Carbon Capture and Storag

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The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) highlighted major criticisms from the private sector that energy investments were “pulled from under the rug” without any prior warning

Treasury hits back on green policy record

The Treasury has responded to claims that previous energy policy decisions have produced long-term uncertainty among investors, with ministerial officials insisting the department remains committed to sustainable economic growth and meeting the UK's legally-binding carbon targets.

The ETI said the key to reducing the cost of CCS is delivering a small number of large plants sequentially

CCS decision will add billions to cost of UK decarbonisation, says ETI

The Government's controversial decision to scrap carbon capture and storage (CCS) funding in the UK could add £1bn-2bn a year to the cost of decarbonisation throughout the 2020's, new analysis from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has warned.

By 2030, the UK should be 'largely powered by renewable electricity, said the CCC

UK's fifth carbon budget proposals: At a glance

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has today (26 November) published its recommendations for the UK's fifth carbon budget, suggesting an emissions reduction target of 57% by 2028-2032. But is that ambitious enough?

The new process transforms CO2 into a solid product that can be used as green building materials

Pilot plant to transform CO2 emissions into 'bricks'

A pilot plant to be built in Australia will transform CO2 emissions, captured through carbon capture technology, into carbonate rock 'bricks' for use in the construction industry, researchers have claimed.

The application of energy storage technologies could result in a payback of £10bn per year according to Imperial College London

£20m earmarked for energy storage competitions

Government plans to make £20m available for two energy storage competitions could help to deliver payback of £10bn a year, if the findings of an Imperial College London report prove to be workable.

New CCS competition is much, much better

The new CCS competition offer looks set to deliver genuine energy results this time round, maybe even prompting the development of two or three working plants in sharp contrast to the disappointment which followed the collapse of the Longannet scheme in November last year.

Government attempts to boost CCS with new comp

A move by government to revive its £1bn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) competition and take its first steps to design the first workable demonstration project has been welcomed by industry.

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