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Incineration must be challenged to avoid 'environmental vandalism'

The waste industry is at risk of "walking blindly" into a "resource wasting trap" by relying too much on incineration as a disposal option, a leading authority has warned.

Scotland set to apply scrutiny to recycling contamination

Zero Waste Scotland has commissioned a study into the levels of contamination in recycling which has been separated and sorted at the kerbside.

Cllr Mike Priestly and Claire McCallum

NI social enterprise takes first step into UK market

Bryson Recycling has announced plans to expand its social enterprise business model across the UK mainland after its first contract with Conwy County Borough Council started on 1 April.

Is the great British public being conned on recycling?

Recent headlines in the Daily Mail which claimed millions of tonnes of household waste were being dumped abroad in foreign landfill sites may be scaremongering, but the industry isn't helping itself, argues Chris Dow

Councils need clear policy steer on recycling

Ongoing tensions over local authority collection methods and frequency must be resolved as a matter of urgency, according to the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

Co-mingled winning formula for top council recyclers

Two-thirds of the top performing councils that operate a dry recycling household collection service in Britain are adopting a co-mingled approach.

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