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The certificates will help to generate the equivalent amount of energy to heat 15 M&S Simply Food stores all year round

M&S turns to biogas for renewable revolution

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has agreed a landmark deal with a major biogas plant operator for the purchase of biomethane certificates which will reduce the retailer's carbon footprint by more than 6,400 tonnes.

Norman Baker highlighted potential for waste-generated biomethane

'Wastes for vehicle fuels win-win' says sustainable transport minister

The Government has voiced strong support for waste-generated biomethane to drive uptake of renewable gas-powered vehicles.

Waste biomethane receives quality boost for gas-to-grid injection

A quality protocol for waste-derived biomethane which could bring significant benefits for the economy has moved a step closer following recent developments.

Coca-Cola to roll out green fleet

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is set to roll out a fleet of renewable biogas-powered delivery trucks for its Enfield, North London depot as part of a drive to cut its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel costs.


Organic waste has huge potential to produce sustainable energy for the UK's household and transport needs. But despite its climate credentials - and government support - Britain is in danger of missing out on the full benefit of biogas for a generation. David Strahan reports

Biogas supplies green power

Nick Chesters, May Gurney's regional M&E manager and general framework manager for Severn Trent Water, examines a biogas-harvesting project that is used to fuel combined heat and power units at three plants

Severn Trent builds on its renewable credentials

Despite some common misconceptions, anaerobic digestion is not new. And Severn Trent for one has been using the technology for decades. Here we look at some of the water company's latest projects that are producing biogas for CHP.

Getting the measure of a gas that won't keep still

Mark Allinson, a process-flow specialist at ABB, explains how thermal-mass meters can accurately monitor variations in the generation of biogas

Vigilance is the path to safety

Like most things in life, biogas is not 100% safe. But, when handled properly, it is a clean and easily controlled source of renewable energy. Veolia UK's technical director, Greg Turner, gives an overview of safety precautions

Readers' digesters

Leslie Gornall provides a commissioning engineer's notebook on biogas and foaming

To combat the dramatic cuts, DECC is suggesting an introduction of a default degression to the tariffs

DECC launches consultation proposals to slash biogas subsidies

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has delivered another blow to the UK's clean energy industry, after proposing to completely cut Feed-in Tariff (FiT) schemes for large anaerobic digestion (AD) site and "severely" reduce subsidies for small and medium scale plants.

Greg Barker's letter said that the 7.5p tariff for biomethane to grid will continue to apply to all plants registered before new regulations come into force in December

Energy industry welcomes Barker's green gas policy assurance

The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA) and the Renewable Energy Association (REA) have received a reply from energy minister Greg Barker to their joint letter regarding the renewable heat incentive (RHI) biomethane-to-grid tariff consultation.

The ADBA market report found that 50% of all anaerobic digestion plants were in the agricultural sector

UK AD capacity doubles in four years

The amount of organic waste treated by anaerobic digestion (AD) in the UK has more than doubled since 2010, saving five million tonnes of CO2, according to an update from the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA).

B&Qs dual fuel lorries

B&Q partners up to create greener fleet

The UK's largest home improvement retailer B&Q is powering 50 of its lorries with natural gas produced from waste, to develop a greener operating fleet.

ADBA says the farming anaerobic digestion has driven a surge in biogas electricity

Farming biogas leads 40% increase in sector electricity generation

Growth in the UK anaerobic digestion (AD) sector has seen electricity generation from bioenergy surge by 40% from 2013-14, according to figures from the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

The Soil Association claims maize produced for AD is destroying arable land

Runaway maize? AD sector fends off criticism over damage to land

The anaerobic digestion (AD) industry has hit back at criticism from the Soil Association which claims that soil destruction caused by biofuel production is threatening the UK's food security.

Lamborghini has achieved carbon neutral status at its factory and headquarters. Photo: Lamborghini

Lamborghini shifts green credentials into top gear with carbon neutrality

Supercar maker Lamborghini has achieved carbon neutral certification for its headquarters and factory in Italy.

The First Milk  Cumbria factory will be the first dairy processing site in Europe to deliver biogas to the grid

Construction milestone for UK's largest on-site dairy AD plant

First Milk, one of the UK's largest cheese creameries, has announced the completion of the first phase of construction of a bio-energy plant at its dairy factory in Cumbria.

Labour plans to decarbonise the electricity supply by 2030, and embark on a

Labour manifesto: Red Ed goes green with energy policy

Labour released its election manifesto on Monday, reaffirming bold pledges on climate change and decarbonising the UK energy supply, but a conspicuous lack of waste-related policy.

Coca-Cola HBC saved 1.1m cubic metres of water last year

Coca-Cola bottler slashes 1.1m cubic metres from water usage

The second largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world has released its sustainability report revealing notable gains in water-efficiency, energy use and recycling.

There are at least 121 industrial biotechnology businesses already established in the UK

Bioeconomy ready to boom, says Government report

The UK bioeconomy could be worth £100bn a year with Government support, claimed a new report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

The investment will be used to build Tamar Energy's 'next wave' of AD plants

Tamar Energy secures industry-first loan to support 'next wave' of AD plants

Confidence in the anaerobic digestion (AD) market has been reaffirmed with a 'first-of-its-kind' £32m investment from RBS to support the UK's leading AD plant operator.

Charlotte Morton is chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA)

The next five years: AD and food waste policy

Food waste policy will shape the future of the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry because 60% of the industry's potential comes from food waste, argues ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton. Here, she unpicks this issue.

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne says that AD is a dispatchable source of renewable energy

AD will help keep the UK's lights on, says Huhne

Anaerobic digestion (AD) will help the UK to keep its lights on and provide energy security because it has the ability to supply power that can be easily switched on and off, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne.

Breaking down human waste into methane and using the biogas to generate electricity could be a cheap alternative to nuclear power plants

Harnessing energy from human waste 'shouldn't be poo-pooed'

Power from human waste is 'the ultimate in green energy' that would cut the UK's dependence on fossil fuels and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions.

The site will use advanced BioThelys technology to generate renewable biogas from the sludge that comes through it

Yorkshire Water opens its first self-powered sewage works

Today (3 October), a grand opening will mark the completion of a £34m project enabling Yorkshire Water's sewage treatment site in Bradford to run entirely on sludge-generated biogas.

The 4,000 solar panels will generate approximately 876 MWh each year - enough to power 185 homes

Solar-powered beer: Heineken unveils UK's largest green brewery

Heineken has taken its sustainability strategy to the next level by becoming the first major brewer in the UK to implement a large-scale solar panel installation on the roof of one of its flagship production sites in North Yorkshire.

“Biomethane is the most cost effective solution to fleet operators of larger vehicles.”

Biomethane supply 'needs urgent Government intervention'

Biomethane industry executives have called for urgent Government intervention to boost supply of the renewable natural gas, which can be used by businesses as a transport fuel.

Muntons' anaerobic digestion plant in Stowmarket, Suffolk could produce antibiotics useful in combating 'superbugs'

Could anaerobic digestion combat drug-resistant 'superbugs'?

UK malt suppliers and producers Muntons has revealed that by-products formed at its anaerobic digestion (AD) plants could eventually be used to combat drug-resistant "superbugs" such as E. coli.

Renewable energy accounts for 15% of Britain's power today

Six renewable energy targets set for next UK Government

The renewable energy industry has united to launch a series of 'key tests' for the UK political parties ahead of the next General Election.

Chris Huhne says there is no political consensus on tackling climate change

Political outlook on green issues is fractured, says Huhne

The political outlook on green issues for the UK is substantially more fractured now than it was in 2010, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne.

The AD plants will each remove 18,500 tonnes of waste from local farms

GIB backs £6.5m for on-farm AD plants in Northern Ireland

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) has announced £6.5m of funding for two on-farm anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in Northern Ireland.

The new plant is now fully operational and will enable Wyke Farms to recover up to 95% of its factory wastewater

Wyke Farms goes 100% Green with £1m water recovery plant

The UK's largest independent cheese producer and milk processor has today (2 July) officially opened a new water recovery plant which effectively closes the loop on its wastewater.

Making scoops, closing loops: Edie visited the Ben & Jerry's factory in the Netherlands

GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Ben & Jerry's new biodigester

Ben & Jerry's has become the first ice cream company in the world to power its factory using its own ice cream. Edie took a trip to the company's European factory in the Netherlands to take a closer look at 'The Chunkinator'.

Support for solar water heating has increased to 10p per kWh

Green heat technologies more affordable with RHI upgrade

Businesses across the country are being offered 'greater choice than ever before' on how to sustainably meet their heating requirements as long-awaited improvements to the world's first Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme come into force today (28 May).

The Warrington-based firm is the UK's largest listed water utility

United Utilities cuts carbon emissions by 11%

United Utilities has reduced its carbon footprint by 11% over the past year, with a recently opened anaerobic digestion (AD) plant taking the water giant's renewable energy production to new heights.

(L-R): Winston Reed from Greener for Life Energy with Chris Long from FLI Energy

New biogas AD plant breaks ground in Cornwall

Construction work has today (12 May) begun on the Fraddon Biogas Plant - a new biomethane-to-grid anaerobic digestion (AD) site in Cornwall.

Business Secretary Vince Cable praises the Green Investment Bank for making investment in new plant

Business Secretary opens London's 'first' commercial-scale AD plant

Business Secretary Vince Cable has opened London's first commercial-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Dagenham.

Blue Conrad conveyor

AD processing unit Blue Conrad to return to Germany

An anaerobic digestion processing unit called Blue Conrad will be opening its doors for the last time at the end of February in Wales and returning to its home in Germany.

The AD facility will utilise spent malted barley and pot ale from the distilling process to generate biogas. Image source: Mihai Andritoiu /

Glenfiddich whisky-to-energy AD facility receives council approval

Whisky producer Glenfiddich has had plans to install an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility at its Dufftown distillery in Scotland approved by local councillors.

North east receives a waste treatment boost

£8m AD plant officially unveiled in County Durham

Emerald Biogas has officially opened an anaerobic digestion facility which will recycle commercial food waste and create renewable energy in the north east.

Bacardi continues to cut water use but stumbles on CO2 emissions

Spirits giant Bacardi reduced its water consumption by more than 6% in 2013, contributing to a total decrease of almost 45% since 2009.

Interface swims towards Mission Zero by closing loop on fish waste

Interface has announced it is now more than halfway to reaching Mission Zero - its goal to eliminate any negative impact its operations have on the environment by 2020.

Tony Juniper promotes merits of AD as a closed loop process

Tony Juniper: AD is ideal technology to drive circular economy

Anaerobic digestion has a critical role to play in an emerging circular economy and must not be overlooked, leading environmentalist Tony Juniper has warned.

Sainsbury's to open first carbon, waste and water neutral store

Sainsbury's will be opening its most environmentally friendly store in Leicester which will emit zero carbon from all operational energy used, send zero waste to landfill and will have zero impact on the water usage of the local catchment area.

The new plant will produce 1.56MWh - enough energy to power 2,000 homes

North east beefs up food waste recycling with new AD plant

A new £8m anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, which will process up to 50,000 tonnes of commercial food waste, has been unveiled in County Durham.

5.85 million tonnes of organic waste was composted last year

7.5 million tonnes of organic waste now recycled

The UK sent 1.69 million tonnes of organic waste for treatment by anaerobic digestion (AD) last year, while a further 5.85 million tonnes was composted.

Is Wyke Farms leading a revolution of sustainable grocers?

Britain's largest family owned cheese maker Wyke Farms plans to lead the "green revolution in grocery" through its 100% green strategy which looks at energy, water and waste issues within the business. Leigh Stringer talks to managing director and third generation family member, Richard Clothier.

Organisations who do not comply with the new requirements could see financial support withheld

Biomass plants must meet sustainable fuel criteria or lose funding says Gov

The Government has announced plans to take away subsidies currently available to biomass operators if they are unable to demonstrate that their fuel is from sustainable sources.

AD sector shows steady growth despite funding challenges

The number of anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities operating in England has risen to 110 this year compared to 68 in September 2011 while more than 200 additional projects have secured planning permission.

Sewage pilot moves step closer to scaling up algae crops for biofuel

An EU-backed algae biofuel demonstration project which aims to produce commercial- scale energy from sewage has grown its first crop of biomass in a major breakthrough.

Whisky distillery slashes carbon costs with novel AD solution

A Scottish whisky distillery has reduced its CO2 emissions by around 9,000 tonnes per year through integrating anaerobic digestion (AD) into its production process.

The next site to come on line - Widnes - will have 50% more capacity than its Doncaster predecessor

PDM announces £90m investment in food waste facilities

UK food waste recycling company PDM has announced investment of more than £90m before the end of 2014, including two new large-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities.

Biogas clean-up research wins recognition for technical excellence

Research undertaken into the removal of synthetic chemicals from biogas has been recognised for its engineering and technical excellence, in a move that will further benefit the anaerobic digestion (AD) sector.

Engineering challenges flagged for food waste biogas potential

Food manufacturers need to manage their food waste better if they are sending it for treatment through anaerobic digestion (AD), an industry expert has said.

London restaurants look to close the loop on food waste

Food waste from London West End restaurants could provide heating for local homes under new proposals revealed this week.

AD sector isn't selling itself enough to capture municipal waste market

The anaerobic digestion (AD) industry must do more to sell the business case for the technology if it wants to encourage councils to choose AD as a waste treatment solution over other disposal options, a leading industry figure has said.

ADBA launches AD industry's first practical guide

The first edition of the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association's practical guide to anaerobic digestion (AD) was launched by its chief executive Charlotte Morton at the industry's annual exhibition yesterday (3 July).

Siemens and ADBA unite to lobby for more renewables powered by EfW

Siemens and the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA) have jointly called for a rapid sea change in policy to encourage greater uptake of energy-from-waste (EfW) within renewables.

Prince of Wales to back biogas with UK's first green gas certificates

The Office of the Prince of Wales and the Duchy of Cornwall are to receive the UK's first green gas certificates.

GIB weighs up AD sector with £50m investment consideration

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) has published its first market report on the UK anaerobic digestion (AD) market as it looks to assess just how bankable the technology is.

ADBA chief Charlotte Morton shows appetite for food waste potential

ADBA chief: Food waste collections critical to future of biomethane

Local authority collected food waste was singled out as the most important feedstock to help accelerate biomethane production for the transport sector.

Located high in the Austrian mountains, the traditional Göss  brewery is now powered entirely by renewable and re-usable energy sources. (Scroll down to play video).

VIDEO: Inside Göss - the world's first major carbon-neutral brewery

Fancy a beer with a net-zero carbon footprint? Join edie editor Luke Nicholls high up in the Austrian mountains for a behind-the-scenes tour of the first large-scale carbon-neutral brewery in the world.

Peel Environmental's proposed AD plant

EfW powers ahead with emerging trend for smarter diversion

Market momentum continues around energy-from-waste with many investors showing appetite for a mix of technologies as landfill diversion takes hold and new infrastructure comes on-stream.

Co-op Group gears up for zero food waste drive

The Co-operative Group is scaling up its food waste landfill diversion strategy by back-hauling leftover food products from more than 2,800 of its stores across the UK.

Agrivert's Harry Waters and Grundon's Neil Grundon inspect progress at the new site

Agrivert joins forces with Grundon to finance new AD plant

Anaerobic digestion (AD) specialist Agrivert has struck a multi-million pound deal with Grundon Waste Management to finance its third AD plant at Trumps Farm near Chertsey in Surrey.

Defra minister unveils Agrivert anaerobic digestion plant

Defra resource minister Lord de Mauley officially opened Agrivert's second anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Oxfordshire this morning (17 May).

Pulp and paper industry switching to closed-loop water systems

The pulp and paper industry's focus on water recycling, biogas generation and sludge management is sustaining strong investments in the water and wastewater treatment market.

AD feasibility funding looks to forge national biogas networks

Funding to assess the feasibility of developing UK biogas networks has been awarded by WRAP, in a bid to overcome barriers to development.

Future of AD is small to medium-scale predicts energy expert

The anaerobic digestion (AD) industry is on a steady march, but the future growth in the sector is more likely to be through small-to-medium scale plants than large-scale projects.

The Drax power station in North Yorkshire

Drax one step closer to biomass conversion project with £75m loan

The owner of the UK's largest power station, Drax, has today announced it has agreed a £75m private loan, underpinned by a Government guarantee to fund its biomass conversion project.

In brief: Energy-from-waste contract news

Momentum continues to build in the energy-from-waste (EfW) market with latest developments centring on long-term municipal contracts and ambitious plans for anaerobic digestion.

WRAP's David Tozer on AD innovation

AD trailblazers move step closer to commercial reality

The latest innovations in anaerobic digestion (AD) technology which have potential to be industry game-changers were showcased by WRAP today.

London investment fund seeks to rescue ailing waste projects

Waste projects that are in danger of being shelved due to a lack of funding will be targeted under a new scheme that aims to safeguard their future.

Bacardi's total energy use increased by 7% in 2012, mainly due to production increases

Bacardi reduces water use but energy consumption up 7%

Bacardi improved its water efficiency per unit of product by 11% in 2012 compared to 2011, due to increased production volumes and water efficiency measures.

David Burrows /

Stompin' out food waste at the Savoy

The Savoy hotel in London recycled enough food waste in 2012 to create 216 megawatt hours of renewable energy and save more than 200 tonnes of CO2.

MPs call for biomass backing to bridge 'energy capacity gap'

Government backing for biomass is urgently needed in order for the UK to meet renewable targets, ensure energy security and support jobs, according to MP Nigel Adams.

UK anaerobic digestion industry surpasses 100 plant 'milestone'

The number of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the UK outside of the water industry has nearly doubled since September 2011, exceeding the 100 mark for the first time, according to figures released today.

One of Anglian Water's sewage treatment works, King's Lynn

Anglian Water invests in dewatering technology to meet renewable energy targets

Anglian Water is investing £1m to optimise screenings and dewatering efficiency at ten sewage treatment works, supporting its targets for enhanced sludge treatment capacity and renewable energy generation.

Nature must be 'new lens' for corporate resource security

Business needs to re-examine its relationship with nature and start integrating true resource value into operational strategies, if it is to guard against future risk.

AD shortfall hampers hospitality efforts on food waste

A lack of anaerobic digestion (AD) capacity in England and Wales is hindering efforts in the hospitality sector to cut down on food waste, according to latest research.

Thames Water to boost renewables portfolio to 20%

Thames Water is to generate 20% of its energy requirements through renewable sources with the installation of pre-conditioning plants for anaerobic digestion (AD).

RHI feed-in tariff style plans not delivering investor certainty

A long-term budget plan, which will see the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme modelled on the solar feed-in tariff, has been unveiled by the Government today.

2012 was the third year in which Carlsberg Polska cooperated with major retailers in Poland to set up a waste collection scheme

Carlsberg demonstrates CSR credentials with reduced energy consumption

Global brewer Carlsberg has reduced its energy consumption and agreed a new strategy for sustainable packaging, according to its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report released today.

ENER-G gets to work on landfill gas generation

In brief: Energy-from-waste contract news

Energy recovery infrastructure has received a boost with several significant infrastructure developments in the pipeline following contract wins.

Because Apple is still making inroads into the country’s energy market it has little sway in regards to market prices and could therefore sell directly to end-users at retail value

Apple quietly forms new energy company to sell excess renewable electricity

In a bid to stabilise its ongoing commitment to sourcing renewable energy, tech giant Apple has quietly formed its own energy subsidiary which could see the company sell excess electricity to end-users across the US.

Build work gets off to a chilly start  for PDM in Widnes

AD capacity set to strengthen with flurry of contract activity

Anaerobic digestion has undergone a growth spurt in recent weeks, with several facilities coming on-stream or in the process of being built, suggesting an uplift in the sector.

AD lobby sounds alarm as it slips down renewables agenda

Fears that anaerobic digestion (AD) is being overlooked in the Government's renewable energy strategy has prompted industry leaders to take action.

In brief: Energy-from-waste contract news

Lots of activity on the energy recovery front of late, as the next tranche of treatment infrastructure gets the green light across the UK.

AD operators warned of future market risks

Turbulence in the anaerobic digestion market is a distinct possibility over the next three years as operators grapple with the marginal versus operational costs of running a plant.

L-r: compere Sue Perkins, Professor Tom Stephenson, Cranfield University and David Merefield, Sainsbury's

Waste Management: Food & Drink Winner: Sainsbury's

By diverting all of its food waste from landfill - a key requirement of its 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan - Sainsbury's now claims to be the UK's largest user of anaerobic digestion.

Weekly bin collections leave trade bodies feeling rubbish

Local councils have been selected to benefit from a £250m government weekly bin collections fund, amid concerns that funding could be withheld if authorities fail to carry out the weekly schedule.

Prince of Wales at the opening of the AD plant in Dorset

Prince of Wales opens UK's first commercial scale gas-to-grid AD plant

The Prince of Wales has opened the UK's first fully operational commercial scale anaerobic digester and biomethane-to-grid plant in Dorset today.

Lord De Mauley took time out to listen to waste industry concerns

Resource minister holds 'constructive talks' with waste industry

Waste leaders united to voice their concerns in person to Defra's new resources and waste minister Lord De Mauley last week, in what was said to be an "open and productive" meeting.

AD activity heightens as plant efficiency comes under scrutiny

Momentum around anaerobic digestion (AD) continues as key players look to increase market share in the sector on the back of wider moves to boost plant efficiency and operating costs.

Dirty biomass could lead to 'carbon fraud' claim green campaigners

Burning wood in power stations is worse for the climate than burning coal, a recent report from green lobbyists warns.

 Waitrose Ipswich Branch Manager Paul Reeley

Waitrose closes loop by powering beer production with food waste

Waitrose has announced it will use food waste from its new shop in Ipswich to power the production of beer which it will then stock on its shelves.

Drax sells £190m of shares to invest in biomass conversion

The owner of the UK's largest power station, Drax, plans to sell £190m of shares in order to transform it into a predominantly biomass-fuelled power generator.

M&S strikes 'closed loop' deal with Shanks for food waste

Marks & Spencer is set to close the loop on its food waste recovery activities by tapping into the energy outputs to power its own business operations.

AD not 'absolute solution' for food waste in cities

Anaerobic digestion is not a silver bullet for dealing with urban food waste and must form part of a wider treatment strategy in the context of smarter city thinking.

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