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Every breath you take: Population growth v CO2 - Sustainabilty Musings from the Cesspool of Life

I remember an article back in the 1980''s I think in the journal of the Royal Society of Chamistry which was my introduction to the concept of Climate Change. That (Maybe tougue in cheek) advocated the "Couch Potato" solution on the basis if we''re in that postion we''re not driving cars or expending Carbon in other ways. That was of course before wide screen TV''s, PC''s , Gamestations etc....

Brickworks could make use of sludge

Hello , I am interested in sending a sample of our sludge from our effluent treatment plant to these Brick Makers in Port Elizabeth for evaluation and feasibility of using this in their brickmaking process . . Please can you provide the contact details of the company in Port Elizabeth . Kind regards, Prithee Ellappen

Lightbulb moment: UK streetlights get innovative green makeover

The real common sense engineering element here is that, in order to stop poisoning this planet via fossil fuels and nuclear fission, we actually research and deploy ALL possible renewable alternatives and, as a Chartered Engineer with 40 years experience, I congratulate those doing this work and wish them every success. Remember that, on behalf of our children and grandchildren and future generations, we have a duty to PROTECT PLANET EARTH, ITS ENVIRONMENT AND RESOURCES IN ALL THAT WE DO, SAY OR INFLUENCE - IT IS, AND WILL REMAIN, OUR ONLY HOME - THINK ABOUT THAT!

National Trust champions on-site solutions in renewables revolution

Very well done National Trust, hopefully they will do the rest of their properties similarly. Given the waste wood on these sites and the large land areas, biomass and heat pumps offer a far better alternative to obsolete oil and gas. More of the same please National Trust!

New coalition calls for 'fair and ambitious' Clean Air Act

Really pleased that edie chose to use the construction of 20 Fenchurch Street as the image for this article as we established construction phase air quality monitoring which sent real time text alerts to the team when PM Levels approached pre-agreed thresholds, allowing for intervention to maintain acceptable levels. Of course more can be done and we welcome new standards such WELL to help raise awareness and drive change

Auto industry calls on Trump to review fuel efficiency standards

Can this be challenged? How does improved cruel efficiency caus ejob losses? So car costs will go up to cover the R&D but are customers really going to buy less cars, or less frequently as a result to such an extend that car factories need to shut? Aren''t most car jobs done by robots anyway? So the smart R &D work should CREATE jobs, no?

National Trust champions on-site solutions in renewables revolution

Congratulations to the NT, East Greeen Energy are very pleased to be involved with a number of these projects in the East of England .

Caff? Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

How do the emissions compare with wood pellets - what is the composition ? With a higher oil content won''t the emissions be more toxic?

Air quality crisis: 7 shocking statistics that will take your breath away

Great article ...but missing one important fact - woodsmoke is the greatest contributor to PM2.5 and PM10. According to DEFRA it makes up 79%. There is no safe limit to particulate exposure and it is known to cause COPD, asthma, heart attacks, stroke, brain tumours, dementia and autism. Only a complete ban on solid fuel burning will clean up the air. The government must stop promoting biomass and wood stoves - the new ''eco'' labelled stoves pollute as much as 25 times more than the older diesel trucks. The Clean Air Act must address this or there will be no improvement in air quality - 20% of the UK population already suffer from COPD and lung disease.

Sadiq Khan calls on Government to incentivise diesel scrappage scheme

@Leo - the proposals do go some way towards doing this, by prioritising vans and minibuses, rather than typical family cars. Avoiding free riders, when firms would upgrade their van anyway is the main issue. I''m also not sure about the middle grant for low-income families to replace cars - this seems that it might be administratively complex, as the registered keeper of the car may be different from the driver (think father as keeper and NEET son driving an old diesel Mondeo). But in principle the idea is not too bad.

Lightbulb moment: UK streetlights get innovative green makeover

Windmills on street lamps in a built up city at pretty much ground level is useless. Half a ton of carbon a year is about 3.5kwh a day per windmill x 365days... very optimistic. The cables in the street lamps even after all the lights have been converted to LED would barely have enough copper conductor size to recharge one car on that street lighting power circuit. The common sense engineering doesn''t stack up to real word applications.

Caff? Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

Do the biomass pellets have a BSL number as this is mandatory for any tariff set up?

Sadiq Khan calls on Government to incentivise diesel scrappage scheme

The dirtiest of vehicles should be the first removed. The mayor needs to use and Emissions Detection and Reporting (EDAR) system to identify the dirtiest vehicles through remote sensing. It would be a big mistake to use the European Vehicle Emissions Standards to identify which are the dirtiest cars. We all know that the VW dieselgate scandal, and the subsequent revelations that each auto manufacturer found loopholes in the certification, resulted in our roads being filled with diesel vehicles that passed the test but pollute at alarming levels on the road. We need to prioritize which vehicles need to be removed from the road, and we need to continuopusly monitor the vehicle fleet with remote sensing to make sure our efforts are producing measurable results.

Sadiq Khan calls on Government to incentivise diesel scrappage scheme

"A series of unfortunate air vents" - I suspect the writer is pleased with this pun

Brits back smart meter rollout, survey finds

such intelligence

Sadiq Khan calls on Government to incentivise diesel scrappage scheme

And money grows on trees

Fuel cell technology to power Radisson Blu hotel

But what are these fuel cells using? Pure Hydrogen or Methanol? If Methanol how is this produced and from what base? If it is Methane then this type of fuel cell should be classed as "fossil" fuel unless the Methane comes from anaerobic digestion of plant matter. Then there is the energy required to produce either the Hydrogen or Methanol. Still interesting to see as this large scale test of fuel cells is a valuable advance in the energy storage development process. Having a real world, long term test of the technology will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness for the future.

Renewables reaching cost-parity with fossil fuels, research finds

Good but please remember that this does not mean we will stop drilling for oil and gas. Hydrocarbons will still be needed as base chemicals for many things including solar panels for years to come.

Lightbulb moment: UK streetlights get innovative green makeover

Great innovation and logical use of existing power point, if you want them in the East of England let us know we would love to get them on our EV Driver Network too.

Waitrose showcases 500-mile biomethane truck fleet

Great stuff! Eventually you will have 100% clean hydrogen trucks!

Food and drink sector tastes strong environmental progress

I was disgusted today to see unsold bread and rolls being bagged for animal feed in a local high class bakers. When I protested to them that they ought to be passing it on to charities for redistribution I got the reply that basically it was too much trouble - "rules and regulations". Can anyone reading this article supply any info re food waste charities in the Hounslow/Twickenham area of London that I can pass over to them, hoping that they may reconsider?

BBC launches mandatory carbon tracking scheme

Brilliant in concept and as an example. One does wonder how well independent production companies renting facilities will be able to make the assessment but a least they''ll hve to try!

Costa goes nationwide with in-store coffee cup recycling scheme

Can Costa and Starbucks please advise us the % of cups sold over the counter vs the % of cups returned and fully recycled? The great British public can then make an informed judgement

23 EU countries are breaking European air quality laws

"small particulate matter (PM2.5) caused 436,000 deaths in the same year. PM2.5 particles, microscopic specks of dust and soot caused by burning fossil fuels, can enter the lungs and bloodstream". In London the adverse health effects of the "green" smoke from wood-burning stoves and biomass boilers has now offset schemes to reduce traffic pollution.

What does the sustainable business of the future look like?

As someone who consults on the intersections of sustainability/regenerativity and profitability, I''m glad to see this topic getting more attention. There are so many opportunities for profitable products and services that move us forward on the SDGs as well as the even larger questions around hunger, poverty, war, and climate change. My website, , offers a number of resources in these areas.

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