Advanced Thermal Treatment

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One aim of the trials is to determine best practise to increase the amount of flexible laminate packaging collected by testing different methods of engagement with residents

Coca-Cola and Nestle back food-and-drink pouch recycling scheme

Flexible laminate packaging, such as food and drink pouches, could soon be included in existing household recycling schemes thanks to a new trial.

Laminate packaging saw approximately 16,000 tonnes of aluminium sent to landfill last year

VIDEO: Scientists turn old toothpaste tubes into fuel and precious metal

Nestlé, Kraft Foods and Mondelez International are part-funding a new commercial-scale recycling plant that can turn old toothpaste tubes into aluminium and fuel in just three minutes.

MPs call for Defra to show leadership on waste policy to help England meet its 2020 recycling target

Defra slammed for 'stepping back' from waste

Defra has been slammed for "stepping back" from waste and needs to show strong leadership in order to improve England's recycling rate, a cross-party committee of MPs has said.

Biochar can be stored in soil benefitting the soil in addition to sequestering carbon

Biochar development offers environmental 'triple-win'

The development of 'biochar', a process of turning biomass into a form of charcoal, is set to help tackle carbon emissions, generate environmentally-friendly energy and enhance soil fertility, says the European Commission.

A UK study found that polymer banknotes last 2.5 times longer than paper ones

Plastic banknotes have 'stronger environmental performance' than cotton counterparts

New plastic banknotes are greener than their cotton counterparts, according to research released by the Bank of England.

Value of European EfW market will rise to $5bn by 2016

Investment in the European energy-from-waste (EfW) market is expected to reach $5bn by 2016 as landfill diversion strategies gather pace over the next three years.

First foil laminate recycling plant gets commercial go-ahead

Foil laminate packaging recycling has taken a major step forward as a site has been secured to build the world's first commercial-scale plant for recovering this material.

Upgrading MSW before energy recovery sparks profit potential

Pre-treating household waste before sending it to energy recovery could offer higher financial returns for waste operators, according to new research.

Government faces calls to bolster support for EfW

Energy-from-waste leaders have called on the Government to do more to back low carbon technologies following the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle this week.

EfW vital to UK meeting future waste targets

A pressing need to increase recovery rates for non-municipal waste streams will drive strong growth in energy-from-waste (EfW) technologies over the next four years, new research reveals.

VIDEO: Unilever targets pyrolysis for sachet waste

Unilever is exploring the potential of energy recovery to add value to its single use sachet packaging waste stream.

Onshore wind sector will continue to grow, despite 10% support cut

Wind sector breathes sigh of relief over Renewables Obligation (RO) banding review

The onshore wind sector has expressed relief following the government's Renewables Obligation (RO) banding review, cutting the sector's support by 10% compared to the 25% previously expected.

ANALYSIS: EfW hot winner in ROCs banding review

Energy-from-waste appears to have benefited ahead of other renewable energy technologies under the latest review of the renewables obligation certificate (ROC) subsidy banding.

Bioenergy research hub powers up

The efficiency and whole-life impact of bioenergy is to be probed under a new research hub, which will investigate the practicalities of various technology streams and their outputs.

Nestle is working to recover more challenging materials, such as its dolce gusto pods

Nestlé pushes for EfW debate on mixed plastics

Nestlé has called for more lifecycle assessment around post-consumer mixed plastics, arguing that a there may be greater role for energy recovery in dealing with this waste stream.

One of the PyroPure units in diagram form

Clean-tech EfW firm gets commercial go-ahead

A compact advanced thermal treatment technology that can deal with complex waste streams on-site has been approved for commercial-scale production by the Environment Agency.

Microwaves used to recycle plastic/aluminium laminate cartons

A new and innovative process by which plastic and aluminium laminate cartons, such as those used for fruit juice, are broken down using microwaves, separating the aluminium and plastic so that they can be recovered, has been honoured at an awards ceremony at the London Science Museum.

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