Scottish Scientist Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland

'World first': Indian firm succeeds with subsidy-free carbon capture and utilisation project

Good news but India also needs to eliminate its high sulphur content coal burning power stations soonest.

UK takes action to uphold sustainable fishing amid toxic chemical concerns

It would be helpful to have links to the sources for the information on pesticide use in aquaculture, as is normally the case with Edie articles. My reading of the monthly raw data published by SEPA is that while there is, as with other intensive farming, a significant level of mortality, a more realistic measure than numbers lost is weight lost through mortality. For three locations taken at random, September 2016 mortality figures were 1.9%(19.2t/1027t - AIR1), 0.1% (1.4t/1281t - AMM1), 2.6% (33.2t/1272t - ARDG1). At none of these sites had azimethaphos been used during the month, although the first and last of the three had both used another biocide, enamectin benzoate. Indeed, in a random sampling of the data for a dozen or so of the larger sites, I found only one that had used azimethiphos in September 2016. The article focuses on the dangers from biocides such as azimethiphos, which degrades in seawater in a few days, but makes no mention of any potential damage to the seawater environment from eutrophication resulting from unconsumed food and alimentary waste from the salmon.

Britain celebrates 25 years of wind energy as tax-free ISA opens new sale avenues for wind farms

Richard Phillips Newbury The greater the number of wind farms, whose output is used before all else, the greater is our reliance in fossil or nuclear back-up when the wind drops. But this intermittency makes these reliable generators inefficient to run, and expensive, so no-one wants to build them. The margin is now so slim that all sorts of other, more expensive emergency generators are sought. These are diesel generators, STOR, special for the purpose, and any spare energy from industry, paid for at a premium. It all gets tighter and more expensive, Peter Lilley MP has a report on the subject, just published, and it is truly disturbing. And hardest hit will be the poorest. But there are no technical members in the Cabinet who understand science or electrical power systems; Politics Philosophy and Economics gets you nowhere in the physical sciences. And only a handful of MPs have much better knowledge. Get your home generators ready, mine is! Coming generations will curse this folly.

Car-eating buses and volcanic carbon capture: the best green innovations of 2016

Are there any further details of Volvo''s roadmat technology - Surely this just means that as other cars drive over the road mat they expend more energy and use more fuel?

Energy storage megashift: 10 of the best battery projects across the globe

A mixture of energy storage and demand response is required in order to enable intermittent renewables to make up a significant portion of a country''s energy mix. Richard''s point on the capacity is relevant although I feel slightly misdirected. Instead of being compared to a traditional power station, the project capacity must be carefully built to consider the likely surplus they will be subject to (hard for wind, but more predictable for solar) - which is why I watch SolarCity''s integrated solution carefully. ...and in relation to Richard''s comment on global temperatures; they have been rigourously documented - one such source is

Christmas and sustainability: Mistletoe and wine or chalk and cheese?

Stop whining. It''s Christmas.

Drax receives green light to complete biomass conversion project

How can cutting down trees in America then transporting them across country to be loaded into bulk cargo carrying ships to be steamed across the Atlantic then transferred back into lorries to be driven to the power station be classified as "green", "zero carbon", "renewable" or "environmentally friendly"? It takes approx 69,000litres to sail a 205,000tonne displacement CapeMax cargo ship across the Atlantic from New York to Liverpool (3000 nautical miles) at 14 knots. This is 1.3 barrels per mile. Hardly green is it? And then add in fuel for lorries, chainsaws etc and it soon becomes clear that biomass is not a zero carbon fuel.

Energy storage megashift: 10 of the best battery projects across the globe

RICHARD PHILLIPS Newbury Peter Morcombe is spot on. The total capacity of these ten leaders is some 150 MW, with a capacity of some 542 MWh. Seven of these combined units would be needed to be the equivalent of ONE average power station, and their combined output would last, at full capacity (what else makes any sense?) for some four hours. Big deal, and this is top of the tree!!! This is only being done in this country because Her Majesty''s Government contains almost nobody who has any scientific or electrical engineering knowledge, and absolutely none in the Cabinet. As long as gross amateurs run technical undertakings, duped by vested interested, the public are going to pay through the nose. Peter Lilley has a very recent paper on costs of renewables, enough to terrify the less-well off!!! And global temperatures are not rising over the last 18 years, and the effects of la Nino are now fading. Is CO2 so important? Many thousands of scientists doubt the magnitude of any man made effect, and even the IPCC acknowledges that climate forecasting over years or decades is not possible. Is the world run by greed or stupidity????? Richard Phillips

UK packaging producers warned of mounting costs from EU fees disparity

I don''t believe this should be viewed as a Brexit issue and whether we should/should not comply. It is part of the world issue on climate change, that we and 194 members have signed up to within the Paris Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and therefore needs to be addressed as such. Packaging, recycling and the circular economy is not something to decide upon as an individual nation, it is something we need to address and act upon in a uniformed way across the globe.

Britain's diesel car emissions 'five times over EU limits', Government tests reveal

Hi Matt, It is not too difficult to read the trip computer in my Citreon C4 Piccasso to see that instead of the proclaimed 73 miles to the gallon I get 47 miles to the gallon. You do not need to be a genius to know that these tests and information is a load of lies and deception. These Car companies should be taken to Court for mis-selling. The Government and ministers involved should also be taken to Court for making dishonest statements. What does the future hold? I have no problem with Electric Vehicles only where and what generates the electricity. It is well known from the US that using fracked natural gas to generate electricity to recharge batteries is slightly worse than just using CNG in a Internal Combustion Engine. There is a difference in where those emissions are created though, a replay of the Clean Air Act of the 1950 s when the UK poisoned the Forests and Lakes of Scandinavia. In my view the future is Hydrogen, that is On Board the EV production systems and also Hydrogen produced on site for Off-grid houses. It is a fact that Ministers and Government Officials in general are not upto speed with new innovation in the offing and the Energy Advisors from Energy and Utilities simply do not want to hear of such disruption. My HyPulJet.2.0 Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator concept will have its own fuel production system. "Hydragen" in the US is a prototype House with renewable generation to produce and store hydrogen. It is then used to generate electricity for the House and the Electric car. The people in high places need to make themselves aware of what is happening outside their sphere of influence.

GIB commits ?35m to North Wales energy-from-waste-plant

What! Parc Adfer is an incinerator project. All right, better than landfill but hardly ''green''. Why on earth is the GIB getting involved in an incinerator projector? EDIE should be giving both sides of this story.

Employee engagement helps P&G hit energy reduction goal four years early

As a P&G longstanding shareholder, I am pleased to see how the company has engaged its workforce to drive results in energy saving. I hope it considers using the same approach to get all employees to think and act like owners, to drive company profits and engagement to new heights. Industry leaders like Southwest Airlines, Capital One and BHP Billiton, (clients of mine), and hundreds of private companies treat their employees like trusted business partners, enabling them to make more money for their company and themselves. They consistently see both profits and engagement soar. This Forbes article provides more background:

Recycling rates in England drop for first time

I often wonder at what point the recycling rate is recorded, with commingled collection is the weight collected deemed recycled even though a good percentage may be too contaminated to recycle. Is RDF/WDF classed as recycled? If separated recyclates are deemed too contaminated further down the line, are they still deemed recycled. My point is, in a target driven system our actual recycling rate may be far lower.

Disrupt or die: Preparing for the next generation of sustainability

iApproov is betting that the change will not be driven by businesses changing their model proactively nor governments legislating. We hope it will develop naturally by consumers adopting the consideration of a company''s intent, commitment, actions and accomplishments in both their purchase decisions and social conversations. The iApproov phone app does this easily, quickly and uniquely for the user using the latest data on company and brand performance. Confronting businesses economically and reputationally is the only way to get their attention and action. Capitalism regularly re-invents itself and is doing so again now but we need to help it to relate the economic costs and opportunies of sustainability leadership in its widest sense.

Recycling rates in England drop for first time

Sad news but not unexpected. Simply taxing packaging manufacturers is not the answer though. Through producer responsibility, manufacturers already have some accountability for funding recycling in England. Surely the system just needs to be improved. Will central government take a lead in improving legislation? This could be a big post-Brexit "we have more control" opportunity. On a side note, Well done Wales!

Recycling rates in England drop for first time

Suez might want to have a look at Germany. They dont have a tax but industry is obliged to collect and recycle packaging. The costs of this are met by a fee levied on every piece of packging. The actual collection and recycling is done by a network of sub contractors. Local Authorities are relieved of the obligation. Works well

From disruptors to Hinkley: 7 things we've learnt about Greg Clark's industrial strategy

Nuclear energy is not low carbon. The AGR reactors routinely discharge carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it is the AGR cooling gas - AGR = Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor.

Energy storage megashift: 10 of the best battery projects across the globe

What wonderful projects! As long as the poor are dumb enough to put up with absurdly expensive electricity the transfer of funds to the rich people who own these technological marvels will continue. The damage done in the name of renewable energy is hurting most people as explained in this report:

New energy and water retail service offers businesses 'one-stop-shop' for utilities

Dear Luke, I''m not quite sure why this merits special attention. There are already several organisations that offer a one-stop shop service, so why should Utilitywise be singled out for special promotion? Nigel Aylwin-Foster, ReEnergise

Disrupt or die: Preparing for the next generation of sustainability

This is among the wisest and broadest responses to both the environmental and political events of recent times. Unlike most of my business colleagues, Jonathan has a time horizon in decades. If only we could hear more! Cal Bailey, NG Bailey

Disrupt or die: Preparing for the next generation of sustainability

This is among the wisest and broadest responses to both the environmental and political events of recent times. Unlike most of my business colleagues, Jonathan has a time horizon in decades. If only we could hear more! Cal Bailey, NG Bailey

Report: British wind farms cut carbon emissions by 36 million tonnes

Really great news about the amount of energy produced this year from" wind farms" . They are wonderful to look at ,close up on a sunny day, against a blue sky "modern windmills," they make a flat dull east coast far more interesting. I don''t think this year has been a particularly windy year. In fact a lot less windy during the summer months.. Where I live (the east coast) we seem to have lost the usual summer sea breezes which you could predict to be force 4 by 10am ,lasting 4 hours on a typical summers day.

New energy and water retail service offers businesses 'one-stop-shop' for utilities

This is a BIG deal for customers but not a GOOD deal! Why?well Utility Wise has well and truly shown its hand and given up the independence and transparency they once had. They say on their website"We''re completley independent" And go onto say "We have absolutely no stake in the water supplier you choose" Really not according to this press release! "Business Stream will manage the water services and Utility Wise wil oversee energy provision" it seems all Utility Wise clients will be pushed through Business Stream not good for customers what about the other 19 Water Companies? no real choice for Utility Wise Clients from now then?

AD sector doubles in 2016 as Ecotricity targets fracking sites for new green gas plants

Great news if all the feedstock comes from, for example, domestic refuse. But did I read somewhere that Dale Vince is planning to use grass as a ''fuel'' for wide scale AD production of gas? If this is the case, are we not in the same problematic scenario as was experienced by the advocates of motor fuels produced from agricultural products e.g. corn. When agricultural resources such as corn or grass are used for fuel production, then prices for that resource will go up and that will inevitable mean that someone metaphorically or literally goes hungry!

28 days later: What we know so far about the climate impact of Trump

Please do not refer to Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental protection Agency, as a climate change sceptic: this assumes an open mind upon the issue . Whereas, to date, he has been a climate change denier.

Supermarkets urged to prevent high-risk salmon sourcing

Just because this sports anglers representative organisation have renamed themselves with conservation in their name does not make them a conservation group. Their concern for wild salmon and sea trout does not extend to calling for an end to the killing of wild salmon and sea trout for sport. Wild salmon and sea trout stocks are threatened across the North Atlantic even where salmon farming does not exist. 95% of migrating young salmon now die at sea but S&TC prefer to focus on the 1-2% that die from sea lice, a natural parasite. In fact anglers like to see sea lice on the salmon they catch because it indicates a freshly run fish. A new study shows that wild salmon were in decline long before the arrival of salmon farming to the west coast but so far S&TC have refused to discuss these findings.

Britain's green groups unite to fight for environmental protection post-Brexit

Greener UK Coalition, get yourselves a twitter account, get people to follow/sunbscribe and see how many followers you can reach, lets see if we can get several million followers.

Sadiq Khan doubles investment in clean air policies

The Mayor is setting an example to the rest of the Politicians, however there is a need to get the issues in the right order. Hardly right to penalise consumer/motorists who bought a vehicle in good faith that the emissions were low. It is far more important to invest in Zero emissions Hydrogen cars, vans and trucks. It is equally important for the Politicians and Government Offices to actually search out new innovation and get it to Proof of Concept. It is perfectly clear that when there are millions of EVs running around London there will need to be a major increase in generating capacity or there needs to be Hydrogen Production On board the vehicle. Is Hydrogen production on board the EV possible, of course it is, however it means that everything changes. Team HyPulJet Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator.

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

@Philip - of course we have to look at the big picture but we also have to look at the little wallet as well. If I can make more of a saving per year insulating under my floor (and pay that investment back in 4 years) than by installing a solar system on my roof that may never pay me back unless I keep my house until I am 100 then I know where I am going to invest my hard earned. I am certain that there are locations throughout the UK where rooftop solar is a viable option and should be encouraged (London and the Home Counties being the obvious) so that we don''t end up destroying the natural wildernesses of Scotland with wind turbines just to power one corner of the country. And as this last week has shown even in winter we can not rely on wind turbines. For several days we have been maxing out the coal fired power stations to meet the demand as there has been next to no wind generation. It is quite common to get periods of very cold, calm weather during which time wind will generate zero % of the demand. There is no denying that fact of our weather.

28 days later: What we know so far about the climate impact of Trump

There is an enormous difference between the term "climate denier", which presumably means "climate change denier", and what is probably meant "a questioner of the degree to which man-made CO2 is responsible for a change in terrestrial climate". That degree is probably less than that stated by enthusiasts. To suppose that the 0.04% of CO2 in the atmosphere has a vastly disproportionate effect than the average water vapour content of about 2.5%, some 60 times greater, is not demonstrable, nor does mathematical modelling yield results in agreement with the reality of temperature records. But a lot of money is being made by promoting fear, and enabling the renewables industry to thrive, only marginally useful as it is. Richard Phillips Newbury

Polluting industries stand to gain from EU ETS reform, report claims

Alex, This is a wilful misrepresentation of my position. The purpose behind the amendment was clear: to exclude offshore installations from the cost associated with the electricity generation needed to power the rig, since this generation is part of a closed system and not for onward distribution. The purpose of the ETS system is to reduce carbon emissions. You appear to be conflating a dislike of oil and gas with an exclusion related to micro electricity generation. It''s tough enough steering reform through the parliament without this ''patchy'' approach to the work done by MEPs. Dr Ian Duncan MEP

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Looking at the posts & answers you''ve received &/or given, I must agree with those saying there''s need to look at solar PV in the o/a sustainability inc energy use & insulation context - of course in the uk, we know that the 4 darkest months of least daylight hours co-incide with major energy demand for warmth & light - but too we have e.g. Emeritus Prof Barnham''s publication which points to the practicability of running a modern society on Renewable Energy i.e. Wind, Solar & bio Gas - the last being non fossil & how to get energy for use in the Solar winter trough (albeit Wind''s still around then!) The Burning Answer: a User''s Guide to the Solar Revolution by Keith ... Arts Books Science and nature 22 May 2014 - The Burning Answer: a User''s Guide to the Solar Revolution by Keith ... Fortunately, Keith Barnham does have something new to say: he cuts ...

Those who really want to solve coffee cup recycling, please stand up - The Simply Cups blog

Lovely initiative! Disposable packaging is one of the steps we need to take in terms of preserving the environment...

An old technology fit for the future? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Thanks to Philip and Steven for their links to various modern Stirling Engine heating systems. Perhaps this technology will come back to the fore in time but it is still good to see someone is tinkering with it anyway.

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

@Roger - the site I used to do the basic calculations stated 4kw as the limit for the FIT so that''s where I got that number from, needs updating obviously. I agree that in the event of a major roof rebuild then it might be worth looking into again. @Paul - I agree it would be extremely valuable to have a database of actual, real world figures for towns and cities around the country so people can actually see how much power can be generated for their local area but doubt it will ever happen. @Derrick - I''m sure in the sunnier areas of the country, such as East Anglia and SE England domestic solar installations can (and do) pay for themselves quite quickly. Given the number of houses down there perhaps the Government should be encouraging installations instead of subsidising the vast number of wind turbines we have up in Scotland. Part of the problem with any calculations I have done is where the house is located. We are in the wettest part of the country so trying to determine exactly how many sunshine hours we get a years is nigh on impossible. As Solar PV loses a dramatic % of capacity as soon as it is cloudy we''d get virtually nothing on the regularly wet days and even less when it is snowing (although the cold would help on the rare sunny winter days). Mind you in midwinter we get about 6hrs of sunlight so any generation would be hampered by the lack of hours and the low angle of the sun. @Philip - I''ll look back through my posts and get back to you, sorry about that. I think the figures are based on average energy usage and would hope that this assumes you use any appliances during the day as most of us do. Our house does have Economy10 electricity so we try to use the washing machine during the cheaper hours. I agree that with modern A+ or A++ appliances and careful use of them it should be possible to save more but when the sun isn''t shining it makes very little difference.

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Kieron, I''ve not yet received any answer to what I wrote earlier ref another piece by you, but: as to your figures here, you''ve missed out any reference to your savings by matching your energy use on things like washing machine & dishwashing useage in daylight/sunlight hours

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Kieron, I''ve not yet received any answer to what I wrote earlier ref another piece by you, but: as to your figures here, you''ve missed out any reference to your savings by matching your energy use on things like washing machine & dishwashing useage in daylight/sunlight hours

Ecotricity named one of Britain's most disruptive businesses

Are we?

UK homebuilders failing to deal with waste, report finds

It is over year since the abandonment of the code for sustainable homes and waste has gone up, should we be surprised, I don''t think so. Standards should never be totally abandoned they were there for a reason not just a whim, the industry has been let off and let loose and this is perhaps just one of the unintended consequences.

An old technology fit for the future? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

You may find the WhisperGen CHP unit interesting:

UK homebuilders failing to deal with waste, report finds

If you get rid of the regulations for Site Waste Management Plans what do you expect?

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

I am and I''m sure you''re not surprised to find that Solar PV provides no net benefit in-fact if you discount the expensive FIT from the calculation you and the Government should concluded that Solar PV only works successfully in more sunny climates and the public funds could and should have been used to reduce the countries power demand, which is certainly more beneficial to the sustainability agenda and more importantly the public purse, that''s you, me and everyone that pays a utility bill

Britain's largest grid-scale battery 'could transform the energy grid'

Businesses urged to 'wake up' over ?11bn water risks

For water to be used for drinking , we need cleaner air

UK's first green energy ISA attracts ?1m funding pool

Can the farm not use bare land which could have other uses and place the farm above car-parks , roads , on roofs of commercial building etc , That is what ant incentives should now b be used for. The future car-parks especially will have to supply electrical charging points soon anyway!

Elon Musk's SolarCity to begin selling roof made of solar panels

About Time , some individuals have done this already just using conventional panals and using a gutter system to direct water under the joins . The building industry is so slow in adapting standard panels which are cheap into roofs , Reinventing into solar tiles and similar, is so expensive and wasteful

VIDEO: 60-second sustainability skill - The Storyteller

Don''t forget Metaphor. If you want to bring your stories to life you really want to start employing superlatives and metaphors. Business language is notoriously dry. Make it interesting. Frame it with excitement. And in doing so get solid engagement and uptake. Storytelling is a skill. And if that''s too "arty" for you... Metaphors help us in the construction of mental models and meaning making. So give them a go and watch your stories come to life!

Germany wants to scrap EU recycling targets

Surely this highlights the desperate need to pay for the pollution and ecosystem damage of the planet up front by taxing all natural resources at source, based on their actual and potential damage their use causes, This tax should replace all other existing taxes.

Two-thirds of Britain's recyclable plastic packaging is not being recycled, finds Co-op

My refuse collector in Tendring only accepts hard plastics for recycle , the thin film plastics used in bags and over-wraps are to be put into landfill, This we are told is they want the lightweight to go to landfill while the heavy waste like food etc is recycled, Is this due to the governments incentive schemes to keep heavy waste from landfill due to fines and incentives?

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

It''s about time someone did the numbers and published them widely. I agree that one of the best forms of energy efficiency is to manage the way we consume. The lazy way to claim that you are being energy responsible is by just putting PV on the roof. Have you done the numbers for solar thermal by any chance?

The Bournemouth Identity: Building a green business hub on the south coast

Hmmm, I don''t want to denigrate their ambition, but I suspect that they have some way to go. A 95kWp solar array doesn''t quite make it in 2016 and the carbon reduction target is in line with other cities. I''m old enough, too, to remember that Bournemouth had a fine electric transit system (trolleybuses, powered by their own power station in Mallard Road, I believe) which was scrapped relatively late by UK standards. On the plus side, they do have some cycle paths, although from the level of traffic congestion have a long way to go in this area. Philip is right, too, to draw attention to Bournemouth being just pone part of a wider conurbation including Poole & Christchurch.

Is it all worth it? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Keiron, The FIT break point is now 10 Kw and ironically if you can get above 10 Kw you will earn more FIT. You will have to get permission to go above 4 KW from the DNO and they will probably charge you a few hundred pound for their investigation. However that is only payable after you have installed the panels so you can get a forecast for free, something to add to your assessment. The costs of the install scaffolding, wiring etc are the same for 1 panel as for 20 and the labour costs between 16 and 20 panels will be small. Costs of panels is gently coming down as is the FIT. The biggest value to you will be the cost of energy saved through self consumption which is gently going up. Get an energy diverter to give you hot water from the surplus (when it happens) they are very effective. Dont even think of a battery for the time being. The sums dont add up but they are heading in the right direction. It will only make sense with a cheap off peak tariff and not the availabilty of a solar array. Having said that, invest as much as possible in insulation first and then efficient appliances LEDs etc. Be careful, Leds are such fun that you may be installing many more than you are replacing and not save much energy at all. Install as much "smart" control to the heating system as possible especially if the house is empty for periods of several hours. Revisit the solar calculation every year, if you have to do major roofing work, get the solar in. There is surely somebody in the area who has solar so ask them how it is working out for them.

Nick Hurd gives backing to UK cities 2050 clean energy shift

What on this earth makes these people who are planning to have Hydrogen in the city gas grid, consider that Leeds will be the Hydrogen Hub. Wishful thinking I am sure. At present, Hydrogen is going in the wrong direction, the future is Off-grid houses with consumer owned or leased, generation and hydrogen production units or a Rotary Engine-generator which produces its own Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel from basically water. The same Rotary Engine-generator in an Electric Vehicle will allow Auto Manufacturers to sell vehicles anywhere, no need for Hydrogen filling stations which will be obsolete. The same might be the result of most electric charge points. If moving to Hydrogen is moving to the Clean Energy future and I am sure that it is then we might as well look at moving away from systems which were necessary for Fossil Fuels and look at the best systems for the New Energy delivery. A hydrogen and electricity generation system can be bolted to the wall of a High rise flat. In fact Hydrogen systems are used as back up for the grid in Japan and most sit on balconies of flats.

ClientEarth wins air pollution case against UK Government in High Court

given this can we have a look at the incinerator being built in Essex and the air quality around this, 800,000 tonnes of waste,(600,000 tonne incinerator with reduced bio mass and Aerobic digestion) massive CO2 outputs plus Cadmium, benzine, butadiene and NO2 over the Essex countryside and little of no energy from waste that is not consumed on site. Planning granted with no EA permit and not designed for these changes to the original planning. all the local parishes want it stopped;-

Caroline Lucas calls for new Environmental Act to strengthen green policy post-Brexit

A new Environmental Protection Act must enforce a zero emissions policy at all UK nuclear sites to stop the routine air pollution currently causing unacceptable public health detriment. It must supersede the UK National Nuclear Policy which claims justification. This is still a policy followed by ONR - Office for Nuclear Regulation - in spite of its contravening the 2012 Health and Social Care Act which specifically requires public protection from exposure to nuclear radiation.

Those who really want to solve coffee cup recycling, please stand up - The Simply Cups blog

Hi Peter, perhaps you should publish the names of those with whom you do work and it will be pretty obvious who has said no!

The Bournemouth Identity: Building a green business hub on the south coast

What is it with Bournemouth i.e. whilst it''s great to have the intention to create a green hub on the south coast, there''s no mention that Bournemouth itself is part of the SE Dorset conrbation (in which you can''t see the join with Poole) i.e. & as such part of the recent pan Dorset Reshaping your Councils Public Consultation on several Options for merging Authorities due - in part - to the mounting impact of central government austerity, which local government has bourn a considerable part of

Those who really want to solve coffee cup recycling, please stand up - The Simply Cups blog

"Stand up for coffee cup recycling" and post-back schemes??? This is absolutely nonsensical! What people need to do is to sit down for a moment and enjoy their coffee in a proper china cup.

Diesel vehicles burnt almost half of Europe's palm oil in 2015

Jori Sihvonen and this article argue on a false premise and fallacy that "all palm oil is produced on virgin forest and peat-land". It is deliberate misinformation to serve certain selfish agenda like domestic protectionism and erecting trade barrier against palm oil: * Palm oil can be produced sustainably and since 2014, over 20% of all palm oil that''s conflict-free Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) was produced, but unfortunately only half was bought. * One of CSPO producer state is Selangor in Peninsular Malaysia -- South East Asia''s ground zero for oil palm pioneer and subsequent expansion. Rubber plantations were converted into oil palm when rubber price crashed in the 60s. Further, many companies and small farmers plant oil palm on idle and denuded land, or inherited from their ancestors. There''s no endangered orangutan, tiger or elephant there, whatsoever -- not even annual forest fire or child labor. * While in Indonesia, the World Resources Institute (WRI) has identified 14 million hectares of "degraded land", and will be suitable for palm oil expansions over the next 20 years, without even touching high-conservation-value, peat-land or primary forest areas. * Most importantly, nobody''s is forcing no one to use edible palm oil as fuel, when biodiesel can be produced from used cooking palm oil or palm oil mill effluent (POME). It''s brilliant use of waste that removes the debate on food vs fuel, hence highlights the versatility of palm oil -- the world''s most productive crop that helps solve world''s food and energy security challenge.

Michael Liebreich: Policy alignment needed to make Britain a low-carbon leader

Wonder what Mr Liebreich and the Generating system would think if there was a Smart Hydrogen Generator system to take houses Off-grid and which was able to produce its own fuel. Dual low voltage 12 volts and 48 volts and the house will integrate with an Electric vehicle using the same Hydrogen Engine-generator and same voltages again with own fuel production on board the EV. Southampton University have just assessed the description and drawings in the three UK Patent Applications and find that the Novel design, methods and processes are "Plausible". Will need development to ascertain that it will be more efficient than alternatives. The main advantage that HyPulJet.2.0 will have over a Fuel Cell is that as a combustion engine it can run on impure hydrogen where as a Fuel Cell needs near pure hydrogen. Hydrogen produced on board from a small low-cost production system will more than likely have impurities. The reality being that Mr Liebreich or who ever can only make speeches based on the information which they have to hand. There may be problems ahead because Innovation is stifled and takes time to get through to the market.

Adidas launches mass-produced ocean plastic trainers

Lovely way to make use of waste and turn it into something useful and profitable. I wish more of the influential corporations could do something positive like this campaign.

Work set to begin on pioneering green-gas-from-waste plant in Swindon

Given the majority of homes in Britain use gas for Central Heating, Hot Water and Cooking this is an excellent way to provide a sustainable source of gas while reducing the amount of landfill. So big Thumbs Up to the companies involved. But watch Greenpeace et al. complain and protest as it is still gas

Lack of funding blamed for poor university sustainability results

This is an issue we have been addressing for many student accommodation bodies. With the need to keep room rents low, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries CO2 Heat pump the Q-ton, reduces running costs of hot water production up to a proven 58% in some cases. With hot water production being a huge drain on resources The Q-ton can not only lower substantially the running costs but also has a GWP of 1 and ODP of 0.

Total to roll out solar arrays across 5,000 services stations

This is the greatest news of three world. Total you are world leader. I hope other companies follow siute.

Two-thirds of Britain's recyclable plastic packaging is not being recycled, finds Co-op

What bothers me are the health risks associated with raw meat packaging from a food poisoning perspective. E.coli and Campylobacter are rife we are constantly being told by the media, and to have to wash packaging before you recycle it (I Live in the Teignbridge District council area of S. Devon) is a requirement- of the council. Its recommended that you use the washing up water after you have washed dishes...more environmental considerations, which means for most of us having your meat dishes in the food preparation area whilst you prepare other ingredients of the meal. Got to be honest I don''t risk it and they go straight into the land fill wheelie bin.

Consumer demand for green products 'reaching a tipping point'

It is interesting that in some countries the ''Green Dot'' can be acquired with a licence fee around 1000 and no requirement to enact any sustainability and climate credentials. If consumers do not know what these labels actually mean then they hold no real value.

Energy efficiency: Vital for the Paris Agreement and Britain's economy

As an engineer & inventor at the bottom of the social pile I can assure this author that the incompetence at the top is the biggest barrier to solving these problems. It is impossible to get an idea tested for feasibility in the UK. The whole scene of disillusioned voters extends also to this area, no one is listening to this author and after many years of patents, innovative suggestions & ideas I can say from first hand experience that no one is listening. Just politicians mouthing the old cliches, manipulating statistics with little idea of what it is all about.

UK government not funding natural flood prevention methods

Even if no funds are currently specifically allocated for natural flood prevention, I am aware of several schemes already in place in Scotland that use a natural or semi-natural approach for flood water management. Had upland flood management above East Kilbride not been implemented, hard barriers further downstream in areas of Glasgow like Cathcart would have been inadequate - or would need to be unacceptably high and unacceptably expensive My concern is more the government''s encouragement of lots of new-build housing on greenfield sites, that will inevitably lead to greater pressure on our rivers and drainage systems, thereby further increasing flood risks

UK government not funding natural flood prevention methods

Landowners are already heavily subsidised. If a portion of these subsidies were made contingent on carrying out natural flood prevention works surely additional funding would not be necessary.

UK government not funding natural flood prevention methods

Total to roll out solar arrays across 5,000 services stations

I like this :-) I''ve long been a supporter of "roof top" solar over fields of panels so Total earn themselves some brownie points in my opinion for utilising the space above their service stations to good effect. Maybe other fuel station operators will take note and join in. Every m2 we can use above our heads is a m2 we don''t need to put in a field meaning more land is preserved for growing plants which absorb CO2 and making our planet greener.

200 companies now committed to science-based targets

This approach takes the focus off fossils and spreads it across the entire energy mix.

Veolia ramps up circular economy drive with Leeds EfW plant opening

Impressive practical example of EfW. Would be interested to know if there are any plans for incineration with energy recovery facilities.

Veolia ramps up circular economy drive with Leeds EfW plant opening

This carefully worded article never mentions if this plant uses incineration to extract the energy... hardly part of a circular economy and a large emitter of dioxins if it is.

Developing for resilience: Four key practices

Einstein disse: "N s n o podemos resolver nossos problemas com o mesmo n vel de pensamento que os criou." Sera que n o..! qual a verdadeira certeza..! o problema.! ora..! pronto j estar resolvido..! mas como, pense, gafanhoto, e eleve-se ao n vel de solu o.. pois tenho certeza que voc consegue..

Business giants call on US to support the Paris Agreement

A quest o clim ticas, j superam de longe, todos os governos, e estes s tem uma sa da, somar esfor os com suas industrias e zelar pelas florestas que estes ainda tem de p . do contrario insano, e pensar que como politico a floresta tenha um mandado de quatros anos..

Businesses urged to 'wake up' over ?11bn water risks

O Paul Simpson,esta cert ssimo em fazer tal alerta, pois bem sabemos que as grandes est o totalmente despreparadas, para os desafios que ja est o batendo a porta de suas produ es, sem planejamento verde.

Stella McCartney: Fashion is literally getting away with murder

Ele precisa ser respons vel, e esta responsabilidade passa, pela certifica o e rastreabilidade de sua produ o, e o apoio das grandes cadeias de vitrines se faz necess ria e de suma import ncia..

Carlsberg obtains circular economy certification for Kronenbourg glass bottles

It''s not clear from this article exactly what is special about Carlsberg''s 25cl bottle, in order to get an award. Is it simply using recycled glass?

Carlsberg obtains circular economy certification for Kronenbourg glass bottles

It''s not clear from this article exactly what is special about Carlsberg''s 25cl bottle, in order to get an award. Is it simply using recycled glass?

UK's green bus transition could deliver ?248m by 2020

Good! But get moving even quicker before Trump puts a spanner in the works!

Scotland's EV charging point usage doubles in one year

Whilst this is a good thing generally as there is no doubt that the use of EV or PHEV will aid the quest to reduce air pollution in our towns and cities we must not lose sight of the fact that over 50% of the nations electricity demand is provided by burning something (be that coal, oil, gas, nuclear or biomass) so electric vehicles MUST not be called green or zero emission at this time (sure maybe one day we can generate enough from solar or wind with storage but not at present). The other thing to take note of is the type of charging points being utilised. Why are local authorities wasting time installing standard chargers that take hours to charge when rapid chargers appear to be more popular? After all a 15min charge to get back up to 80% (should be enough to get home and plug in overnight on a standard charger) makes much more sense to me. A standard charge is like filling up a petrol tank one egg cup at a time. Unless EV (and PHEV) can "refuel" in the same convenient timescale as liquid fuels they will never really take off.

Britain throws away 20 Olympic swimming pools of paint a year - let's recycle it - Planet Possible

Local companies (Sussex) should also look at Award winning New Life Paints

Britain throws away 20 Olympic swimming pools of paint a year - let's recycle it - Planet Possible

Here is an example of a successful paint re-use project operating in Leeds that has re-used over 180 litres of waste paint this year:

New business models required to move away from resource inefficiency, says Carbon Trust chief

The responsible NGOs that should ensure that Regulations drive efficiency and not pick on Companies'' lack of commitment to low-carbon deployment. The absolute single action that would make a true impact is to recognize the need for water treatment in hard water areas. In addition to the obvious water and energy savings, what about the sustainability benefits of making water-fed equipment and appliances last much longer!

Sainsbury's announces second stage of food waste campaign

Does Donald Trump's Presidential triumph spell the end of America's climate progress?

Regardless of domestic policy The USA economy needs to export to generate external earnings and those products will need to be compliant in their manufacture. Further to borrowing and shareholder requirements will require that environmental compliance , or lack of it, will not pose a threat to the business. The combating of climate changes no longer a "nice idea" but is part of corporate governance and as such to abandon the progress made to date would only serve to isolate the USA form the markets it has to sell into .I believe that this area will be re-addressed by the administration and policy continued

Does Donald Trump's Presidential triumph spell the end of America's climate progress?

Does Donald Trump's Presidential triumph spell the end of America's climate progress?

Trump is a businessman so he won''t be inclined to "Invest" any money solving non-problems such as "Catastrophic Global Warming". My guess is that he will build things that provide jobs and jncrease infrastructure such as gas pipelines, fracking, refineries and power stations

Government can draw public towards electric cars, says Hyundai chief

With electric cars suffering up to 75% depreciation over 3 years it is going to need more than a few Government subsidies (for which one should read ''taxpayers money'') to kick start EV sales. There are plenty of petrol engines which will achieve better than 95g/km if they are given a suitable vehicle to reside in. Todays cars are stuffed with dubious benefit features which have increased the weight of a typical small family car by 30% over the last 40 years. Get rid of that weight and there is still mileage in fossil fuel. And lets not even consider hybrids which are the worst of all worlds in my opinion - at least in family cars.

Britain throws away 20 Olympic swimming pools of paint a year - let's recycle it - Planet Possible

Canada has an interesting Product Stewardship approach to paint and tires. Most Canadian states provide an excellent case study in effective salvage hunting of paint. The most successful, lasting initiatives have always been those which create real economic value out of waste.

Nissan installs vehicle-to-grid technology at Cranfield research centre

I cannot see the point in Car to Grid since it is much simpler and more cost effective to be Off-grid consumer owned generating system and onsite Hydrogen production is the main way forward. Better still On Board The EV production is by far the best. On board the vehicle fuel does lend itself to connecting to the house and increasing the power available. The Grid and generating companies have acted like robber barons since privatisation. The major issue which is missed is that electricity, energy in general and water are essential to life and in a modern state should be a service available to all. I believe that we are passed that situation now and with the advent of cyber attacks it is best policy to move houses and buildings Off-grid. Dual Low-voltage 12 volts and 48 volts. If the same support and funding were provided for the real innovators then such systems would be already out there. HyPulJet.2.0 is my concept for a Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator for EVs and Off-Grid houses. The Design, Methods and Processes explained in the Patent documentation as been assessed by Southampton University as "Plausible". The intention is to have this revolutionary engine power its one Fuel Production system, low-fuel use allows this to be considered whilst the redesigned engine format provides a separate drive to a dedicated generator specifically to meet the electrical requirements of a Hydrogen and Oxygen production system, HyPulJet Team is looking for support and planning to Crowd Fund the development. Unfortunately Souyhampton Uni is fully committed and therefore we are looking for collaboration on this project. Al Scott

Nissan installs vehicle-to-grid technology at Cranfield research centre

I have a leaf and solar panels and can easily see how the V2G could benefit me by getting more self use out of the solar and, as part of a large fleet, could benefit the grid. However the bigger picture which would apparently somehow pay me for the use of my battery is not clear and an article about that would be much appreciated. It appears to me that when arriving at work, the Nissan employees would want to charge their cars ready for the trip home. If there was surplus in the battery, it would be useful to run the home on cheap electricity. However you wouldn''t want to turn up to the office and let your employers drain the battery that you charged at expensive domestic rates to offset their cheap commercial rates. It would be great to know what the scheme is.

Nissan revs up for 'decade of disruption' with UK's first vehicle-to-grid energy storage system

I have a leaf and solar panels and can easily see how the V2G could benefit me by getting more self use out of the solar and, as part of a large fleet, could benefit the grid. However the bigger picture which would apparently somehow pay me for the use of my battery is not clear and an article about that would be much appreciated. It appears to me that when arriving at work, the Nissan employees would want to charge their cars ready for the trip home. If there was surplus in the battery, it would be useful to run the home on cheap electricity. However you wouldn''t want to turn up to the office and let your employers drain the battery that you charged at expensive domestic rates to offset their cheap commercial rates.

Energy from the dead and chameleon solar panels: The best green innovations of the week

Collectively these " innovations that could drive the global low-carbon, resource efficient transition..." go nowhere near the most underused method of driving global resource efficiency, that of water treatment in hard water areas. When is someone going to realize the enormous potential sustainability benefits of physical treatment of water to prevent mineral fouling?

UK must prepare for 'inevitable changes' of climate risks, warns advisers

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UK solar deployment figures upgraded as US smashes renewables records

Annual hydro generation in 2015 was at the lowest level since 2007, largely because of drought conditions in the Pacific Coast states. The three continental Pacific Coast states (California, Oregon, and Washington) contain 50% of total U.S. conventional hydro capacity. The drought was so severe that in 2015, California enacted its first-ever mandatory water restrictions

TerraCycle: Recycling won't solve the waste dilemma, but consumers can

This piece is absolutely right but the problem is how do we do what is suggested? The world economy is confidence driven and addicted to continuous growth. Even tiny reductions in GDP are flagged up as disastrous recession/depression which results in market collapses and political turmoil. Everywhere we go we are surrounded by pro consumerism propaganda. Unhappy? Buy more tat and that will "put a smile on your face"! We are a society where people list shopping as one of their main pleasurable pastimes. How stupid is that? Slogging around the shops dishing out your hard eared cash or even borrowed cash. As an example to show what I mean playing football is a great pastime. Buying football boots isn''t. It should be what you need to do to facilitate your hobby not a hobby in itself. As long as a few enlightened people buy second hand stuff and focus on doing things rather then just making more money all the time in order to fund a shopping addiction its great for the enlightened minority who have better, less stressful lives and can look on with contempt at the enslaved majority but if we all woke up and said we weren''t going to play the game anymore the pension funds would go broke (even more!), the NHS would (finally) collapse and everyone would suffer. We really are like a bunch of heroin addicts - if we keep on shooting up we will kill ourselves, if we go cold turkey it will probably kill us too. What is the practical answer?

Green Building Council office refurb sets record for low-carbon impact

Serious congratulations to all at UKGBC for truly practicing what they preach.

Shipping sector agrees new deal to cap sulphur levels

Do sulpher particles in the atmosphere increase the albido of the planet, therefore reflecting some energy back into space before it reaches ground level and, almost by accident, reducing the speed at which global warming occurs? JF

Spinning solar panels and water-harvesting sails: The best green innovations of the week

Matt waterseer and solar road ways are scams, they will never work!! Cant believe you posting this rubbish, laws of physics/thermodynamics can''t evade it

Green groups call for clarity and certainty on Defra's 25-year plan

There is a very misleading statement in this article " the Great Repeal Act which comes into force next March." No, it doesn;t it hasn''t even been mentioned in the Queens Address at the State Opening of Parliament in May, in fact all there is, is the following "My Government will hold a referendum on membership of the European Union. Proposals will be brought forward for a British Bill of Rights. My Ministers will uphold the sovereignty of Parliament and the primacy of the House of Commons." Which considering the leavers squeal of "why does Parliament have to debate this, its the will of the people" puts the whole campaign into perspective. The article wasn''t written by a "leaver" was it?

Government unveils charging plans to put EVs in driving seat

(I drive a Renault Zoe) Improved battery performance means that we need to re-think the charging network strategy. What we will need is high volume high speed charging points at strategic locations such as motorway service areas not low speed charging units at multiple city locations. The wrong strategy will result in wasted resources and discredit to clean transport action. Universal connection systems are also needed.

Solar industry 'left in limbo' over delays to RHI decision

mm Vested interests versus the incompetent (who hold the purse strings). I''ve been toying with biomass for a new domestic install but it is just too expensive compared to oil. The sad thing is unless renewables can stand on their own without subsidy - and bear in mind that the government does not have its own money - it is one set of taxpayers subsidising another set of taxpayers. Gas and oil will dominate until they run out or become unattractively expensive.

Government unveils charging plans to put EVs in driving seat

Still no comment from Govt on the future fuel duty position on hydrogen and electricity- big hole in Govt finances will need to be filled. Another case of buyer beware?

Brexit: a bad choice is no excuse for not moving towards zero waste - Zero Waste Europe Blog

I would like to agree with your optimism in regards the will to create a more resilient future for generations ahead. Unfortunately the recent example, albeit from a different subject of setting a precedent to allow fracking to begin happening in Lancashire then I would suggest that the current way forward is rather unclear.

Olam gains water certification for plantation as Fairtrade warns of climate-driven coffee decline

Very interesting infographic above. Worth adding that high street coffee cup takeaways add millions of non recyclable waste. Climate conscious buyers should buy portable coffee sachets like Slimroast to address this big issue for 2 billion drinkers.

Petrol cars allowed to exceed pollution limits by 50% under draft EU laws

Violate the principle of technology neutrality - what on earth is that double speak for. $25 for a device that significantly reduces emissions seems a much better value option than many of the features deemed "absolutely necessary" to have on a modern car.

What next for the UK as coal hits all time low but renewables falter?

What next? Well CCS and CO2 re-use in fuel manufacture to allow clean coal and use of the 600 year supply of this material that we are sitting on.

Investigation begins for pioneering salt cavern CCS projects

As well as CCS we also need CO2 re-use, say in fuel manufacture and this has been proved feasible.

Final call: MPs urge UK to 'get a move on' with energy storage and demand response

I couldn''t agree more! Phil, using PV solar panels and driving a BEV (full electric drive vehicle), and increasingly frustrated at the high cost of energy storage solutions currently available.

Trump's 'sick' windfarm advert reported to watchdog

As a quarter Scot I would say carefully placed wind turbines and other green power generation facilities, such as the superb Cruachan pumped storage station, actually attract tourists because they are safe, unlike the ridiculous and obsolete nuclear fission alternatives. So, Mr Trump, think again and please don''t destroy natural Scottish beauty with hideous man made golf greens, where only those obsessed with small balls have any interest.

Demand-response 'makes complete sense' for heavy industry

This is long, long overdue. Why so, in such a technically competent nation?? Divert the huge sums that the farcical new nuclear proposal at Hinkley Point will consume (a bottomless pit) and get this technology in place. God save us from politicians who are trained in the Classics rather than Life''s Essentials!

'Project blackout fear': Green economy scolds think tank research into Britain's energy mix

There is no point in talking the talk about the energy trilema if you then ignore one or even two of the three parts of it. Carrying on with time expired coal plant might keep costs down but it will doom our climate change efforts to failure. Furthermore, old plant is not very reliable and an increase in breakdowns in a fleet of large centralised coal powered stations is probably the most likely scenario for the lights going out. Things are developing so fast in the worlds of renewables, storage and demand control that the worst thing is probably to get left behind and to kill off our cutting edge industries. Read "The Switch" by Chris Goodall pub2016 in which he makes a convincing arguement to suggest that PV costs will drop so rapidly that PV with other renewables, storage and demand response will soon be cheaper than any of the alternatives including "old King Coal" or crown prince nuclear!

Capacity market provides another twist in the Government's air quality battle

The true story is that the speed of response of Diesel allows the reduction in the deployment of Coal and Oil Power Stations which would otherwise run continuously on Stand-by creating significantly more pollution that that created by Diesel from the average 200 hours running per year. With alternative Fuels and EGT Technology Emissions less than Gas can be delivered from Diesel equipment with Capex less than Gas and without having to run the 200 hours+ required to make Gas sites viable.

Britain loves onshore wind, contrary to popular belief

Interesting results. Much will depend on geography and especially of your respondents (where they live in relation to existing onshore wind installations, where they live in relation to landscape capacity, the local history of wind energy and associated shifting-baselines, etc.). It is clear from the number of local opposition groups that support is not uniform but rather is general (i.e. typical NIMBY effects) but perhaps goes deeper. An appropriately sited onshore wild farm is a good thing. A badly sited one isn''t. Green-on-green impacts are going to become increasingly important. In Scotland, landscape character issues (especially wild land areas) mean that the remaining suitable areas for onshore wind are limited (i.e. Central Belt, Aberdeenshire and Morayshire). Realising the remaining 50% of Scotland''s 100% renewable electricity generation target will become increasingly difficult as regards finding and securing suitable sites. I have a paper in review which provides a detailed spatial analysis of landscape impacts and capacity for new onshore/offshore developments.

edie launches free ISO 50001 guide for energy managers

THE Pdf doc is empty .. nothing is in the document ?? Regards Dr Noman Can you email me "ISO 50001 guide for energy managers" document at my id

Treasury blocked air quality plans in favour of 'absolute minimum' measures

And where does the Hydrogen come from? I don''t see the issue with big static diesel generator sets as these can have effective particulate filters and exhaust gas processing which is just not feasible on small car engines. Take diesels in cars off the road as there are better solutions (but not hydrogen) make lorry emissions laws more restrictive and require all local white vans for deliveries to be battery powered. That should put a big dent in the UK''s pollution levels.

Treasury blocked air quality plans in favour of 'absolute minimum' measures

I am amazed that these government officials are discussing "New Diesel Generators" when there are Hydrogen options in new innovation which could be supported and funded, which would achieve Zero emissions in use. Stop funding small changes in Fossil Fuel engines and move straight to Hydrogen as the clean energy. Green House Gasses represent a threat of loss of life and land in similar magnitude to a small nuclear war and yet the politicians are treating it knowingly like it is asbestos of tobacco again. Wasting Tax payers funds on Court Action to defend themselves from having refused to meet legal requirements

Urban energy 'rethink' needed to ensure low-carbon transition, says IRENA

We also need a low carbon transition in areas around nuclear sites; rule out Hinkley C and any new nuclear build; enforce a zero nuclear radiation emissions policy at all UK nuclear sites including nuclear power, research, defence and nuclear submarine bases.

Bristol's solar revolution continues with innovative stadium PV partnership

Iain Whyte: "Read a report recently which calculated that the return on energy invested in solar panel production was 83% over a 25 year panel life for installations at the UK''s lattitude" - Please could you provide a reference or link to the report you quoted in your comment below? And please read this article, and the studies which it refers to, for an alternative viewpoint:

BEIS aims to rollout emissions reduction plan in February

The answer to Clean Energy of the future especially houses, is to have generation on site, removing houses from the grid. To have a consumer owned system, which includes hydrogen production, both as storage and use for heating and cooking. This stops any effect that cyber attacks on the grid could have, likewise storm damage to overhead cables and supply equipment. More importantly it clearly cuts CO2 emissions by approximately 5-6 Tonnes of CO2 along with NOx and other pollutants. More importantly it lowers costs to the consumer which will act as "Added Value" to provide a financial incentive to change to Clean Energy and make a serious cut in CO2 emissions. At some point in time Politicians, Investors and Fossil Fuel Companies are going to have to accept that burning Fossil Fuels to create energy Has To Stop. Even if those Fossil Fuel Companies go bankrupt, I have no problem, because they have known about the facts for 20 years and continued to seek major profits without concern for the people who will suffer and die as a result of their selfish attitude. They have had 20 years to divest. Lets be quite honest, if someone killed one of their children by any means there is, they would want that person hung out to dry or jailed for life. These people are ensuring that there will be hundreds of thousands of parents around the world whose children will die. They will of course die along with their parents and animals and wild life of all kinds and yet that is fine so long as it is termed "making a profit"

Britain's biomass generation carries big emissions risk, report claims

Sorry Mr Court (REA) but can you explain to me how shipping thousands of tons of wood pellets across the ocean in an oil burning cargo vessel is "low carbon"? It is approximately 3000NM from New York to Liverpool, that is 9 days sailing at 14kts so that single bulk carrier (CapeMax of 205,000 tonnes displacement) uses approximately 621,000kg (or litres) of Heavy Fuel Oil for each trip based on NYC to Liverpool (or 207kg of fuel per mile or 1.3barrels of oil per mile!). Then add in all the diesel used to truck the wood to processing plants and to and from ports and you have anything but a low carbon fuel. Then wood burning produces more particulate matter (soot) than any other fuel which is already being seen to produce more smog in urban areas again just from domestic wood burners. Whilst I agree that using low quality wood and waste, such as sawdust and offcuts, is a good thing for local power and heating I can not agree that mass power generation from wood transport halfway around the world using oil can NEVER be viable or low carbon.

Britain's biomass generation carries big emissions risk, report claims

I have always been dubious about biomass unless it is organic waste from local sources i.e. neither grown for biomass nor imported. Drax cannot possibly be ''green'' energy. Peter Brown Yealm Community Energy

Furniture manufacturers urged to solve circular economy conundrum

TFR should b congratulated on their initiative, as should the local authorities and companies like Viridor who shred mattresses and recover the steel whilst sending the rest to energy from waste plants, this eliminating landfill as the final, completely unacceptable option.

Furniture manufacturers urged to solve circular economy conundrum

How many locations do you work from? We re cycle over 10.000 mattresses yearly.currently using various people.

Government provides ?35m funding boost for ultra-low emission vehicles

Message to John Hayes and Department of Transport, It may well be that there needs to be a discussion on the future of transport which includes new innovation which struggles to get noted. For your information, HyPulJet.2.0 Hydrogen Pulse Jet Rotary Engine-generator is a low-cost alternative to H2 Fuel Cells What is of importance to Government policy and plans is that HyPulJet.2.0 will have its own Hydrogen and Oxygen produce on board the vehicle Assessed by UK University as viable and now discussing options to build a prototype engine-generator and funding. Without Gov. funding being available to individual innovators HyPulJet is about to make a Crowd Funding bid. There is no doubt that the engine-generator will be a low-cost alternative to hydrogen Fuel Cells and on that basis should warrant funding on the basis that 35 million in funding is being provided for Charge points. Again funding for charge points, why not funding to build a Proof of Concept vehicle with "On board Hydrogen and Oxygen production system". This is merely adapting systems which are already in use for a different purpose. So does the Department for Transport spend multi millions on a Hydrogen infrastructure which will be made obsolete by Cars and trucks which produce their own hydrogen on board. HyPulJet.2.0 will bring about lower costs of Zero emissions vehicles and lower the costs of fuel to bottles of water, which will create a serious increase in take up of Zero emissions vehicles. I will also say that HSR2 will be made obsolete by HyPulJet.2.0 before you go much further, even without DfT support or funding HyPulJet.2.0 will power Electric Auto Pilot Drones, being door to door transport and able to work during a low altitude flight, means that the intended executive travel between London and Manchester will not be travelling by train. You may also pose the question on the need for Hinkley Point, HyPulJet.2.0 with own fuel production will be an excellent static generator for Off-Grid Houses, Dual low-voltage electrics and heating cooking by hydroge gas. The greatest need for Government Departments to consider is that, whereas changing a petrol/diesel car to Zero emissions will stop approx 1 Tonne of CO2 taking an average UK house Off-grid will stop approx 5-6 Tonnes of CO2 annually. If the objective is to cut CO2 emissions then it is clear to a lay person that it is best to develop systems which stop 5 times the amount of Electric Cars. Al Scott HyPulJet

Government provides ?35m funding boost for ultra-low emission vehicles

When are these politicians and their advisors going to admit the truth that sending vehicle emissions to a power station is still causing CO2 emissions. The answer is hydrogen from renewables with the ultimate goal of Hydrogen production on board the vehicle. When are we going to see and hear of support in this direction. Clean Energy for the future Hydrogen.

Giant coffee cup bins invade Manchester in an attempt to recycle 20,000 paper cups

It would be better to use paper cups that are made for recycling to make new paper products rather than making the paper products into more plastic (polymer). Just change the coating in the paper cup, and the paper cups become fully repulpable and recyclable in existing UK paper recycling infrastructure. Check out the reCUP.

Brexit, Paris and low-carbon heat: 10 green policy messages for the UK Government

Too much talk at higher levels and not enough support and direction to search out new innovation. The reality is that the direction by funding arms is still towards the use of Fossil Fuels for decades. WHY use taxpayer funding to built new plants to manufacture diesel engines which only reduce emissions a small percentage. WHY support and fund existing Multi national Auto makers who are not set on a change to CLEAN ENERGY. There are three publicly known Hydrogen Rotary engine generators two of which are owned by UK residents. Whilst google M&M H2 Rotary engine you will see it running on video. The question which these people should be asking is quite clearly, "Is it necessary to have the same infrastructure for Hydrogen as for Fossil Fuels?" The Answer is a resounding NO. Hydrogen does no need a Well or Refinery or major delivery networks all at great costs. Quite simply, Hydrogen can be produced on site or on the Electric Vehicle. What is needed really is a Publication such as this to investigate other options instead of those pushed by advisers to the government who have vested interests. could make inquiries of Kenneth R Taylor in Scotland who with the help of the Highlands and Islands University has been in possession of a prototype Eco 1 Hydrogen Rotary Engine since Autumn 2014. If that was JLR or Nissan they would be handed millions by Innovate UK. WHY? Personally I have a concept for a Hydrogen Pulse Jet Rotary Engine-generator which after months was assessed by Sunderland University, an agreement in principle to build a prototype got lost for what ever reasons. Delays led to two improvements and HyPulJet version .2.0 a much improved engine-generator, which I am confident will have its own hydrogen production system. HyPulJet.2.0 has just been assessed by a UK University and we are looking at how to fund and take the development forward. (I am not naming the University because I got a feeling that pressure was brought to bear on Sunderland because there are people who do not want Hydrogen to happen. You have to ask, "Why we have not got hydrogen on demand on board vehicles?" When you look at "Hydrogen information" it becomes clear that funding for hydrogen research has been to projects which maintain the status quo. Funding and support has been directed to projects which will turn out to be way too expensive or not workable in there intended environment. Auto Industry has a throw away comment, "Hydrogen forever 15 years away", which will prove to be correct if you have No Wish To see Hydrogen bring about the End of Oil. Al Scott

Final call: MPs urge UK to 'get a move on' with energy storage and demand response

Renewable Energy storage that''s ready to go - 1. Bio-mass power station burning wood-pellets that''s already operational. To lower the carbon footprint even further, switch to sourcing the wood from dry wild-fire susceptible forests of the American west, while switching away from wood sourced from wetland forests which act as a carbon sink. 2. Wind and solar farms on-site energy storage, probably from power-to-gas, electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen gas, which is stored in tanks, then on demand gas-to-power either from Combined Cycle Gas Turbines or Hydrogen Fuel Cells. - best for making use of generator site surplus power that would otherwise have to be curtailed or constrained because there is no demand or the local grid is at transmission capacity. - options for power-to-gas & gas-to-power offshore can be developed too. 3. New build pumped-storage hydro for the grid - decades old technology that is best suited to maximum efficiency storage and generation from surplus power which is transmitted via the grid. Scottish Scientist Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland

Waste management industry unites to develop 'first ever' National Recycling Guidelines

Is there a link to co-mingled (Single stream) collections I wonder?

Green buildings deliver better thinking and better health, study finds

Green buildings deliver better thinking and better health, study finds

In particular, the research group looked at the impact of ventilation, chemicals and carbon dioxide on cognitive function given that most deep plan buildings in metropolitan areas are designed to be airtight. Interestingly enough, another detrimental element in these buildings, due to their structural layout, is their spatial distribution. By design, large areas of interior space around the building core are isolated from exterior views. These enclosed interiors, whether they are conference rooms, call centers, or open floor office space also generate an adverse effect on cognitive function. While more well-designed studies continue to reaffirm the productivity gains of green buildings, it is also important to note that wellness in the built environment also entails addressing the deleterious impact of older buildings. Particularly because legacy buildings will continue to be occupied for decades. According to Ed Mazria, visionary architect and founder of Architecture 2030, the average life of a commercial building is 80 years. Therefore, noting that retrofit technologies can also address the harmful impact of outmoded building design, whether it relates to HVAC systems or a building s spatial distribution, continue to be an area that could use research funding and attention from academia and industry.

Waste management industry unites to develop 'first ever' National Recycling Guidelines

This is a fantastic first step, but we need a coordinated recycling scheme across the country, so packaging manufactures can print clear instructions on the packaging.

Waste management industry unites to develop 'first ever' National Recycling Guidelines

Hi, I have just had a look at the guidelines and think its great that this number of household waste materials can now be recycled. However, how long will this take to filter out to local councils and how long will that change take? My local council do not accept half of what is in the guide lines into our Blue recycling bins currently, for example they will not accept shredded paper in our blue bins currently. This needs to be a high agenda item by our local councils

The litter levy: Should brands take more responsibility for the UK's waste woes?

I fully support the idea, but then I don''t throw litter. Trouble is if some people think they have paid to have their burger wrapper cleaned up they might be more inclined to chuck it out of their car window. I do despair of British Industry who are so obsessed with profits that they can''t recognise their position in and responsibility to society.

Small businesses 'discontent' with renewable energy supplier options

Sainsbury's boss clashes with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall over food waste management

The main issue lies with the recycling & waste providers to the big supermarkets. The solutions exist to all of these recycling issues but the supermarkets are very poorly advised by their providers. Biffa provide most of Sainsbury''s recycling solutions and they should be advising Sainsbury''s how to recycle 100% of its waste.

Giant coffee cup bins invade Manchester in an attempt to recycle 20,000 paper cups

Why do LA''s not consult with recycling & waste specialists before undertaking these expensive wastes of resource? The coffee cups are recyclable especially in the North of England. The solution is for them to go through the MRF''s and be segregated and then sent for recycling in the same way as pop cans do now that used to go in can crushers. Plastic bottles, paper, metal, cardboard and paper cups can all be separated in a MRF and then sent for recycling. Why complicate a simple process?

Sadiq Khan: I want business on-board to ignite London's green revolution

This is an absolutely brilliant by Mayor Sadiq Khan, however I keep emailing all concerned to make the point that there is a dire need to fund innovation to meet this demand of Zero emissions EVs in London and elsewhere. I have just received an email from a UK University (Name provided privately if required) that there are options to fund the University building a prototype of my Hydrogen and Oxygen Pulse Jet Rotary Engine-generator concept. One suggestion is 45,000 with the remainder from ...... with a timescale of 4 years. The suggestions to raise small amounts in relation to the cost from Innovate UK will take months to get to the money and able to do little by way of engineering an engine. So if someone wants to bring this to Mayor Khans attention, the country and the world needs all the clean energy innovation which can be called into use, HyPulJet.2.0 for EVs and Off-Grid houses with Own Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel production could be up and running in 12 months with the right funding and fully supported. Al Scott

Sadiq Khan: I want business on-board to ignite London's green revolution

This is an absolutely brilliant by Mayor Sadiq Khan, however I keep emailing all concerned to make the point that there is a dire need to fund innovation to meet this demand of Zero emissions EVs in London and elsewhere. I have just received an email from a UK University (Name provided privately if required) that there are options to fund the University building a prototype of my Hydrogen and Oxygen Pulse Jet Rotary Engine-generator concept. One suggestion is 45,000 with the remainder from ...... with a timescale of 4 years. The suggestions to raise small amounts in relation to the cost from Innovate UK will take months to get to the money and able to do little by way of engineering an engine. So if someone wants to bring this to Mayor Khans attention, the country and the world needs all the clean energy innovation which can be called into use, HyPulJet.2.0 for EVs and Off-Grid houses with Own Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel production could be up and running in 12 months with the right funding and fully supported. Al Scott

Scotland's 50% renewables target by 2030 'necessary and achievable'

This SNP Scottish government has DENIED ITSELF sufficient borrowing powers for investment in / support and subsidy of the renewable energy and every other sector in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon''s government TIED ITS OWN HANDS when it signed the Fiscal Framework Agreement with the UK Treasury which prevents the Scottish government borrowing another 10 billion a year from the central bank for investment. So yes let''s press for more investment from the Scottish government but that means pressing for a Scottish government which fights for more borrowing powers to invest, which rips up and repudiates the tartan-Tory fiscal framework stitch up between the SNP and the Tory-run UK Treasury. The new politics Scotland needs can only come from political leaders who will RESIST this rotten fiscal framework imposition and who will FIGHT for a much better deal, or at the very least use the UK''s refusal of a better fiscal framework as yet another reason to press for Scottish independence. But instead the SNP government simply signs a bad fiscal framework deal and pretends that all is well. Instead the SNP government have signed up to a rotten deal and patted themselves on the back for doing so, claiming they did "a good job / deal" when they did no such thing. The SNP government are in denial about the Fiscal Framework Agreement sabotage of the necessary investment in the future for Scotland which we all want to see. The SNP government are failing to govern Scotland competently and we need other political leaders and commentators to start pointing this out, start holding the SNP to account, stop letting the SNP get away with selling Scotland short. In effect, Nicola Sturgeon by signing this bad fiscal framework agreement has said that Scotland is "too wee, too poor and too stupid" for the Scottish government to be entitled to borrow another 10 billion a year but it is simply not true. Scottish Scientist Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland

The litter levy: Should brands take more responsibility for the UK's waste woes?

Good luck with this Jacob. With the support of the Resource Association we asked industry for 0.1 pence on a 2 litre bottle of milk to fund the entire recycling sector but sadly the lack of vision by industry means that government legislation may be the only answer. Chris Dow

Autumn leaves bring higher pollution levels

Could the increase of methanol and acetaldehyde in autumnal air cause seasonal asthma and the cause to an increase in chest infections this time of year? Are there any research papers on this?

Green infrastructure investment 'key to reigniting global growth'

Green Infrastructure has a specific meaning see and is not the same thing as sustainable infrastructure or low-carbon infrastructure. The article does not appear to refer specifically to green infrastructure alone in the strict sense of the term

'Way behind the curve': EU climate policy 'obstructed' by trade body BusinessEurope

My experience of working with Business Europe (and its predecessor body UNICE) over the past 25 years or more that the most reactionary, anti-ecological views are most usually to be found amongst its full time staff, rather than its members

Fracking in UK given go-ahead as Lancashire council rejection overturned

Whilst I have to agree that this decision is a travesty of democracy I hope that this decision will now allow the industry to actually find out how much potential there is for shale gas in the UK as up to now it has all been speculative. Until exploration and appraisal wells are drilled and stimulated we can not say how viable this will be (or not as the case may be). There has been a huge amount of propaganda, mythinformation and general hype by the environmentalists that has clouded the issue to the extent that people actually think we will be injecting nuclear waste into the ground or other toxic waste. Hydraulic Fracturing has been used for decades in the oil and gas industry, safely and efficiently, to maximise the recover from conventional oil and gas fields. This includes in Wytch Farm which is located in a Nature Reserve, SSSI and UNESCO World Heritage Park without a single incident. Lets hold the arguments until we actually know what we have under our feet and if it can be safely, cleanly and efficiently extracted. After all we DO need the gas to heat our homes and as a chemical feedstock for our petrochemical industry, even the environmentalists.

UK digital drainage map launches

Sometimes, though, digital maps can be confusing even to planners and engineers who are old school. Me, for instance, I still rely on printable maps like . While technology happens, we still need them don''t you think?

Paris Motor Show: Manufacturers gear-up for an EV arms race

Aittle unfair to still call Volkswagen the "dirty man" when recent publications show that most of the French manufacturers are much worse than VW in real life tests.

The story of Roermond: How Smurfit Kappa is making the circular economy a reality

George, interesting story, thank you for bringing a snapshot of the interior of a paper plant to us. I have a few questions regarding the content of the article: Many multinational corporations are members of the WBCSD but beyond paying an annual membership to receive some emails and invites to events they are inactive. WBCSD membership sounds and looks great on paper (or in a story) but without further examination of Smurfit''s active involvement, it is meaningless - what do they contribute to the betterment of the planet via the WBCSD? For many companies, membership is a paper (haha! no pun intended) exercise for PR, done to look good in their CSReports. did you find out what Smurfit are doing within the WBCSD to further sustainability measures in industry? You mention that Smurfit Kappa purchase 20% of their raw material (virgin wood) from FSC/ SFI / PEFC certified sources. SFI is an industry-owned non profit which was set up to dilute the excellent work that FSC have done to promote true forest sustainability. A comparison of FSC and SFI shows that the SFI standards are so abysmal, the USGBC will not allow SFI products to get points for the LEED standards. [From the USGBC website: "LEED v4's renewed focus on material ingredient reporting and the use of sustainably harvested wood has also made USGBC and LEED the subject of new attacks from the chemical industry as well as the timber industry, which had previously come to a head in 2010 when USGBC members voted against including Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards in the LEED rating system (USGBC did not deem SFI rigorous enough for sustainable wood)."]Touting SFI product as ''sustainable'' does not bear up under scrutiny. did you ask them about their choices and what % of wood comes from SFI - the least truly sustainable of forestry certification schemes? Contrary to the 20% virgin wood in the text of the article, the second photo''s caption reads: "The mill makes brown packing paper exclusively from recycled and alternative fibres." I guess your editor didn''t catch this contradiction. 20% virgin pulp does not count as ''recycled'' or ''alternative''. I bring these points up because while we might be eager to hear good news, every business and their story of sustainability bears scrutinizing. Green-washing is enabled only by those of us who write (unwittingly or otherwise) about it and we already live in a world of lies and fabrications which is becoming more and more difficult to pick through. No doubt SK have made some dramatic improvements and are stacks ahead of some of their competition, but they are still also contributing a large carbon footprint to this planet and should be examined as a result. Courage! I say, and thank you for a most educational article. PS would love to communicate with you offline about this - please feel free to take down my comment.

September an 'astonishing' month for Scottish renewable energy

What contribution did power generation from farm anaerobic digestor make to the months output?

September an 'astonishing' month for Scottish renewable energy

What contribution did power generation from farm anaerobic digestor make to the months output?

September an 'astonishing' month for Scottish renewable energy

What contribution did power generation from farm anaerobic digestor make to the months output?

Solar outstrips coal in past six months of UK electricity generation

Typically misleading article. What this should have said is that we have inefficiently generated electricity in the UK from highly polluting coal burning power stations in China (used to power the semi-conductor plants making PV arrays). As these panels are unlikely to ever generate enough power to cover that used in their manufacture - given the UK''s latitude - all we have done is exported our pollution to China. Nice trick.

The devil's in the detail as Tories and Labour outline low-carbon strategies

The question has to be "What detail?" I have to say that the subject of Global Warming caused by Green House Gas emissions and the resulting Climate Change is now so serious that it cannot be left as a political football. There has to be cross party debate and agreement on the strategy. For these people to sat that the UK is leading in Clean energy is stretches the truth. The politicians are willing to spend billions on HSR 2 when it will be rendered obsolete before it gets anywhere near Birmingham. (Not to mention that the cost of a journey will be unaffordable for a family.) Zero Emissions Hydrogen Electric Vehicles with Auto drive will demonstrate the HSR 2 is the wrong policy. That demise of HSR2 will be confirmed by Auto-pilot Hydrogen Electric Personal Drones, zero emissions and on board Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel production, from de-ionised water. Ehang are testing a Single passenger, battery powered drone at present. This will most certainly be the transport of the near future for Executives with door to door travel. This will cut the travel time to the station and from the station to destination, on a return trip that could be as much as two hours, even at HSR2 speeds it will not make the journey time that quick. If the UK is going to cut CO2 emissions Politicians have to accept that there should be NO support for moving towards greater use of Fossil Fuels. Fracking should STOP. Gas fired power stations which burn Hydrogen and Oxygen should be developed and if these Politicians are right we should be in front of the Berlin Technical University which already has a prototype running. Politicians need to find out what new innovation there is out here and that means searching, a Road show might help. It is clear to some out here that there are hundreds of experts and many conferences and we are still stuck, less talking and more action/innovation required. Al Scott

Leading by design: 7 of the world's most eye-catching green building innovations

Bristol City Council built the Filwood Green Business Park, as a BREEAM Outstanding workspace for small businesses in the regeneration of South Bristol. Designed by Stride Treglown, the building has won four awards to date: 2degrees Champions Award 2015; Bristol Post Green Capital Award 2015; Bristol Civic Society Design Award 2016; and Business Leaders Green Business Award 2016. It was also Highly Commended at design stage in the BREEAM Awards 2014.

Video: DiCaprio and Obama on role of business and carbon tax in the climate 'battle against time'

Mitigating Carbon Dioxide makes sense only to power hungry politicians, Hollywood glitterati and folks who are making bundles of money through cronyism

Competing cup claims: Fact or fiction? - The Simply Cups blog

Surge in electric cars could strain energy grid, warns EU agency

I have been posting this same point for over two years now, are these people in high positions reading comments on Posts like this or are "we" wasting our time trying to raise awareness. FIRSTLY, plugging electric cars into the Grid only makes a small reduction in emissions, clearly those emissions are transferred to a power station. Basically another Acid Rain replay, London Clean Air Act sorry Scandinavia we killed your Lakes and Forests. Does the leadership never pay attention to history and a need for joined-up thinking. SECONDLY Fracking and leaks of Methane/natural gas are over 20 times more effective as a Green House Gas, we should not be even considering it, the issues in the US are clear, Earthquakes, polluted water and Air in close proximity that people cannot breath and there is evidence of Birth defects. THIRDLY, Do we need to do either of these things, NO Hydrogen should be developed. I do not mean the present direction of H2 but On Board the EV and Onsite for Off-grid house. There are a number of such concepts on Linked In. As stated before a couple of times here on I have such a concept, HyPulJet.2.0 Hydrogen and Oxygen Pulse Jet Rotary Engine-generator an alternative to H2 Fuel Cells. HyPulLet.2.0 will be able to produce its own Hydrogen and Oxygen Fuel on board the EV. Scaleable to power numerous applications. At present HyPulJet.2.0 is being assessed by a UK University to validate the concept in order that we can make a bid for Crowd Funding. The reality is that unless you are a Major company you cannot have innovation, put another way individual innovators are not eligible to enter Open Funding Competitions held by Innovate UK. In my opinion there are far too many self styled specialists and way too many conferences where people are still spouting the same story from 10 and 15 years ago. Quite simply the various options of reduction have not worked because the quoted saving are after the meter and this misses all the energy losses in generation and the grid. A saving of 20% after the meter is not a 20% cut in the CO2 footprint of the house. A petrol car amounts to 10% of the average household carbon emissions which in real terms is less than 1 Tonne per year taking an average house Off-grid will stop 5 times that amount. Should the Government emphasis be on Off-Grid houses and secondary on BEVs or Electric vehicles. HyPulJet.2.0 will also have a static generator version for this purpose.

Surge in electric cars could strain energy grid, warns EU agency

See pages 194/5 of the late Professor Sir David Mackay''s highly acclaimed 2009 book "Sustainable Energy - without the hot air" available free at for his suggestions regarding the use of electric vehicles for energy management. "There is a beautiful match between electric vehicles and wind turbines". The 10 page synopsis at the start of the book is also well worth reading. Professor Mackay was CSA to DECC from 2011 to 2015 and sadly he died of cancer in April this year at only 48 years of age. His contribution to the sustainable energy debate will be sadly missed.

Surge in electric cars could strain energy grid, warns EU agency

Should be mandatory for all electric cars to have 1m2 of solar panel and a 60cm wind turbine (which rises only when parked) on the roof to provide some degree of recharging when the vehicle is not in use - which is most of the time.

Research predicts European wind rush by 2025

The late Professor Sir David Mackay, author of "Sustainable Energy - Without Hot Air" ( available free to download at discusses energy management with electric vehicles on pages 194/195 and concluded there was a beautiful match between wind turbines and electric vehicles provided that the number of EVs increased proportionately to the installed wind power and charging is by smart meters allowing power in the vehicle batteries to be fed back to the grid at peak times at the vehicle owner''s discretion. It was therefore good to read in The Times today that Mercedes, Opel, Volkswagen and Jaguar Land Rover are all about to launch pure electric vehicles to challenge those already available from Tesla, Nissan, Citroen and others so perhaps it will not be too long before Professor Mackay''s "beautiful match between wind turbines and electric vehicles" comes true.

Demand response 'vital' even if Hinkley gets green light, says Flexitricity

Domestic and small commercial demand response could reduce peak consumption by 7GW, thus eliminating the need for many new power stations. See "It''s Time to Chop the Peak" on

'Project blackout fear': Green economy scolds think tank research into Britain's energy mix

Probably worth pointing out the overtly political stance of the think tank in question? Having been established by Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher to make the case for an ever-smaller state and very low tax base...

Climate chief: UK must not use Brexit to water down environment laws

Some mistake in the first paragraph. According to its website, Lord Deben (formally John Gummer) is the chairman of the Committee on Climate Change.

Retailers must put consumers at heart of circular economy value chain, says eBay

Ebay are a super example of circularising stuff that might otherwise get dumped. However they could do more to build trust and bring life to the faded buzzword of trust. For example I''ve been trying for months to buy a set of decent 18650 batteries on ebay but the actual measured capacity of all those I''ve bought is around 10% of the capacity on the item description. Ebay seems to have no effective process to filter out sellers who trade consistently in the junk economy rather than the trust economy. As a consumer there is no button to click to report junk sellers and consequently there is no challenge to them from ebay. In our effort to "move beyond responsibility", let''s take care not to just work around it.

Germany wants to scrap EU recycling targets

Germany has always been quite ''creative'' in terms of what counts to their national recycling targets - circa 300 KTpa plastic into blast furnaces as a ''reducing agent'' for example. So they will need time to review how much a new measuring point in the recycling chain will impact upon that. Being knocked off the top of the EU league table by new accounting rules would not be an easy pill to swallow politically.

Businesses match governments with bold climate pledges during Climate Week NYC

I concur that investors and policymakers should be the forerunners in this drive. They complement one another and should relate in tandem. How they appreciate that depends on the level of sensitization they receive as well as the tenacity mural suasion.

Paris climate agreement poised to come into force

This is most exciting development. Getting the agreement coming into force should be matched with uncompromising political commitment to get the much desired result "to protect our common home" of homes. Along with that adaptation and mitigation efforts should not be relented so as to emiliorate the impact of the scourge caused by climate change.

Paris climate agreement poised to come into force

Where's all the wind? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Richard, This is why I started my blog to have well informed discussions about various subjects without the usual "hot air" and "name calling" that occurs on other {un}social media. Thank you for your input in all this and I hope we can continue to discuss more things in the future. As I said I''m not convinced about Hydrogen as a fuel but I hope I live to be proven wrong on that front. I''m used to lab grade Hydrogen Generators that need deionised, distilled water along with fancy filters, driers and deioniser filters, all of which need chemicals and energy to produce. Perhaps industrial distillation of Hydrogen from water could be more efficient, time may tell. I agree we would have been better spending the Hinkley budget on building a few more Dinorwigs or converting standard hydro to pumped storage along with researching many other forms of storage but the decision has been made. We''ll have to agree to disagree on the waste of money wind turbines :-) When I check and see Coal producing the same amount as all those wind turbines (1.5GW as I type) I can''t help think the money could have been better spent. Zero Waste - yes you are right to say that the end product has zero waste but you can not discount the waste that occurs in the building and maintaining of "renewable" systems or the waste that comes from mining for the Rare Earth Elements that are needed for wind turbine magnets, for example. It is by this standard that I say there is no such thing as "zero" waste. That said one man''s waste is anothers raw material so perhaps there are ways to massively reduce waste in general. I agree Governments (not just in the UK) have wasted the opportunities but what do we expect from a 5 year lifespan? They are only interested in ensuring they get re-elected again so will do what they have to to achieve that end. That''s why I put my faith in industry to do the job without politicians. Billy Connolly said it best "politicians! don''t vote for them it only encourages them!" I, personally, dislike the term "renewable" preferring sustainable. We live on a finite planet so nothing is truly renewable, even the sun will stop shining one day. I believe we can live sustainably and maintain the technological standard of living we enjoy today without ending up in some kind of dystopian polluted hell. Where there is a will there is a way. People like us have the will, all that is needed is "the way" Cheers and a cold beer :-)

Where's all the wind? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Keiron - Yes pumped storage potential is huge, stations like Cruachan and Dinorwic very impressive - you should visit, well worth it. Hydrogen - proper infrastructure will take care of the molecule size and yes it is explosive but again, the correct set up will allow its storage and use as a valuable fuel in the electricity production process. Batteries - yes they use elaborate materials but we have to try them and at city size - much impressive work going on here from the battery boys and girls - also with cars, range increasing. CCS - will prolong the life of our 600 year indigenous supply of coal and the CO2 captured can be used to produce fuels - Westminster should reverse its research decision here, the 1Bn could have yielded huge benefits in the future. Wind turbines - the money spent has not been wasted as you say, it has shown what could be and the electricity price from them is falling all the time, whilst the strike price for the Hinckley nonsense is currently a huge guess and will rise, Theresa, bless her, got it wrong! Zero waste renewables - yes they are - you are wrong - at the point of electricity production for wind turbines, solar power, pumped storage, tidal etc there is zero waste output from the electricity generating process. Obviously all power production processes will have waste generated in construction and de-commissioning but even here renewables leave nuclear and fossil fuel systems standing. Renewables in general - give them a chance - investment here will clean up this planet and we have the engineering brilliance in this country, France, China and, in particular, Germany to deliver the complete renewables package - the tragedy here is that successive British governments have totally wasted the opportunities given to them - we could, and most certainly should, have been there now - and we would have generated thousands of long term UK jobs in the process!

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Keiron - Solar PV, ie photo-voltaic is using photons of light, it does not need bright sunlight, simply daylight and it will still generate, albeit at a lower output, so don''t be too influenced by your experiment or boat setup-admirable though they are. Large scale PV delivers large scale power as the companies installing it know all too well. Obviously it needs energy storage to cover the dark hours and projects here are showing great promise such as hydrogen storage (in properly sealed facilities to accommodate the molecule size), compressed air, liquid air, pumped storage top reservoir replenishment etc. Solar experts have shown that even in our climate solar PV (and solar water heating) can provide a valuable power source, especially when coupled to other renewable power generation. You should arrange a visit to one of the true solar farms, you will be impressed. Give renewables a chance, they are the future - nuclear fission, thankfully, is the past. Nuclear fusion, well that''s intriguing, still in its infancy and they have to solve the neutron burst but certainly worth research.

Where's all the wind? - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

Richard, Yes there is a huge potential for pumped hydro through converting existing standard hydro power stations. I read somewhere that converting all the standard hydro stations around Loch Lomond to pumped storage hydro would provide a massive boost to the storage capacity while only raising and lowering the loch''s water level by +/- 2m. I think this should be a no brainer for pumped storage as it can be done with minimal impact to the physical and visual environment. Big problem with Hydrogen is storage of it. It leaks out of everything. I used to work with cylinders of the stuff and we had to constantly check for leaks and monitor the pressure to ensure we didn''t run out when we needed it the most. Oh that and it is extremely explosive. While yes it can be used as a short term fuel (I believe there is a fleet of small busses in one town that run on it) and as the prime source of energy from fuel cells I am not convinced that H2 will be a truly long term energy storage solution. I may be wrong. Batteries may be improving all the time, I know as you can buy a 1.5kilowatt LiFePO unit for 12v applications in boats but they need a very complex charge regime and cost an arm and leg, and these will play a part by helping to balance the demand/supply through smaller scale domestic storage but can we honestly call them sustainable if we have to dig up vast tracts of the planet to get the base chemicals for them?? I agree that CCS needs to be fully R&D''d as this does offer a major chance to reduce emissions while still maintaining a base load supply but what is wrong with planting thousands of trees? I also agree with you that we can power the country into the future in a clean and sustainable manner. I think we have wasted far too much money on wind turbines in the name of "being green" and these things need to be scaled back with the funding pushed into other areas that will provide a more stable power supply. Lastly I have to totally disagree with your comment about "zero waste renewables". Sorry absolutely no such thing as zero waste anything.

Last chance to register for free energy efficiency webinar

Hi Malcolm, Yes, this webinar will be available ''on-demand'' after it has aired live tomorrow afternoon. Keep an eye on the list here - Thanks, Luke

Last chance to register for free energy efficiency webinar

I have a meeting all afternoon on 22 Sept. Is it possible to watch this webinar at another time?

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Tackling water scarcity: The key barriers and enablers - The Procter & Gamble blog

This may seem ridiculous at first sight but it all makes sense to me. Millions of litres of drinking water are used to flush toilets and create sewage that has to be treated at great expense. Read the book ''Humanure second edition'' by Joseph C. Jenkins, available as a free read on the web. It gives a completely new understanding of the problems! Just enter ''Humanure 2nd edition'' as a search. A.E.(Ted) Dowdeswell.

US clothing firm launches voting campaign to place environment back on the ballot

Sustainably-conscious? Can that be applied to any politician? (Sustainability-conscious, surely?)

Society needs a reboot - The BT Group blog

Couldn''t agree more, however schools seem ill-prepared to provide the support needed, and frankly often fail to capture children imagination, especially girls who are in smaller numbers going in to the CDIT sector. It doesn''t have to be so, but often state schools lack staff skills, time and resources, that why we set up a local initiative for Eastbourne to address just this problem, however it''s totally scaleable,

Germany wants to scrap EU recycling targets

So this is a story about Germany wanting to suspend recycling targets whilst a new calculation method is tested. Not really about scrapping recycling targets at all?

Ed Davey: Irresponsible Tories betting the nation on gas and nuclear

Hi, Why do I think Nuclear is a bad choice or for that matter Gas a Fossil Fuel, because they create problems further in time. The objective of any person in a position to make decisions should be Clean Energy and with a mix of sustainable options. Personally I have arrived at HyPulJet.2.0 a concept for a Hydrogen and Oxygen Rotary Engine-generator. This will produce its own fuel on board the vehicle or on site in the case of an Off-grid house. There are people who simply do not want Clean energy to happen, they will not even enter into a discussion and industry and business will not even respond to even begin a discussion. I am confident that what I have arrived at after many years will work, the first element, Hydrogen and Oxygen in a Rotary Engine is already prototyped by Highland and Islands University in Scotland, some several months after I filed the UK Patent Application. The second phase of HyPulJet.2.0 which I cannot make public, is also in prototype form at a German University on a different scale and somewhat different approach, but never the less working. Will there be other innovation which is being ignored or even stifled, I am confident that there will be others if there is one, so yes if we are to save the atmosphere from further abuse, then clean energy should be the way forward for Politicians such as Ed Davey who ignored my letters over many months when in Office. (Many letters to Others also) The one thing which is missing, is a Search or Road Show for Clean and Sustainable Energy Innovation. It is perfectly clear that if decision makers surround themselves with people from the existing industries which are the cause of the problem, they are hardly likely to come up with an answer which will shut down their industry. Only way to stop GHG emissions is to STOP burning Fossil Fuels for energy.