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Obama injects $500m into Green Climate Fund

Excrementally speaking, he looks like a lump, An Environment-hating, blusterful dump. A kick in the rump For this odious chump, From his New York Tower this conman should jump.

Fuel for thought: Will 2017 be the year of the zero-emission fuel-cell vehicle?

Will 2017 by the year of the H2 Fuel Cell. There has been two FCEV models for sale over the past 12 months and as far as I can make out not one sale. I keep asking OLEV and DfT for what the SWOT analysis came up with and it becomes very clear that there is embarrassment that there has not been any research on the market potential. I have been saying for two years that Fuel Cells would be/are too expensive and there has to be something put in place to reduce the overall costs so that changing to clean energy is attractive to the consumer. My Cut5T /Cut10T was dual low-voltage house Off-grid with banks of batteries charged by renewables. The banks of batteries would also give off electrolytic gasses which would be drawn off to be stored for use powering a Rotary Engine-generator. Bringing together Energy for house, vehicle fuel and H2EV under one payment would lower costs, increasing take up of Zero emissions EVs. I have since moved on to the second variant HyPulJet.2.0 Hydrogen and Oxygen Pulse Jet Rotary Engine-generator concept. This will have excess power to generate electricity to produce its own fuel supply on board the EV. It will connect to a small starter house and recharge batteries and run 48 volt appliances. Larger houses will have a HyPulKJet.2.0 static generator and for larger houses still both options both will be used. For the past 20 years people have been attempting to make existing technology fit the needs. It has not worked so look at different things most certainly a completely different approach. Much simpler to generate electrical energy as close as possible to point of use, so why persist with a grid which needs so many major improvements especially massive storage and billions for smart meters which appear to have little or no effect. Change needed, HyPulJet.2.0 will provide the initial change with others to follow. Al Scott

New Plastics Economy: Businesses support action plan to recycle 70% of global plastic packaging

When it is claimed that - "be more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050"- is that by numbers or volume or weight?

Britain's largest grid-scale battery 'could transform the energy grid'

This is a start but it is only a larger version of the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit that sits behind the computer in my office. 6000 homes for 1.5hrs is only really a short term store for network blackouts. Units like this in every town in Britain would be a great start to balancing out the fluctuation inherent in wind and solar but we do need to start seriously thinking about energy storage systems that will provide days or even weeks of storage capacity.

On Wings of Waste: Plane fuelled by plastic waste completes trailblazing flight

Very interesting and the oceans most definitely need something to be done about the trash. Although, this new technology may be great for saving the planet, I doubt it will result in an any cost savings to the airlines. Knowing something about chemical engineering the process required to do this on a scale required that would meet the needs of the airline industry alone would be a substantial investment to the tune of several hundred million pounds per plant. The waste collection program necessary to feed this beast would be a behemoth in itself. So....... although I commend Plastic Energy in the development of a system to recycle ocean plastic waste I really wish them the best in making it cost effective for use on the world market. Otherwise it''s all just academic.

Swansea Bay: ?1.3bn tidal lagoon project earns much-needed backing from Hendry Review

When will we move away from the LCF and get renewables and energy efficiency to be paid out of general taxation? In parallel there is also an opportunity to involve the local and national population through ownership and management. Just look at the wider community energy sector successes that create buy in, awareness and value creation for local communities.

Starbucks follows Costa with in-store coffee cup recycling bins

It''s great that Starbuck has recyclable cups now, what about the lids?

Nick Hurd: Brexit offers the flexibility to strengthen Britain's decarbonisation commitments

Fine words - fine words indeed [but] we have been trying to enter into a dialogue with Westminster on decarbonisation for three years in how 20% - 35% reductions in energy consumption can be achieved in heating which accounts for almost half of all UK energy consumption - the silence has been deafening................

Nick Hurd: Brexit offers the flexibility to strengthen Britain's decarbonisation commitments

Fine words - fine words indeed [but] we have been trying to enter into a dialogue with Westminster on decarbonisation for three years in how 20% - 35% reductions in energy consumption can be achieved in heating which accounts for almost half of all UK energy consumption - the silence has been deafening................

UK wind energy surpasses coal generation for first time

Electricity from renewables will continue to fall in price as more renewables and energy storage are introduced, whilst the cost of nuclear fission electricity will rise, rendering these stations obsolete now let alone in 10-15 years when (if) the Hinkley white elephant produces its first Watt. The other cost that renewables will drive down is the environmental one as we move away from obsolescent fossil and fission fuels, making our planet greener and cleaner for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

London councils commence innovative solar battery project and LED retrofit

Is it me or are those solar panels in the front right hand corner in shade? Defeats the objective of providing power as a shaded solar panel produces no power. Could be the ridges of the houses are East / West facing in which case they''ll balance out during the day. Just points out the need to properly investigate and plan installation of solar panels to avoid shading wherever possible. Or, as one developer has ended up doing near my parents, put solar panels on a north facing roof!! However, this is a good idea by the local council. Not only should it help reduce fuel poverty but it will also give a large scale database on actual solar generation in a real world scenario for domestic purposes and it will also test short term domestic storage technologies under real world conditions. Await the results with interest

UK wind energy surpasses coal generation for first time

This is all well and good but if the prices don''t see quite a large reduction it is not going to be appealing to the majority market. I understand it can be quite pricey and many utilities are still in the wholesale business quite largely, but there needs to be something changed. For those interested ->

Less than a third of $175bn natural catastrophe losses covered by insurance

Investments in technology companies, can help to mitigate climate change damages by supporting the stock market in share holder gains. Some of these profits can be used to mitigate losses in the bond divestitures. Black Rock shares, Apple, and Microsoft are examples of good yielding investments.

Small businesses key to UK low-carbon transition, report claims

Even larger condominium projects can produce greater benefits for share holders, or tenants whereby the board adopts new technology, such as the installation of lithium power retainers in each unit, to share the energy produced by solar tiles that are heated in winter to prevent snow accumulation. Government data bases can hold the key to supply and accessibility, especially when web pages do not expire due to broken links in the network, which, incidentally has been a problem when negotiating web sites, perhaps in an effort to preserve employment and thwart real time on line access for citizens. I have had this experience when applying for the Canada Pension Plan and the link to the opting out application form for the years spent at home for young children to avoid miscalculations for this period was broken. In addition governmental costs for employees who submit Birth Registrations for example for a prescribed fee could be eliminated with on line access for citizens who could just include the data with any income tax submissions, or program parameters, using secure on line key sign in partners like financial institutions. How can we save money on useless human resource assets whereby governmental programmers who maintain web sites do not attend to the quality of the service. I would suggest that going forward we make all of the information necessary to promote carbon reduction methodologies on line with competent support from IT networks. Micro grid networks can become the new reality but not without the proper backup and support.

AECOM sustainability chief awarded MBE

Very good News for a much under valued Industry

Can Scotland continue its climate lead in 2017?

Can Scotland continue its climate lead in 2017?

Again the Scottish media keen to wave the wooden spoon award around as they are eager to puff up nationalist sentiment as they boast Scotland is "better than the UK" in something - as if performing better than that failing dung-heap of a kingdom was anything to boast about. Why not measure Scotland''s power less favourably to Norway''s and Iceland''s, whose electricity is nearly all derived from renewable resources? Why not explain how far we have to go, to drive us onward? Why pat ourselves on the back when there is so much further to go? I don''t know about anyone else, but this Scot is not happy unless and until we are leading the world in renewable energy. Simply leading the UK is not worth mentioning, in my book. * Off-Shore Electricity from Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Power * World''s biggest-ever pumped-storage hydro-scheme, for Scotland? * Modelling of wind and pumped-storage power * Scotland Electricity Generation my plan for 2020 Scottish Scientist Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland

'World first': Indian firm succeeds with subsidy-free carbon capture and utilisation project

Good news but India also needs to eliminate its high sulphur content coal burning power stations soonest.

UK takes action to uphold sustainable fishing amid toxic chemical concerns

It would be helpful to have links to the sources for the information on pesticide use in aquaculture, as is normally the case with Edie articles. My reading of the monthly raw data published by SEPA is that while there is, as with other intensive farming, a significant level of mortality, a more realistic measure than numbers lost is weight lost through mortality. For three locations taken at random, September 2016 mortality figures were 1.9%(19.2t/1027t - AIR1), 0.1% (1.4t/1281t - AMM1), 2.6% (33.2t/1272t - ARDG1). At none of these sites had azimethaphos been used during the month, although the first and last of the three had both used another biocide, enamectin benzoate. Indeed, in a random sampling of the data for a dozen or so of the larger sites, I found only one that had used azimethiphos in September 2016. The article focuses on the dangers from biocides such as azimethiphos, which degrades in seawater in a few days, but makes no mention of any potential damage to the seawater environment from eutrophication resulting from unconsumed food and alimentary waste from the salmon.

Britain celebrates 25 years of wind energy as tax-free ISA opens new sale avenues for wind farms

Richard Phillips Newbury The greater the number of wind farms, whose output is used before all else, the greater is our reliance in fossil or nuclear back-up when the wind drops. But this intermittency makes these reliable generators inefficient to run, and expensive, so no-one wants to build them. The margin is now so slim that all sorts of other, more expensive emergency generators are sought. These are diesel generators, STOR, special for the purpose, and any spare energy from industry, paid for at a premium. It all gets tighter and more expensive, Peter Lilley MP has a report on the subject, just published, and it is truly disturbing. And hardest hit will be the poorest. But there are no technical members in the Cabinet who understand science or electrical power systems; Politics Philosophy and Economics gets you nowhere in the physical sciences. And only a handful of MPs have much better knowledge. Get your home generators ready, mine is! Coming generations will curse this folly.

Car-eating buses and volcanic carbon capture: the best green innovations of 2016

Are there any further details of Volvo''s roadmat technology - Surely this just means that as other cars drive over the road mat they expend more energy and use more fuel?

Energy storage megashift: 10 of the best battery projects across the globe

A mixture of energy storage and demand response is required in order to enable intermittent renewables to make up a significant portion of a country''s energy mix. Richard''s point on the capacity is relevant although I feel slightly misdirected. Instead of being compared to a traditional power station, the project capacity must be carefully built to consider the likely surplus they will be subject to (hard for wind, but more predictable for solar) - which is why I watch SolarCity''s integrated solution carefully. ...and in relation to Richard''s comment on global temperatures; they have been rigourously documented - one such source is

Christmas and sustainability: Mistletoe and wine or chalk and cheese?

Stop whining. It''s Christmas.

Drax receives green light to complete biomass conversion project

How can cutting down trees in America then transporting them across country to be loaded into bulk cargo carrying ships to be steamed across the Atlantic then transferred back into lorries to be driven to the power station be classified as "green", "zero carbon", "renewable" or "environmentally friendly"? It takes approx 69,000litres to sail a 205,000tonne displacement CapeMax cargo ship across the Atlantic from New York to Liverpool (3000 nautical miles) at 14 knots. This is 1.3 barrels per mile. Hardly green is it? And then add in fuel for lorries, chainsaws etc and it soon becomes clear that biomass is not a zero carbon fuel.

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