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Asda, like other large retailers, is now required by law to charge a minimum of 5p for every carrier bag used by a customer in England, Scotland and Wales

Asda passes £1m carrier bag charge profits onto social enterprises

Asda will be investing £1.1m from its carrier bag charge into programmes aimed at developing social enterprises across Scotland and Wales.

Research showed that 81% of customers planned to followed the advice provided since the launch, while two million customers are making changes in the homes as a result of the scheme

Asda becomes first supermarket to show customer food waste savings

Asda customers have saved £57 a year on average after the supermarket chain launched a campaign to tackle domestic food waste.

The Sustain & Save Exchange programme has seen UK businesses create more than £143m of savings and investments in resource efficiency

Asda extends online best practice forum to save £50m across supply chains

Major retailer Asda will extend its online forum Sustain & Save Exchange to all of its food and drink suppliers with the aim of helping them reduce their environmental impact and make collective savings and investments of £50m across their supply chains by 2020.

Fareshare director of food Mark Varney spoke at an All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group supply chain event in London last week

Food waste: Focus must shift from supermarkets to supply chains

EXCLUSIVE: Food waste campaigners should stop 'beating up the supermarkets' and instead look further up the supply chain at the untapped redistribution potential of thousands of processors and manufacturers, Britain's largest food redistribution charity has said.

The new vegetable box will go on sale in 128 stores across the UK.

Asda puts UK's first supermarket wonky veg box on sale

The UK's first supermarket 'wonky vegetable' box went on sale on Friday, containing enough ugly potatoes and knobbly carrots to feed a family of four for an entire week for just £3.50.

Asda will help social enterprises sell products directly to members of the public via supermarkets

Asda uses carrier bag charge to fund social enterprise scheme

Asda has used money it has generated from the carrier bag charge to fund a ground-breaking new scheme in Scotland which aims to increase the availability of supermarket products that have a positive social or environmental impact.

The Hammond family farm in Norfolk are forced to throw away more than 20 tonnes of waste parsnips a week

Hugh's war on food waste: Are supermarkets doing enough?

Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has gone to war on waste, with a new TV show highlighting the food waste caused by exacting supermarket standards. But the retailers have been quick to tell edie about the steps they're taking to tackle the problem.

Retailers account for just over 1% of the estimated annual 15m tonnes of UK food waste

UK supermarkets slash food waste by 20,000 tonnes

The UK's leading retailers have banded together to reduce supermarket food waste by 20,000 tonnes over the past year, according to a new report from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Scotland's environment secretary, Richard Lochhead, hailed the 5p plastic bag charge as a 'major success'

Scotland's plastic bag charge sees usage drop by 80%

The number of plastic carrier bags handed out in Scottish shops has reduced by at least 650 million in the first year of the nation's 5p charge.

As part of the pledge supermarkets will have to ensure costumers that all their own brand products come from sustainable sources

Britain's supermarkets step up deforestation efforts with WWF campaign

The 'Big Four' supermarkets, which together account for more than 70% of the UK's grocery market, have pledged to ensure that all timber and wood-based products will be sustainably-sourced by 2020.

Morrisons is the latest food retailer to team up with the charity FoodCycle

Morrisons announces new partnership to tackle food waste

Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced it is working with charity FoodCycle to tackle UK poverty and food waste.

While 90% said they cared about being green, almost the same number admitted throwing out food waste

It's not easy being green, according to Britain's biggest consumer panel

Nine in 10 UK consumers care about 'being green', but the same number admit to throwing away food, according to a major new survey carried out by Asda.

Community Shop and Food Cycle aim to reduce food waste and food poverty together. Photo: FoodCycle

'Social supermarket' unites with surplus charity unite to tackle food poverty

A new partnership between Community Shop and the charity Food Cycle is set to prevent even more food waste while providing social benefits to deprived areas.

(L-R): Alice Ellison (BRC); Matt Wood (Asda); Paul Crewe (Sainsbury's); and Matt Simister (Tesco) at the Fareshare Food Surplus Summit

Supermarkets take shared responsibility for food waste crackdown

The UK's three largest supermarket chains and the trade body which represents them have unanimously agreed that more collaboration is needed to redistribute more surplus food to charities.

The need for a dedicated body is being made ever-more presing by volatile resource prices and increased competition for dwindling supplies

A secure and resilient economy: Does the UK need an Office for Resource Management?

With the UK lagging behind other industrialised nations on resource security and productivity, several influential lobbies and think-tanks have called for a dedicated office to tackle the problem.

Green infrastructure can reduce maintenance and energy costs as well mitigating health risks

Green spaces add value to building projects, says UKGBC

Property developers can increase the value of their land by incorporating more parks, trees and green spaces into their projects, finds a new report from the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

The supermarket chain will donate the funds arising from the bag charge to support community projects across Scotland

Asda donates carrier bag charge to Scottish community projects

Asda has announced it will be donating £145,000 raised from the mandatory 5p charge for single-use carrier bags (SUCB) to community projects across Scotland through a new Community Capital scheme.

Only 1.3% of all food waste came from the seven major supermarkets in 2013

Supermarket food waste: Combined figures revealed for first time

The UK's seven major supermarkets contributed to just 1.3% of all food waste in 2013, according to new figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

 Asda research suggests 75% of shoppers would buy 'wonky' fruit and veg if it was cheaper than regular produce

Asda launches 'wonky veg' range to tackle food waste

Asda is collaborating with TV chef Jamie Oliver to reduce food waste by selling a new range of misshapen fruit and vegetables at reduced prices.

MPs call on WRAP to set tougher food redistribution targets for retailers and manufacturers.

MPs urge food industry to increase surplus redistribution

A cross-party group of MPs has urged the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to set food retailers and manufacturers a target of doubling the proportion of surplus food they redistribute to food assistance providers and other voluntary organisations to help eliminate hunger.

Asda has become the latest UK supermarket chain to use Enacto TM software to manage more than 10,000 meters throughout the UK

Asda to rollout new smart meter technology

Asda has become the latest supermarket chain to make use of more advanced energy management software with a new monitoring system being implemented at 660 stores nationwide.

Business leaders answered UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's challenge to make bold pledges ahead of the Climate Summit

UN Climate Summit: The bold pledges business leaders want to see

Ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York, environmental lobby organisation The Aldersgate Group gathered industry executives to find out what bold pledges they believe would close the emissions gap.

Paul Kelly was speaking at an event hosted by the Aldersgate Group in Wesminster this week

Water stress and climate change must be 'top priority' for businesses

Any businesses that isn't incorporating climate change adaption or water scarcity issues into its business strategy is taking a 'very great risk' in terms of its sustainability and resilience going forward.

The Wild Fisheries Annual Review will allow the public to judge Asda on its track record for sustainable seafood

Asda lands world's first sustainable seafood report

Fresh from reporting on the wide-ranging impacts of climate change on its supply chain, Asda has achieved a 'global first' by giving a full disclosure on how and where it sources its fish.

Top 10 World Cup Sustainability Facts

We bring you a run down of the top 10 sustainability facts you need to know about the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Businesses in the south west were among the worst affected from the winter floods

Flood defence funding 'at bare minimum'

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee (Efra) has urged Government to ensure flood protection takes priority over cost-cutting in its winter floods report published today (17 June).

Asda has 580 stores nationwide, employing over 180,000 people

Asda reveals impact of climate change on supply chain

Climate change is having a direct impact on 95% of fresh produce stocked in Asda stores, with food sourcing, processing and transportation all facing an growing threat from environmental issues.

Retailers often have to source from overseas suppliers to ensure they have sufficient quantities of produce. Photo: Rob Crandall /

Cross-sectoral cooperation key to managing water risk in retail sector

Retailers must widen their investment portfolio and look to engage with a broad range of stakeholder groups if they wish to secure future water supplies within their supply chains, new research suggests.

(L-R): Andy Clarke (Asda); Duncan Worth (QV Foods); Alan Lovell (Tamar Energy); and Willie Heller (Tamar Energy) opened the new AD plant on Tuesday (6 May)

Asda supplier opens food waste AD plant

A leading supplier to supermarket chain Asda has this week opened a 1.5MW anaerobic digestion (AD) facility that will be fuelled by food waste from its operations.

The report warns that the UK could fall behind in areas thatit currently has comparative advantage

An Economy That Works: Business alliance fronts green growth campaign

Asda, BT and M&S are among an alliance of businesses mounting further pressure on the Government to outline a credible growth strategy based on a low-carbon and resource efficient economy.

Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon

Walmart joins forces with multinational companies to develop recycling fund

US retail giant Walmart has brought together members of its supply chain with the aim of developing a $100m 'Closed Loop Fund' to improve the US' recycling record.

Wrap says that surplus food can be effectively redistributed to local charities

Supermarkets producing 'viable volumes' of surplus food that could go to charity, study finds

Retailers are producing "viable volumes" of surplus food that arise at the back of store which could be redistributed direct to charity and provide social benefit, according to new report from the Waste and Resources Action Programme(WRAP).

New green pledges from retail giants to cut food waste

Supermarket giants sign up to new targets to slash food waste

The UK's biggest supermarket chains have committed to revealing the amount of food they throw away in a bid to cut food waste.

Asda cuts fleet emissions by adding 50 duel-fuel vehicles

Asda Logistics Services (ALS) is introducing 50 dual-fuel Volvo FM tractor units at its newly opened distribution centre in Avonmouth, Bristol, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Tesco accused of carrying rubbish in food trucks to cut costs

Supermarket insists that move causes no risks to hygiene and that new routines are cutting carbon emissions

The competitive nature of the retail sector has  increased efficiency says Asda's Julian Walker-Palin

EXCLUSIVE: Retail sector acting as 'direct interface' for sustainability

The retail sector's leading position in driving sustainability is being strengthened by its role as a "direct interface" for customers, says Asda's Julian Walker-Palin.

Asda: sustainability through the eyes of the consumer

While others in the retail sector focus their sustainability strategies on products and supply chains, Asda claims it has created the only plan seeking to be built by its customers. Leigh Stringer finds out more

Look familiar? Despite consumers' good intentions they still took home more carrier bags last year than the year before

Bad news on bag use as consumption increases year-on-year

Progress on reducing the number of single-use carrier bags issued in the UK has stalled according to the latest figures from WRAP - in fact, last year saw an increase in usage.

Britain 'years ahead' with world's first 100% recycled plastic products

A British company has created the world's first rigid, food-safe products from 100% recycled plastic bottles, lids and milk cartons.

AD operators warned of future market risks

Turbulence in the anaerobic digestion market is a distinct possibility over the next three years as operators grapple with the marginal versus operational costs of running a plant.

Corrugated packaging proves popular in combating food waste

Corrugated packaging is playing a pivotal role in supply chain sustainability by reducing the amount of food waste, according to a leading trade body.

Brand leaders call on waste firms to 'grow up' and openly engage

Waste management companies need to adopt a more open approach to working with big business if greater supply chain efficiencies in resource management are to be realised.

ANALYSIS: 'I want to be sustainable, but life gets in the way'

As sustainability managers increasingly focus their efforts upstream of the value chain, unlocking the answers to consumer behavioural change is proving a tough nut to crack.

The Sustain & Save Exchange scheme enables Asda and its suppliers to share knowledge and innovations in energy, waste and water efficiency

Asda expands sustainability scheme after £13m savings

Asda is planning to expand its sustainability collaboration programme, Sustain & Save Exchange, for its suppliers, after the supermarket announced that it saved £13m through sustainability innovations over the past year.

ASDA crunches carbon by nearly a fifth despite store growth

ASDA has reduced its overall carbon footprint by 17.7% since 2007 despite taking on 150 additional new stores during that timeframe.

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