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The Crown Estate wants to install more green spaces in London's West End

West End 'green corridor' could ease London's air pollution problem

A coalition of London property owners has announced plans to promote green infrastructure in the capital in the hope of boosting biodiversity and improving air quality for residents.

Southern Railway steams ahead with network-wide biodiversity push

Southern Railway has entered into a partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to launch a biodiversity project which it hopes to expand across its entire rail network.

Sir David Attenborough hails Cory's landfill transformation

Sir David Attenborough hails Cory's landfill transformation

Sir David Attenborough has officially opened a nature park on a former landfill site in Essex, hailing it a "new chapter" for the region's landscape.

Natural selection

Ministers have shown high aspirations in unpromising circumstances, says Barrie Clarke of Undercurrent. And a new manifesto for the environment is good for the water business

Johnson's set to upcycle baby wipes across UK and Ireland

Johnson's Baby has teamed up with Terracycle to divert its Baby Wipes packaging from landfill and upcycle them into other products such as baby bibs or mouse mats.

Land contamination linked to bee decline

Contaminated land has been linked to a dramatic fall in bee numbers across the UK for the first time.

Purple wind turbines could save wildlife

Painting wind turbines purple could help to cut the number of birds and bats killed by flying into them, new research has claimed.

Beekeeping creating a buzz

A new government-backed project has been launched to improve beekeeping techniques amongst amateurs as native levels of the insect continue to decrease.

Lean manufacturing made simple

Tom Idle paid a visit office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller to find out more about its impressive new offices, built to the latest environmental standards. But, besides the shiny new building, he found a company at the leading edge of sustainable practice

Edie Environmental Legislation Summary (September 2005)

Recent changes to legislation which will impact on the environmental sector in the UK, Europe and internationally come under the spotlight in this Semple Fraser and Edie News monthly round-up of new law and policy. Among the changes this month we see the ratification of a pan-European protocol on water and health, the introduction of new packaging waste recycling targets, the EC gives GM animal feed the green light, combined heat and power stations get climate change tax cut in the UK, new regulations for offshore oil discharge and an overhaul of health and safety regulations for animal by-products in England and Wales.

Green scheme to shift subsidy from production to protection

Farmers are being given the chance to live up to their self-proclaimed title of 'guardians of the countryside', with the launch of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme.

Connecticut sprays three towns with anti-mosquito insecticide

Three towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut have been sprayed with the anti-mosquito insecticide Scourge, following the discovery of mosquitoes carrying St Louis Encephalitis (SLE).

New report challenges Government advice on GM crop contamination

Evidence that pollen from genetically modified crops can cause cross-fertilisation over distances considerably greater than the Government's advised 200m separation zone has emerged in a new report commissioned by the Soil Association.

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