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edie has heard from more than a dozen leading environmental figures who have exclusively revealed their biggest green policy hopes and expectations for the next few months

What we want from BEIS: a wishlist for the green economy - Part one

EXCLUSIVE: In the first of a two-part feature, edie speaks to the sustainability professionals, politicians, businessmen and environmental activists working across the green economy to find out they want to see from the Government in this new Parliamentary session.

National Audit Office to investigate taxpayer value for money in George Osborne’s scrapping of CCS and question plans to secure UK energy supply

Spending watchdog to examine scrapping of £1bn carbon capture plan

The National Audit Office is to investigate George Osborne's decision to scrap a £1bn prototype carbon capture scheme which cost the taxpayer at least £60m, a letter seen by the Guardian shows.

In July last year, the Treasury scrapped the so-called ‘zero-carbon homes standard’

Housing efficiency: Retrofitting offers 'better bang for your buck' than new-build regulations

EXCLUSIVE: Britain should focus its housing energy efficiency efforts on retrofitting existing stock rather than trying to improve new-build performance, a senior building industry executive has claimed.

Initially, members of the project will test the use of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in estimating energy costs in individual homes

Include energy efficiency ratings in mortgage calculations, urges UKGBC

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new project aiming to encourage mortgage lenders to include energy efficiency ratings in their calculations.

By 2030, the UK should be 'largely powered by renewable electricity, said the CCC

UK's fifth carbon budget proposals: At a glance

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has today (26 November) published its recommendations for the UK's fifth carbon budget, suggesting an emissions reduction target of 57% by 2028-2032. But is that ambitious enough?

George Osborne announced during the Autumn Statement that DECC's budget will be reduced by 22% over the next four years

DECC axes £1bn carbon capture fund

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has axed a £1bn fund to commercialise carbon capture & storage (CCS) in the UK.

The Autumn Statement document included a pledge to reduce the projected cost of green policies on the average annual household energy bill by £30 from 2017

7 questions George Osborne didn't answer in his Spending Review

Chancellor George Osborne spoke for an hour and the Government released a 154-page document detailing the changes made to Britain's economic plan today, but when it comes to green policy, there STILL seems to be more questions than answers.

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Autumn Statement and Spending Review to a jubilant House of Commons

Autumn Statement and Spending Review 2015: Green budgets cut, RHI reform

"Going green should not cost the earth" proclaimed George Osborne in his Autumn Statement as the Chancellor confirmed plans to reform the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and slash budgets for DECC and DEFRA.

DECC is expected to see budget cuts of around 30%, with up to 200 staff made redundant

Autumn Statement and Spending Review: The green business wish list

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his update on the Government's plans for the economy, known as the Autumn Statement, in Parliament today. The hopes are high, but expectations are seemingly low among green groups and industry.

Most diesel cars emit far more NOx on the road than in official tests

MPs call for diesel cars scrappage scheme to tackle air pollution

The government should consider a scrappage scheme for diesel cars to get polluting vehicles off the streets of England's cities, where they contribute to tens of thousands of premature deaths every year, according to an influential committee of MPs.

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle has arrived in the UK, with a price tag of just over £53,000

The future is here: mass-market hydrogen cars take to Britain's roads

The first mass production hydrogen cars, billed for more than a decade as a clean alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles but only glimpsed as concepts at automotive trade shows, have arrived on British roads.

What sustainability professionals want from George Osbrone and what they get, could be two very different things

Budget 2015: 10 hopes for energy & environment

Elections are not won on environmental policy. That is the accepted wisdom. But sustainability professionals are, by their nature, an optimistic bunch, and have been vocal in laying out their demands for Wednesday's budget - the last of the current Parliament.

Osborne's Statement was poorly received by environmental activists and the renewables industry

Autumn Statement: Key points and industry reaction

George Osborne delivered his mini-Budget today as sustainability professionals called for rapid decarbonisation, a move towards a fully circular economy and a better long-term strategy for sustainability.

Chancellor George Osborne concluded his Autumn Statement by proclaiming the UK is now

Autumn statement 2014: What it means for green business

"Britain is back on course," proclaimed George Osborne earlier today, but environmental announcements were in short supply as the Chancellor delivered his final Autumn Statement before the General Election.

More than 1,400 projects will receive a share of £2.3bn to protect against flooding for 300,000 homes

Flood defence funding: Is the Government treading water?

The coalition Government has unveiled details of its latest pre-election spending commitment in the form of £2.3bn of funding for more than 1,400 new flood defence projects across the UK - but opposition parties and green groups have been quick to voice their concerns.

Last year, Chancellor George Osborne offered only very brief details on the Government's carbon and energy security plans

Autumn Statement: High hopes but low expectations for green groups

Ahead of the Statement, edie drew up a wishlist of the hopes and expectations of sustainability leaders, industry representatives and green groups.

The Blueprint for Water coalition reiterates that dredging is only one small part of the solution to flooding

Dredging up Trouble: Government urged to resist 'playing politics' over flood prevention

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) must turn its focus away from dredging towards other proven flood-prevention measures if it wants to avoid another catastrophic winter.

Autumn statement - missed opportunity for confirming strategy on environmental taxes

Business craves long-term certainty in order to invest, but in perpetuating uncertainty with green taxes and levies, the Government risks failing to achieve its environmental policy objectives and putting up the costs of investment - the worst possible outcome.

Autumn Statement 2013: Going green does not have to cost the earth says Osborne

The Chancellor George Osborne skimmed over the rising energy bills debate in his Autumn Statement today and offered brief details on the Government's carbon and energy security plans.

Offshore wind will receive stronger support while solar and onshore wind support will be cut

Government cuts support for wind and solar ahead of Autumn Statement

The Government has today announced that it will cut support for solar energy and onshore wind power but offshore wind has received stronger backing.

Paul Levett: wants more government intervention

Call for landfill tax clarity in Autumn Statement

A leading waste industry figurehead has called on the Chancellor George Osborne to make a compelling case for future landfill tax increases in his forthcoming Autumn statement this Thursday.

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