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Scotland considers aviation and shipping emissions

New rules covering greenhouse gas emissions from air and sea transport have come into force in Scotland.

Scotland mulls aviation and shipping emissions.

Scottish Ministers have made an order considering the emissions from planes and ships linked to the country.

10 steps to a greener IT strategy

IT puts as much carbon into the atmosphere as the aviation industry.
Whether you are the IT manager in a small firm or are responsible for thousands of users' computing needs, there are simple steps you can take to make your IT greener. Graeme Pitts-Drake lists ten top tips

Climate change: What are we waiting for?

The debate is over and the threat is real. Without firm international comittement to stem the climate change, the cost will not be measured financially, but in lives
Hilary Benn MP

Climate Change Bill: An opportunity missed?

The government's proposed Climate Change Bill promises great things but may lack real legal muscle. Peter McMaster reports

Contractors experiencing a renaissance

The supply chain has responded well to the changes that have arisen following privatisation, with new players having entered the sector and some having left. Terry Povall outlines just some of the challenges that contractors are likely to face in the 21st century.

Driving the message home

The general public is taking a long time to wake up to the reality of climate change, but a new piece of software could help to speed up the process, as Dr Rajat Gupta explains

'Every industry should be an environmental one'

He's been environment minister for less than a year, but David Miliband has a clear vision for the environmental performance of business

The world according to Sir Nicholas Stern

The Stern Review is billed as "the most important report on the future". But, asks Caroline White, what will it mean for business?

Fighting for the planet

As the Ministry of Defence has become more open to scrutiny, it has grown more environmentally aware. Dr Trevor Perry reports on the environmental management of a major design and procurement project

The plane truth

Tim Yeo MP, former Shadow Environment Secretary, urges the Government to tackle aviation and its impact on climate change

Hard talk

When it comes to saving the planet, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves, tough decisions need not always be bad ones.

Hard talk

When it comes to saving the planet, says CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves, tough decisions need not always be bad ones.

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (October 2005)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the developments this month we see the final proposal of the EC's thematic air strategy, plans to bring the aviation industry into pan-European carbon trading schemes, more changes to UK law on GMOs, safety zones banning shipping from getting close to oil rigs and a welcome effort to eliminate Euro POPs.

MEPs lamented that the agreement will be mandatory only after 2027, while only 65 countries will join the voluntary phase from 2021

Global deal to curb aviation emissions 'not enough', MEPs warn

European lawmakers on Wednesday (12 October) gave a lukewarm reception to the landmark deal reached by the 191 members of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to limit aviation emissions.

Nations agreed to a last-minute decision to drop plans of aligning ICAO policies with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5/2C pathway

Global aviation climate deal agreed: 'Mission accomplished' or 'timid step' forward?

Representatives from 191 nations finally pieced together a global deal to introduce a carbon offset scheme for the aviation sector in Montreal last night (6 October), although the agreement has been acknowledged as a "timid step in the right direction" by green groups.

New analysis has claimed that despite needing an upgrade, the current EU ETS is functioning with the “potential to deliver real emissions reductions”

Is 'imperfect' ETS a better option for aviation emissions than a voluntary ICAO draft?

As nations meet today (26 September) to edge a global aviation deal closer, new analysis has suggested that the European Union's Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is still "superior" to the drafted proposal offered by the United Nation's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The competitive nature of the aviation sector is creating a roadblock which Thomas Cook can’t push past without collaborative help

How Thomas Cook is flying high with data management to drive sustainability

EXCLUSIVE: The story of sustainability at Thomas Cook is a 'complicated' one. Faced with regressing economic resources dedicated to energy management, a once bustling team of sustainability experts has been streamlined in a bid to deliver a more holistic approach and create a 'truly transparent' company.

British-born pilot and adventurer Jeremy Rowsell climbs on board the 'On Wings of Waste' plane to raise awareness of plastic pollution

On wings of waste: Plane fuelled by recycled plastic wins Attenborough's approval

A plan to fly across America in a plane powered by recycled plastic has been welcomed by legendary broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough as a "sign of hope in a very depressing world".

While efforts have been made to improve transport infrastructure around the airport, Heathrow is still researching the uptake of newer aircraft models

Green technology could mitigate environmental impacts of Heathrow expansion

Technological advancements will mitigate the environmental impacts, such as noise and air pollution, of the controversial third runway developed at Heathrow, a new report from the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) has found.

International Civil Aviation Organisation plan of 4% fuel reduction of new aircraft starting in 2028 not enough to halt emissions, environmental groups say

Global initiative introduces first proposal to reduce airplane pollution

International Civil Aviation Organisation plan of 4% fuel reduction of new aircraft starting in 2028 not enough to halt emissions, environmental groups say

Easyjet will trial the hydrogen technology later this year. (Standard Easyjet aircraft pictured)

Easyjet's hybrid 'plane of the future' set for takeoff

The UK's largest airline has unveiled plans to develop a hybrid plane featuring a hydrogen fuel cell which could save around 50,000 tonnes of fuel a year.

New York announces a huge clean energy financial drive while the UK struggles with regulation

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

While New Year's resolutions to give up alcohol or head to the gym are strained or even broken, this week saw the continued commitment to building a sustainable future - even if some sectors are struggling to shed those stubborn carbon footprints.

Airbus and Boeing aircrafts account for more than 90% of global aviation emissions

NGOs slam 'gas guzzling' Airbus over fuel efficiency 'betrayal'

Aviation giant Airbus has been accused of undermining fuel efficiency standards for new aircraft by a group of 17 European NGOs which claims that Airbus is prioritising profit over planet.

Donald Trump faces a £1,610 penalty due to flights to the UK in a plane from DJT Operations I LLC

Donald Trump hit with aviation emissions fine for UK flights

US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been fined for the carbon pollution caused by part of his aircraft real estate, joining the Bahrain royal family and Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox America in breaching EU emissions trading schemes.

NASA's design concept for supersonic flight is one step closer through new commercial green tech innovations

NASA cleantech offers emissions windfall for aviation industry

NASA has claimed that America's aviation industry could reduce pollutant emissions by 75% - saving $250bn in the process - by incorporating refined green technologies that the Agency has developed over the past six years.

The US called for the 1.5 degree goal to be recognised in the final agreement

US demands 1.5 degree warming limit in COP21 deal

The United States was officially unveiled on Wednesday (9 December) as the most influential new member of the 'High Ambition Coalition' and immediately threw its weight behind a future 1.5 degree global warming limit in the international climate change agreement negotiations, in Paris.

Seating configuration and aircraft fuel burn explain about 80% of the variation in fuel efficiency among  airlines

British Airways ranked as least efficient major transatlantic airline

British Airway has ranked last in a new analysis of the fuel efficiency of the 20 largest airlines that fly transatlantic routes.

Currently all MAG airports are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards

Manchester Airports Group reports rapid descent of carbon emissions

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has seen the total carbon emissions from all of its airports fall by 16% over the past year, according to its latest CSR report.

Legally binding elements of the new document include long-term global goals for halting and reducing global emissions, to a near-zero phase

UN unveils 20-page negotiating text for Paris

The United Nations (UN) has today (5 October) released a streamlined version of the negotiating text that will be used at the COP21 Paris Climate Conference in December.

One recent report warned that global carbon emissions from the world's aviation and maritime sectors could rise by 250%

Airlines call on governments to 'complement' climate action

Twenty-eight chief executives and aviation association leaders have penned an open letter to global governments urging them to commit to a joint approach to help deliver emissions reductions across the sector.

A TUIfly aircraft preparing for take-off at Hanover airport in Germany. Photo: TUIfly

TUI plans to 'step lightly' with aviation emissions

The world's largest travel and tourism business has embarked upon an ambitious new sustainability strategy with a particular focus on next-generation fuel development to slash airline emissions.

Luton Airport has introduced a variety of energy-saving initiatives, including LED lighting and PIR motion sensors

Luton Airport flying high with energy management standard

Luton airport has joined only a handful of airports in the world to be accredited with the internationally-recognised Energy Management Standard ISO50001.

Both sectors need to

Aviation & maritime emissions will rocket without clear targets, report warns

Global carbon emissions from the world's aviation and maritime sectors could rise 250% by 2050 without tangible targets from governments to reduce carbon rates, a report has warned.

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

This week saw a clutter of stories from all over the sustainability spectrum with consequences both grand and small.

In 2012 commercial aircraft emitted about 700 million metric tons of CO2 worldwide

Aeroplane efficiency more than a decade behind schedule

Despite a 45% reduction in average aircraft fuel burn in the last 40 years, the aviation industry is still around 12 years behind efficiency targets set by the UN's aviation body.

Solar Impulse's round the world flight will be suspended until 2016. Photo: Solar Impulse

Solar-powered plane grounded until 2016

The Solar Impulse 2 round-the-world flight has been halted following serious damage to the plane's batteries during the Pacific leg of its journey.

London's NO2 pollution hotspots are caused largely by a high concentration of diesel buses

Almost all London boroughs failed EU air pollution limit for toxic NO2 gas

All but two of London's boroughs are exceeding EU limits for a toxic gas linked to respiratory problems, ministers have admitted.

The report argues green growth can be synonymous with economic growth

New Climate Economy: 10 ways to generate low-carbon economic growth

Low-carbon economic growth can become the new normal and limit the impact of climate change, according to a new report released today (7 July).

Solar Impulse 2's flight from Japan to Hawaii is expected to last 120 hours. Photo: Solar Impulse

Solar plane glides past world record in 80-hour solo flight

The solar plane Solar Impulse 2 has broken the world records for distance and duration of solar aviation, flying continuously for more than 80 hours and travelling 6000 km across the Pacific.

Friends of the Earth claimed that the Government's case for expanding UK airport capacity is

Environmental case for new Heathrow runway has 'Airbus-sized holes'

The Airport Commission's recommendation to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport has been labelled a "hugely damaging decision" and a "backward step on climate change" by green groups.

Aircraft fuel accounts for 99% of Virgin Atlantic's direct carbon impact

Virgin Atlantic decouples profitability from carbon

Virgin Atlantic has cut its carbon intensity by 2% in the past year thanks its growing fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft.

The Airports Commission report concluded that Heathrow could expand without exceeding air quality levels

Heathrow expansion 'within environmental limits', air quality report confirms

Heathrow airport could expand without exceeding legal air quality levels, according to a new report published today (8 May) by the Airports Commission.

Air France-KLM is ranked as the best-performing aviation company on the Sustainability Scorecard

Sustainable aviation: Increase in biofuel use 'on the horizon'

A new report outlining the uptake of biofuels across the aviation industry claims that airlines are poised to shift up a gear on integrating sustainable biofuels into their operations.

Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) trains can reach speeds in excess of 300mph while also reducing CO2 emissions

Planes, trains and automobiles: Six sustainable transport systems

It is bizarre that in the year 2015, we still rely on a series of controlled explosions to move around, especially when those small explosions produce emissions that are gradually cooking the earth.

The plane was built by engineers from Cambridge and funded by Boeing

World's first hybrid plane takes off

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have successfully tested the world's first aircraft powered by both an electric motor and a petrol engine.

The biofuel mixture powering the trial flight is partly manufactured from cooking oil recycled from restaurants

Finnair flies to Climate Summit using recycled cooking oil

Finnish airline Finnair will operate a demonstration flight from Helsinki to New York with an Airbus A330 that uses sustainable biofuel.

Heathrow  is the first airport terminal to be judged as 'Excellent' by the BRE

Air passengers up, emissions down at UK airports

UK airports have cut their carbon footprints by 3%, despite a 5% passenger rise since 2010, according to a new report from the Airport Operators Association (AOA).

New tobacco plants developed for aviation biofuel production in Limpopo province, South Africa

Boeing teams up with South African Airways to make jet fuel from tobacco plant

Aircraft giant Boeing, South African Airways and jet fuel provider SkyNRG have announced they are collaborating to make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new type of tobacco plant.

Split scimitar winglet technology cuts fuel consumption by up to an additional 2%. Since 1994 United Airlines has improved its fuel efficiency by 33%.

United Airlines offers carbon offsetting tool for cargo customers

United Airlines has launched a carbon offsetting tool for its corporate cargo customers to track and offset the emissions associated with their air freight accounts.

Boosting air travel (and the resulting emissions) is a contentious issue, particularly among campaign groups, but the CBI believes the enviromental challenges can be mitigated.

CBI calls for global emissions framework to underpin 'green' aviation growth

Future growth in UK aviation can be managed sustainably provided certain measures are put in place such as a global framework to help airlines achieve emissions targets, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has argued.

The aviation firm and Carbon Trust Wales have seen the investment in energy efficiency returned sevenfold

VIDEO: Investment in energy efficiency saves £1.4m for aviation specialist

GE Aviation Wales has seen investment in energy efficiency pay off with £1.4m of savings on energy bills.

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud

Designers recycle airliner on Channel 4 programme

Three designers, who specialise in turning scrap into cash, have made an array of new products from an Airbus aircraft which was featured on a Channel 4 programme hosted by Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud.

British Airways takes off with sustainable jet fuel

British Airways gives green light to use waste for jet fuel

British Airways has announced that it will start producing jet fuel made from waste destined for landfill in order to reduce its carbon emissions.

New aerodynamics research will lead to more efficient aircraft and wind turbines

Planes that use far less fuel and wind turbines that significantly increase energy production will be the result of a new scientific project into aerodynamics, say researchers.

TUI Travel surpasses revised 2015 CO2 reduction target

Global travel company TUI Travel has surpassed its 2015 carbon reduction target of 9% from 2008 levels, largely through operational efficiencies.

TUI partners with Boeing to accelerate sustainable aircraft technologies

Global travel company TUI Travel has entered into a partnership with aircraft manufacturer Boeing to accelerate the creation and production of sustainable aircraft technologies.

Investment in new, more efficient aircraft has cut CO2 by 30% in some cases, says Virgin

Less CO2 per passenger by air than by car says Virgin

Virgin Atlantic has claimed that travelling by air is greener than travelling by car.

Virgin Atlantic has a target to achieve 30% savings in CO2 for every tonne of passengers and cargo flown by 2020.Image courtesy of Christopher Parypa

Virgin flights produce third less CO2

Virgin Atlantic has claimed that its $2bn (£1.2bn) fleet upgrade has resulted in up to 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on some of its flights.

Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector

ETS will cover EU airspace only under new proposals

The European Commission today proposed to reduce its Emissions Trading System (ETS) for aviation to cover flights in European regional airspace only, following international pressure.

The aviation industry has agreed on a comprehensive strategy to progress technology, operations and alternative fuels to reduce emissions

Aviation industry agrees global mechanism to reduce emissions

A global mechanism that could cut airlines' carbon emissions from 2020 has been supported by the International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO) 191 member countries.

Green groups have criticised the ICAO's decision to delay implementation of a single global market based measure (MBM) for aviation till 2020

UN aviation body 'foot dragging' on global CO2 emissions deal

The UN's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council has been "condemned" for failing to adopt a global measure to reduce carbon emissions from international aviation.

TUI Travel is calling for a set of common metrics to report carbon emissions to ensure greater transparency in the industry

UK airlines need 'industry standard' for carbon reporting

International travel group, TUI Travel, has called for an industry standard on reporting fuel and carbon efficiency for UK airlines.

TUI Travel saves £16m through environmental efficiencies

TUI Travel has achieved its carbon reduction target of 6% two years ahead of schedule, helping save the company £16m in 2012.

Will a global aviation deal release the airline emission strategy's potential?

Just a month before the triennial General Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has produced a white paper stating that emissions reduction and sector offsetting is both achievable and affordable, and perhaps sooner than first projected. But after years of swings and roundabouts between the ICAO and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) will this year's discussion finally lead to a tangible difference? Asks Begum Kurkcu

Jonathon Porritt

EXCLUSIVE: Transport industry 'unlikely' to collaborate on environmental impact says Porritt

Environmental regulation will only partly drive improvement in the transport industry as it stimulates "one part of the business brain" and does not engage the more creative, innovative side needed for change, says Jonathon Porritt.

Heathrow recycling pilot could set benchmark for aviation industry

A trial to encourage greater recycling of airport waste at London Heathrow could prove hugely influential by transforming the way the aviation sector treats airline and terminal waste around the world.

Airbus' A350 XWB taking off at Toulouse-Blagnac airport

Airbus' new fuel-efficient plane sets off on maiden flight

Airbus' new "eco-efficient" plane, which uses 25% less fuel than previous models and provides an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions, has taken off from Toulouse-Blagnac airport today.

EXCLUSIVE: Virgin and BA prepared for 'increase in turbulence' caused by climate change

Global airlines British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have said they are adequately prepared to deal with the effects of climate change and the potential increase in turbulence over the next half century.

Energy efficient aircraft will take flight with Government's £1bn support package

The Government has outlined a £1bn support package for the aerospace industry that will focus on increasing the energy and fuel efficiency of aircrafts.

New technology heralds end of wind farm air traffic safety concerns

A number of wind farms which are stuck in the planning process because of concerns they may affect air travel safety, may soon get the go-ahead thanks to funding of a new technology.

European airlines making more than £1bn profit on ETS

Airlines will generate up to €1.3bn (£1.1bn) in profits in 2012 by taking part in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), according to a new study.

Boarding a fuel efficient future

With six airlines and 150 aircrafts, TUI Travel has a significant environmental impact, but as the aviation sector looks to a sustainable future the travel company is aiming to operate the most carbon efficient airlines in Europe, according to Jane Ashton.

British Airways takes off with waste-sourced aviation biofuels

British Airways has entered into a joint venture to source aviation biofuel from waste in Europe's first commercial-scale low carbon jet fuel production facility.

EU 'stops clock' on airline emissions tax plans

Plans to force airlines to pay for their emissions for flights in and out of Europe have been put on hold by the European Union, it emerged today.

Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com

Virgin Atlantic to slash emissions by 100,000 tonnes

Virgin Atlantic is on track to reduce fuel emissions amounting to 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and save £20m a year, according to the airline's third annual sustainability report.

Heathrow waste goes first class

Heathrow Airport is upgrading its sustainability agenda as it looks to push waste up the hierarchy. Stakeholder engagement and behavioural change will form the backbone of this challenge, as Maxine Perella finds out

The initiative could save up to 1.6 tonnes of CO2 per flight

Trials set to test environmentally 'perfect' air travel

The potential to save 30,000kg of fuel across 60 transatlantic flights is to be tested through a trial to see if environmentally 'perfect' flights are possible on a large scale.

Virgin harnesses recycled PET for sustainable flight kits

Virgin Atlantic plans to recycle four million plastic bottles a year for use in its new amenity kits for airline passengers.

If increased Aircraft Traffic Management systems optimisation was integrated into aircrafts, savings of around 9 million tonnes of excess fuel could be made each year

Aviation needs innovative ideas to take off for sustainable future

The future of aviation will see a significant drop in carbon emissions, despite an increase in flights, if the industry takes on innovative ideas to reduce its impact on the environment, according to aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

The Coalition will consider a  Heathrow expansion after the end of this parliament

Rift widens between green lobbyists and businesses as Heathrow U-turn looms

David Cameron yesterday reassured opponents to a third runway at Heathrow that he would honour his manifesto not to expand it before the end of the current parliament.

ANALYSIS: Has reshuffle dealt Defra a poor hand?

The exit of Caroline Spelman from Defra's secretarial post yesterday was one of the first predicted in the hours leading up to Cameron's first major cabinet reshuffle since the coalition took office. That in itself is significant.

Sustainable aviation: Flying's future

The development of aviation through the 20th century was inspiring. But, says Peter McManners, greener air vehicles must launch a Third Golden Age

Affordable biofuels take flight with airline pledge

Boeing, Airbus and Embraer have joined forces in a bid to accelerate the development and roll out of affordable aviation biofuels.

Work at Heathrow T2 will save 75 tonnes of water a day

BAA is set to recycle 75 tonnes of water a day when the newly developed terminal two opens at Heathrow Airport in 2014.

Defra report into UK carbon footprint slammed

A leading environmental commentator has disputed claims that government policy has helped reduce the UK's carbon footprint - instead arguing a sluggish economic is the cause.

Compliance costs for global aviation sector forecast to fall in 2012

The cost to airlines joining the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) fell "significantly" this year to Euro505m, as a result of a struggling economy and could fall further if the full offset quota was used.

The sky's the limit

From New Year's Day, airlines operating in Europe became subject to emissions restrictions - now the EU's controversial new trading scheme has come into force. How, asks Mike Scott, does it affect the industry?

Call to ground aircraft not complying with EU ETS

An influential committee of MPs is concerned Government policy for a unilateral carbon floor price will devastate UK industry.

Ryanair to increase charges to cover 'eco-looney tax'

Budget airline Ryanair will add a small charge to every passenger's costs after claiming new European emission cutting rules were 'loony'.

CCC urges more work on bioenergy and CCS

The highly influential Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has urged the Government to back bioenergy and carbon capture in a new report.

New device 'thousands of times' more powerful than a tree in capturing CO2

A pioneering new device which has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air more effectively than a tree has been unveiled.

Sir Richard Branson at the launch announcement at Battersea Power Station, London

VIDEO: Virgin Atlantic set to pilot low carbon industrial waste jet fuel

Virgin Atlantic claims to have developed the world's first low carbon aviation fuel made from industrial steel waste gases, with just half the carbon footprint of fossil fuel alternatives.

Branson says more must be done to clean up 'dirty energy'

Richard Branson urges renewables push to prevent global recession

Sir Richard Branson has warned that the world faces "the mother of all recessions" unless much more is done to encourage the development of renewable energy.

The three protesters, one with a superimposed edie bra, before being arrested

Protesters strip naked in biofuel flight protest

An attempt to disrupt the first flight by a UK airline to be powered by biofuels ended with three naked protesters being arrested.

First UK biofuel flight - aviation history or PR stunt?

Thomson Airways has become the first UK-based airline to run a biofuel powered fully commercial passenger flight in what is being hailed either as a breakthrough for sustainable aviation or dismissed as a PR stunt.

Dulux reduces waste footprint with IT donations to Saint Lucia

Dulux Decorator Centres has joined forces with charity Waste to Wonder (WtW) to support an education centre project in hurricane-torn Saint Lucia, using donated redundant IT and electrical equipment from its stores.

SWR extends waste operations at Edinburgh Airport

SWR has won the waste management contract for Derichebourg, the aviation ground services provider at Edinburgh Airport, following its recent BAA contract win there.

Flying high for recovery: Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport set to build MRF to treat aircraft waste on-site

Manchester Airport is to install a mini materials recovery facility (MRF) to treat aircraft waste on-site in its bid to achieve its target of zero waste to landfill by 2030.

Action urged on rocketing shipping emissions

British shipping authorities are looking at how they can prevent emissions from the industry doubling before 2050.

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